Horse With Tooth Abcess Healed Quickly Using StemPulse




Ah-Mi, is a 12 year old Andalusian, Arab cross gelding. He is trained and shows third level dressage.


<>Ah-Mi had been tossing his head and resisting the bit for about six months. His regular veterinarian had found a cracked and infected tooth previously and removed a portion of it and treated the infection with antibiotics. He was hoping that he could save a portion of the tooth by removing the damaged halve. Ah-Mi did better for almost six months and had started tossing his head more again, resisting the bit and had started bolting when he was asked to turn sharply to the left when he was ridden. The veterinary dentist was called back out and started Ah-Mi back on antibiotics, as the remaining part of the tooth was infected and a date was scheduled to remove it. I was called out to do a chiropractic exam and treatment to see if that would help in the meantime.


On exam, Ah-Mi was painful and was difficult to examine his head and face. His atais needed to be adjusted and he was really tight and stiff in the neck and withers.


I tried to massage around Ah-Mi’s poll and temporal and masseter muscles but he kept throwing his head and resisting. I decided to try using the StemPulse unit on him to see if it could decrease some of the pain and inflammation enough so that I could adjust him. I put coils over the right side of his face over the mandible and the premolar tooth which was infected. I used elasticon tape to tape the coils to his face and put the pulse generator on his neck and used a vet wrap bandage to hold it in place. The StemPulse unit was left in place for one hour and twenty minutes while I worked on other horses. After removing the device, I was able to adjust Ah-Mi’s atlas and massage his TMJ, masseter and temporal muscles and adjust his neck without any problem. I left the unit with the owner to use and she used it daily for 1-1.5 hours and bought the unit.


The owner was able to ride Ah-Mi without him throwing his head and was able to compete at the Houston Dressage Society Spring Show and won his two classes. Ah-Mi subsequently was taken to Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and had surgery to remove that tooth and another bad tooth that was found on the exam.