Electric Human


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The truth is a resounding “YES”, we have lost our connection to the Earth to a very large degree.  We are  spending much less time in nature and rarely have our feet directly on the ground. But what does that matter?

With so many electronics in our environment we are bombarded with EMF’s (electro magnetic fields) that are continuously depleting and unsettling our body and mind.

Human beings were designed to live directly on the Earth. We were originally hunters and gatherers covering many miles on the Earth everyday. What are we doing now? How much are we directly on the Earth, within that healing, grounding, supportive, electro magnetic field that activates our cells and gives them a much needed boost? Our bodies have a lot to contend with, that’s for sure. They need all the help they can get.

Scientists have discovered that this disconnect from the Earth’s field has caused us to be seriously lacking in microcirculation. This is currently an important field of study in some major universities. Several years ago, much was revealed when researchers began to search for solutions to issues astronauts were having with maintaining their health during space travel. They experienced many serious health issues which, it turns out, had a lot to do with being completely cut off from the field of the Earth. Their bodies were unable to stay well without any connection to the Earth’s field. Very interesting!! They learned that the human body/mind system is dependent on this contact for proper equilibrium and functioning.

Researchers also saw a concerning breakdown of microcirculation in the general population. Our cells are dependent on proper microcirculation for nutrient delivery, immune function, oxygen uptake, energy in the form of ATP and elimination of waste products.

Scientists discovered that a device could be constructed that would simulate the field of the Earth and would activate important functions in the body.  It took over 20 years to develop, and when they finished, their patented technology was made available to the world under the name of QRS – Quantron Resonance System.  Since then, many companies have taken this patented technology and spun it off into a vast assortment of devices that mimic portions of what the QRS was designed to do and does.

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