PEMF 4000 Leumuria Owners Radio Interview July 2014

Hi everybody this is Andrew from Memorial Technologies we have a little question and answer call set up for you so that you can some background on PEMF and the PEMF 4000 device I have also on the phone with me Bruce Geleter the owner inventor and creator of the PEMF 4000 and many other devices by the way to give us a little about PEMF 4000 and we also have on the phone Charlie Ferchellie affiliate sales person and myself to ask question so I guess I will it over to Bruce, welcome Bruce.

Bruce: This is Bruce Geleter and let’s get right into it here so the first thing is lets go into a little bit of history of PEMF and how that brings us up to today so really the person that popularized PEMF actually PEMF did exist before Capini came on to the scene and so he came one the scene and really got PEMF to get out into the public place and people start to seeing how effective its technology and since then other people have been reproducing his machine in various different ways you know we have the PEMF 100 now we have PEMF 120 and the one thing that they all have in common is a very long pulse and from my training a GE Medical what I learned is the different pulse switch affect different parts of the body and when you have a long pulse such as the Patani and also the devices that came after it a lot of the energy goes into muscle contraction and the whole idea of PEMF or the research that support PEMF we want to get to get the energy into the mico congreo of the cell so that’s where the healing is done and even though these other machines have their due gift benefits because they are so powerful the energy does reach the micro congreo so there is a better pulse and so that’s what we have in the PEMF4000 where we reduce the muscle contraction there is still muscle contraction and you can create as much as much as you like but the whole idea is to want to get the electrical charge into the micro congreo of the cell and that’s what we do and that’s what we do different from anybody else our unit is not a copy of Patini it is actually based on research from Pub Med Publication and other research out here for the ideal Pulse with Pulse intensity and Rep Ray is all based on research that shows the best results and again what makes us different from the market place is the speed of our pulse.

The speed is what get the energy into the micro congria and not into the muscle contraction so that’s the biggest difference and if people start asking questions about frequency and rep rates they are actually side issues the main issue for PEMF healing is the fast rising Pulse and the faster the better, the faster it is the faster the healing it goes right into the cell the slower it is it does muscle contraction and the muscle contraction could actually be dangerous where I have hear of people pulsing their lower back with the other types of devices and the muscles will start to relax and then the extremely strong muscle pulse from the machine actually pulls the vertebrate from place and I have actually heard of somebody being laid up in bed for a week and a half just from doing that so there is no danger of that with our device and I guess from here we will go into questions. Unless you want me to go into mechanism of how it actually gets rid of the pain.
Andrew: No I think what all of us feel like is the limit to technical know how to express to our customers you know it’s not like for example if you buy a I Pod or a I Phone you want the deepest, deepest sink when you ask a sales person how does the phone works and why does it do this and why does it do firstly you want to know how to make phone calls and how to and I think if you stick to all this in our question and answers to the basic technique there is plenty enough so we could go ahead with the questions so Charlie you could start here.
Charlie: Good afternoon gentlemen and Bruce what a pleasure to have the CEO of Leumuria Technology on the phone with us explaining the PEMF 4000 you know a question that we get a lot Bruce is what makes the PEMF 4000 different we talk about the speed but what makes it different in comparison to the other PEMF devises out there.
Bruce: Okay other than what I said for speed is the speed of healing and
Charlie: Is that ni~no seconds speed or is that the difference mill seconds I have gotten that question asked a lot.
