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Improving Other Bioenergetic Technologies and Therapies

PhotoThe frequencies of the Magnopro stimulate a co-resonance with the vibration of the body’s cells. This creates an environment where the cells are provided their own natural frequencies, which then moves the cells toward their natural healthy vibration. The matrix of molecules, cells and larger systems are able to communicate effectively allowing the body to move into energy balancing and a state of self-healing. Magnopro, pulsed electromagnetic fields have been found to augment the use of energetic modalities, hands on treatments, nutrition and the use of other bio-energetic technologies.

Combining Magnopro With Other Bioenergetic Technologies

Combining Magnopro With Hands On Healing

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Combining Magnopro With Nutritional Supplements

Magnopro With Other Bioenergetic Technologies

There are two types of infrared therapies. Far infrared (FIR) and near infrared (IR). Infrared primary use is to generate heat in tissues. In addition to generating heat, FIR/IR also introduces EMFs, electromagnetic field, frequencies into the body. Infrared, either FIR or IR, does not typically penetrate the body very deeply; usually within 1-2 inches a signal is dissipated by interaction with the tissues of the body. When the term infrared is used alone, it generally refers to near infrared. A local applicator device typically makes infrared applications. To be technically correct, any frequencies below the FIR and the EM spectrum would be considered to be infrared. This means that even ELFs extremely low frequencies, would be considered to be infrared. This distinction makes it important to know what the actual frequency being used is in a FIR/IR system. By common usage, FIR/IR more typically mean frequencies near the red part of the EM spectrum.

Some FIR devices are passive and some are active. The active infrared systems are driven by using AC, line current. The passive systems use either ceramic or fiber materials that passively radiate FIR signals. The active FIR/IR systems tend to create more dynamic action in the body than the passive systems. The passive systems are more designed for home and personal use. The active systems tend to be used in practitioners’ offices. Far infrared systems have been designed for large area, that is, whole body, applications. These are typically the active FIR saunas and passive blankets, covers, clothing, etc. Active FIR, especially applied to the whole body, tends to generate more heat in the tissues than passive FIR.

Many FIR/IR systems actually use red colored diodes for their IR signals. In order to generate current to the diode, AC current may be modulated in such a way as to introduce ELFs as well as the diode frequencies into the body. This would then make such a device a dual treatment system — using IR and ELF simultaneously. This type of system would be expected to be even more dynamically acting than simple FIR/IR by itself.

Almost all IR systems we have seen have been for local application only and are for the most part used in practitioners’ offices. There are some home-based systems. The most common of course is found in bathrooms.

AC FIR systems tend to generate enough heat to increase not only local area temperatures but also whole body temperature. This means that FIR saunas not only generate heat as a therapeutic modality but also introduce pulsed electromagnetic fields, PEMFs, into the body. Many use coils and ceramic filters, which actually raise the temperature in this on the environment. These two effects appear to be additive. This means that one plus one equals more than two. Heat has been used as a physical therapy modality for millennia. More recently heat has been applied to the treatment of toxins and cancers. The combination of external heat and FIR can be even more dramatically beneficial.

ELF PEMFs more usually penetrate the body completely without loss of signal by interaction with tissue as opposed to higher frequencies, such as FIR/IR, which lose their signal strength by interacting with tissue fluids.

FIR/IR, whatever the format, can be used alongside Magnopro PEMFs and SMFs to obtain additive benefit. Magnopro PEMF system combines nicely with an FIR sauna or a local FIR/IR treatment device. For the circumstance of an acute arthritic or musculoskeletal problem it is suggested to use FIR/IR to start with for several treatment sessions followed by longer-term Magnopro management, especially if the underlying problem is or is likely to become more chronic.

Laser photoThere are essentially two types of laser therapy systems. One is tissue destructive and the other is tissue-healing enhancing. The latter is usually called low-level laser. Even laser pointers, used for public speaking, and have tissue effects. Low-level lasers are often used in a similar way FIR/IR. Their beam is very narrow and focused. Because of this level of intensity they are able to penetrate the body more deeply and often even can pass through, especially less thick areas of the body. More expensive, professional models are more likely to penetrate even thicker body parts, such as the abdomen or lung. Lasers can be used with different colors and therefore have not only the laser light benefits but also may add a benefit or value related to the color being generated. Most however are red.

Unlike FIR/IR, laser is used primarily for local area applications. Magnopro PEMFs can be used beautifully alongside low-level laser treatments. Because of the intense, very high frequency and focus of the laser beam, SMFs and PEMFs will have use in a wider area of treatment and will interact with tissues at lower frequencies. Lasers cannot be used safely around certain body structures, such as the eyes and brain. Magnopro does not have these limitations.

To learn about the combination of low level lasers and the Magnopro go to Healing Light Seminars’ provides licensed, health care providers with training and resources for optimal clinical results with energetic therapies.

Chelation therapy, IV or oral, creates significant movement of electrolytes, minerals and metals in and out of cells. This movement, especially if a calcium, sodium and potassium may create significant interaction with pulsed magnetic fields. We don’t have extensive experience with chelation and PEMFs used concurrently. On the basis of significant temporary side effects, we recommend that chelation and PEMFs not be used on the same day. Local SMFs may be used without concern. There is more chance a temporary negative interaction with whole body exposure. At this point, because of our minimal experience, we do not advocate whole body exposure until practitioners who use both therapies have gained more experience and can give us better guidance. Recommended reading on Chelation therapy is A Textbook on Edta Chelation Therapy by Elmer M. Cranton, M.D.

