MRS 2000 Spitting Image Of Previous QRS Model


Here is photographic evidence that the MRS 2000 is not “leading edge”, but rather “outdated” technology.

Here is a picture of the current MRS 2000 Mat.

MY MRS 2000

Notice it is about 2 inches thick?  The measurements are 2”x68”x30”
That’s because there are actual copper coils inside that cover.

Below is a picture of the PREVIOUS model QRS:

Previous Model QRS - Now Discontinued

Previous Model QRS - Now Discontinued

Notice how the picture above, of the previous model QRS Mat, has a similar appearance to the current MRS 2000 Mat? About 2 inches thick…  The above Mat has copper coils.

Below is a picture of the current QRS Quantron Mat.

QRS-Quantron-101-PACKAGEIt is only about 1 inch thick because it does not use copper coils.
It measures 1″ x 70″ x 25½” – and only weights 4 pounds.
This latest technology, wire mesh is able to evenly distribute the healing frequency waves and fields.
The mesh technology is also what has earned the QRS Quantron 3 International Worldwide Patents.