Bruce: Okay where the other devices have a speed on the order of between two hundred and fifty nino seconds on up to ten micro seconds or even longer than that I believe the Curetron has a very long pulse I am not sure on the other ones but with our pulse and our intensity being all set properly that same healing that you would get with the other devices with forty minutes you would get for five minutes on our device so that’s one of the biggest difference and of course the prices are also a very big difference and you know when I talk to people about it they say well wow your cost is half of the other guys what am I missing out on actually you are not missing out you are actually getting a better unit at a proper price where I believe the other one is overly inflated and we just brought the price down to where is needs to be where it should be and so that’s the other difference also the other question is our attachments our accessories are very high level something that you would see in a hospital or treatment med very professional same kind of leather that is used inside doctor’s offices so when people see this they feel confident that you know it’s a high level device not leaving in somebody’s garage somewhere,
Charlie: Right high intensity device
Andrew: Bruce can you explain to us a little more in details the question is always coming up is this frequency stuff you know what does this frequency means on the PEMF device and does it really do to us and then is there something the lower frequency is actually better than higher and some reassure that our frequency level have a very treatment effect so what is your take on that.
Bruce: Okay that’s a very good question actually there is a number of different frequencies associated with really PEMF but I will be specific with the 4000, so the first frequency is when you actually have one pulse when it pulses one time the spark inside the unit that is generating the Magnetic pulse it has a natural resignate to it so there is frequencies that come out and well again here is something that is different in out unit than the other guys when you when you have a very fast pulse and it goes into creating a magnetic field it creates what is call fonands (9:05) and phoneard are sound package that travel faster than the speed of light you can actually look up what phoneard are on which PDM and learn more about it we have that more than the other guys and a lot of research now showing that these phonenans cause great healing in different ways so that’s one frequency there is a package of frequencies and within that there is ultra violet light which is where the fonans resides so there is actually ultra violet coming out of a wire not the optical way you could see it but it’s a frequency that it is putting out so it is putting out this ultra violet actually in a vacuum ultra violet to be more specific and it is also putting out some ultra sonic frequencies in forty killo hertz range so all thing things doesn’t help somebody decide what unit to buy I am just explaining what it does so that’s one frequency and then the other frequency that people would talk about is the reputation rate so you have this little package of frequencies now you are pulsing them at so many pulses per minute and how many pulses per second and so that is usually the frequency that people are talking about and our frequency is the highest frequency which is 200 pulses per minute which equates to three point three hertz which is three point three pulse per second so people get those mixed up how many pulses per minute as to how many hertz per second so that’s the other frequency and our range is from three point three hertz down to half a cycle so that’s all the frequency that the machine puts out.
Charlie: That is very eye opening I also hear when people talk about other devices they have something with fifty hertz what can that be what do they mean by that. That’s a very confusing question they utilize hertz a lot.
Bruce: Okay the only way you are going to be able to find the machine that operates at the higher frequency is that they are low power because you can’t get high rep pre as a matter of fact I don’t care what machine if you told me you have a machine that goes fifty hertz and have the intensity pulse accumulating effect you are going to get too much energy it is going to cause heating inside the body and that’s one thing about PEMF its not suppose to cause heating inside the body so if it is going at 50 hertz to 100 hertz or 1000 hertz that means it is a very low powered device such as the IMRS it would probably run at those frequencies.
Charlie: Interesting, what do you think about I often hear okay we have our machine has two thousand four hundred to twenty one thousand gallos as we all know so what is a good gallos to treat somebody with because something you don’t want to over gallos and you don’t want to under gallos so to speak what is your take on that.
Bruce: Yes that’s a really good question even if we had a way to dial up how many gallos it is putting out none of the PEMF do that we don’t do it either and the reason is that different people respond to the same intensity in different ways what I find is if somebody is very sick or if they have a lot of pain in their back and if they lay on the mattress even at low power they are getting so much they feel they want to get off the mattress as oppose to somebody that is very healthy that maybe has a shoulder bruise or a rotator cup they be on the mattress and they hardly feel anything so if we would create a prescription based on the gallos it wouldn’t work on person to person so a better way to do it is to just get feedback from patients so you would start at some low level bring the intensity all the way down you would start with three loops and then you would approach the persons spot that you want to treat and you get feed back, how is that how does that feel is that comfortable and you get to a comfortable level of intensity and the rep rate is really again more a level of comfort so if they like the rep rate a little bit faster you can make it a little bit faster as you make the rep rate faster the intensity will drop back and it does that on purpose to keep the power because the power equals the rep rate times the intensity so if you increase one the other one should drop back keep from coating heating in the body.
