Horses With Front and Rear Suspensory Injuries Healed With StemPulse


I have treated three horses with the StemPulse machine.

My experience has been that it made a huge impact on
a horse with a rear suspensory injury.

Formerly, this horse would get sound, but could not withstand
an increase in exercise.  Within five days he was sound, and
has continued to tolerate a consistent increase in exercise.

The second horse is a mare with a milder front suspensory
strain.  I had the same experience with the front suspensory
as I did with the rear as described above.

I was delighted with the results of these two horses.

The third horse is one with a severe front leg tendon
tear.  She was eight months into her rehab when I started.
Her progress has been slower, but she is improving.

Barbra Schulte