Charlie: Wow that’s a great answer that explains a lot for me right there, great question great answer so with all that said that’s really the technical area that we really need to know about that includes the speed of the pulse the frequency that’s all we really need to know I think that answer is pretty amazing that a big picture to me so the bottom line is that the PEMF 4000 is easy to operate it only has two controls and there is not much of a learning curve, am I right to that.
Bruce: yes correct it is very easy to use and also our new owner’s manual has protocols in there that are quite typical that people are using so they have a good starting point but each practitioner has their own way of doing things and you know with the PEMF 4000 they have some leeway on how they want to do it. The one thing I want to say too is if everybody don’t know this already we don’t pulse people brains we only pulse from the neck down if have questions number of times with people with migraines it is okay to wrap around the neck or approach the back and shoulders with a loop and also it is okay to do signs from the front but don’t wrap it around your head because it’s just not good. I know other people have don’t it and shown it but if you know what I know you wouldn’t do it
Charlie: I agree with that I have helped some people with migraines headaches exactly that way to their spinal area right to their necks underneath their face underneath their head, yea its funny because we do get that question a lot because there are companies I guess that broadcast it that way there haven’t been any medical studies done in that, am I correct?
Bruce: That’s correct let me tell you why real quick because what’s happening and also I want to go into this anyway the actually mechanism of healing what is causing it jus to touch on it briefly, so what is happening is inside the machine is generating a very high electrical current on the order of one hundred thousand amps okay now that current is very short lived it only last for one hundred nana seconds that all and so that comes out goes into the rope the rope creates a magnetic field and when that magnetic field hinges on the body and changes back into electrical similar electrical that created it in the first place so it goes from electrical to magnetic to electrical again in the body and we have research papers to give to people who are interested that shows the mechanism of what’s happening and just basically to lay it out this research that shows that the cell membrane it acts like a dial and it also acts like a capacitor and a dial allows electricity to flow in only one direction. So what does that mean?
Well a healthy cell needs to have minus seventy five millabuls across so from the centre of the cell to the outside of the cell membrane is typically minus seventy five millables where the inside of the cell is electro negative compare to the outside of the cell and so that’s a healthy cell, now cells that are not healthy they start to become electrical positive on the inside where there is poor nutrition damage to the cell some kind of illness what happens is that the body want electrons so it is looking for electrons wherever it can get them and it usually gets them from healthy cells where healthy cells are called electrons donor if they are healthy and when they are not healthy they are actually electrons stealers what happens overtime is a cell is injured it becomes more and more electro positive at the point where it flips from negative to positive when that actual instance happens it sends a pulse down the membrane system and that’s pain.
Pain is use to put into the cells to electro positive from electro negative. So let’s go back now into the dial capacitor model so when you pulse the body with an electrical pulse not so much the magnetic the magnetic responsibility if you will is to create the electric and it is the electric that is doing the healing not the magnetic so this electric now goes across the cell every pulse and because it has this dial on the cell that is naturally there it takes these pulses and start pulsing inside the cell electro negative and it does it really fast. I have seen research that shows that you can actually pump up a cell electro negative to minus one hundred and twenty five millabuls way beyond even healthy cells in just five to ten minutes pulses so what that mean is that if somebody has pain and their cells is positive say twenty five millabuls inside the cells and they have a lot of pain we can actually pump it up to a negative seventy five millabuls or greater in less than five minutes.
Charlie: wow, do you mind if I call you doctor. Great that was amazing. Well Bruce what do you think how often a session people should come with sudden sickness the main thing is unfortunately cancer or diabetes or Parkinson’s what is our treatment protocol there and what is the success rate.
Bruce: Okay some of those things we can help indirect path but it can be quite a per found effect as far as somebody quality of life as they are dealing with whatever kind of illness it is. So we are not going to say that we can heal anything but at the same time we can increase that person’s quality of life and that’s what the goal is get rid of their pain get them more active give them some energy you know that’s what we are looking to do so someone with Fibromyalgia we can cause quite a difference in their experience of life so just by pulsing for example their lymph notes which are under the arm pits and behind the knees and various places that the doctors knows about and it energize the lymph notes to do what they needs to do and we have other protocol too in the owner’s manual that we talk about to effectively threat these conditions but as far as cancer healing goes you know there is research out there not our research that shows that PEMF can cure even cancer but we don’t say that which is for the best we get rid of pain make it more comfortable that’s what my goal is to trying to increase peoples quality of life.
Charlie: Am I correct in stating that the pulse helps the body to heal its self in away because the blood oxidisation and stuff like that that goes on.
Bruce: Absolutely, in the past people would have pain and they would go to the chiropractor and the chiropractor would put a tents unit on them and the tents unit would get rid of the pain for a short period of time or until they are adjusted anyway but the mongality (23:01)of how a tens unit heals and how our unit is close in healing is very different. A cleanse unit is very destructive nature there is constructive ways of healing and there is destructive ways of healing. Destructive would be getting rid of the bad bacteria and virus to make somebody better and the constructive it would be more of building up the cells up the cells building up the immune system so the body can heal its self so in the case of tense it blocks the pain by creating such a strong signal that it uses up the mollo chemicals in the area that the pain can’t be transmitted and that’s how the tense works so it will join these pulses energizing the cells the cell is able to get rid of toxins take in nutrition because it does that with electrical nature the ironic reaction so it is able to do that and the cells that research has show that the ATP into the area and all the chemicals the body needs to heal and it is a very natural thing and all it is doing is putting the electrical energy back into the cell because I mean definitely what I believe is that if you have the electrical energy and you have the structure of the cells in other word proper nutrition the right proteins and fats and if all these are present and minerals too and then you pulse you have everything you need to create life and basically it really can heal what is really there.
Charlie: so you can basically say that when we are in the market here everybody talks about pain and pain for sure is the number one selling thing right now and the immediate response and the machine besides taking the pain away in a very high speed way it does also a whole bunch of healing in the back log at the same time that we done even realize.
Bruce: yes and you can see that also when somebody goes for a treatment say for something acute or chronic and then they get their treatment and they are at 90% in reduction when they leave the doctor’s office or finish their treatment the next morning they actually feel better they might be at 95% and the next morning even better at 99% and then the fourth day they plateau and then the fifth day they start going backwards and start feeling pain again and typically after going through a regiment treatment say two to three treatment a week for three weeks and then hopefully the pain doesn’t return anymore.
Charlie: Would it also be a good idea if you own PEMF 4000 to do something like this maintaining yourself by having every morning the five minutes laying on the mattress getting ready for the day.
Bruce: I do it every day myself I do not even for pain but the other thing that I use it for myself is that if you lay on the mattress I don’t know how many people know about this if you lay on the mattress at least twenty minutes definitely thirty minutes you actually kill so many parasites that are in the intestinal area you almost block you up that happened to me. A lot of people do ask if it kills parasites. Absolutely, as a matter of fact you have to watch out that you don’t kill too many parasites at one time and that happens by treating the stomach area by laying on the mattress or by taking loops and going over the stomach I find that if you do fifteen minutes you won’t have a big die off but you would be able to get rid of pain in that area.
Charlie: some die by eating probiaotics
Bruce : I definitely recommend that and by drinking water the water is important to help you detoxify as well.
Charlie: Amazing that’s really enlightening Bruce it just opened up a whole new picture for me and as you guys know I am at the and stuff and I am an old man I am going to be 65 I use a machine on my shockers everyday definitely gives me more energy you know I have been doing that for about one year and I know for a man about my age I have a lot more energy than some of these kid around here so.
Bruce: on that same note what my kids do they actually like to sit on the loop so they will make a couple of loops and sit on it and its really good if you meditate and sit on the loop it sends energy straight up the spine and its really amazing I love doing that myself.