Light Therapy
Light therapy can be active or passive. Passive therapy happens with the wearing of strong colors, wearing colored crystals, or being in rooms or environments with specifically designated colors. Active light therapy can include lamps (OTT Light) or lights that radiate specific colors, having colored crystals applied, natural spectrum lighting and so on.

Light therapy photoLight therapy is most typically a whole body treatment approach. Specific colors are used for specifically intended actions. Most light therapy, except for that used for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is often intended for specific actions. Passive light therapy is unlikely to penetrate very deeply into the tissues. Lighting systems are more likely to penetrate deeper, but will be limited by the thickness of the tissues exposed. There is a significant amount of attenuation, absorption and diffraction of light as it moves into the body.

For these reasons, ELF EMFs and SMFs would not be expected to interfere and may be used concurrently with light therapies. As with most other therapeutic modalities, light therapy practitioners may not understand PEMFs and recommend against them, if asked, since they would also like to see what the effects of their own specific therapeutic systems are without interaction or interference.

Other Resonance Systems
There are many other therapeutic, energetic and resonance systems that may be used that were not discussed above. If one understands the principles of resonance, has a basic understanding of the nature of EMFs on the body and understands the conditions for which treatment is being sought, the interaction of PEMFs may be reasoned out. Generally speaking, PEMFs, available for home use, is safe for use with most other systems.

Magnopro With Hands On Healing

Magnopro, pulsed electromagnetic fields, can and should be combined with other types of energetic and healing touch approaches to the body. Experience has shown that the practitioner’s work is augmented by the use of the Magnopro both in the clinic and for the individual recommendation or prescription to use at home between visits to the energy medicine practitioner.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields may be used directly on acupuncture points and have actually been shown to clear meridians using meridian stress assessment equipment. Whole body therapy with the Magnopro full body mattress will of course stimulate multiple points and meridians more or less simultaneously, thus clearing the entire meridian system with one session. The Magnopro has an accessory, the pen applicator, which is well suited for individual acupuncture point therapy.

The decision of which specific acupuncture points to use the Magnopro pen on is based on an understanding of basic acupuncture or acupressure principles. It is not within the scope of our site to teach acupuncture. Recommended is getting reading materials on the subject that are useful for most non-professional self-therapy. For example: ” Finding Effective Acupuncture Points ” by Shudo Denmei.

The Magnopro may be lied upon at the same time that acupuncture is being used. Acupuncture needles are stronger in action than pulsed magnetic fields. Needles with current applied are even stronger. Moxa, acupressure and cupping are not typically as strong as pulsed electromagnetic fields. Magnopro pen use on acupuncture points is especially helpful if someone doesn’t want needles.

Since Magnopro pulsed electromagnetic fields act more directly on cells and tissues than acupuncture, you should use them together to gain the benefits of both. For example, for spinal arthritis, a deep joint problem, with significant pain, often multiple tissues are often involved. The PEMFs will get at any edema in muscles, ligaments or nerves, relax muscles and start cellular repair, of both joints and other soft tissues. Acupuncture helps pain almost immediately. The secondary actions of acupuncture on the immune system, other hormones and repair mechanisms take more time to happen. This means that with both therapeutic systems I will expect the primary actions of both to be more active than waiting for secondary actions of either one to kick in. The other value of having Magnopro done at home is that it can be done at one’s own convenience and control, for a one-time cost.

If someone were using both types of therapies on the same day, we would suggest doing the Magnopro first and then follow later in the day with the acupuncture. The pulsed magnetic fields will start any action on the tissues directly. The acupuncture will start with the systemic actions. Then when they both kick in with their secondary effects the overall therapeutic action is greatly increased. With static magnets it is recommended to do the acupuncture first and then follow with the static magnets for potentially several hours to continue the action of the acupuncture. We would place the magnets either on the painful area, the same acupuncture point/s used in the acupuncture therapy or over the related spinal segment.

Energetic Healing Touch Modalities & Massage
Healing Touch, Reiki and other hands on healing modalities is the ideal companion to use alongside the Magnopro . Whole body sessions with the full body mattress will stimulate multiple points and meridians more or less simultaneously, thus clearing the entire meridian system with one session. Unfortunately, you cannot take your energy healing therapist home with you. Thus Magnopro is a great energetic clearing support system when used daily.

Healing touch photoMassage works very well directly on the muscles, superficial soft tissues and ligaments. It helps to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians, improve circulation to tissues, and relax muscles and secondarily to flood the body with endorphins. Combining massage with daily use of Magnopro aids the detoxifying of the body and increasing blood circulation and relieving tension, as many toxins and waste are stored in the muscles.

Massage, other hands on healing modalities, energy work and Magnopro would help each other greatly. Magnopro used prior to all forms of bodywork would help the person and muscles to relax more before the practitioner began. That would allow the therapist to have to work less hard, get to deeper tissues, deal with core energetic blockages and cause much deeper work in the body. Please note this is all in addition to all the other benefits of the Magnopro whole body therapy sessions.

Regular, especially daily, use of whole body sessions with the Magnopro at home would decrease the need for massage and energetic clearing work by keeping tissues detoxified and relaxed. It would keep the cumulative physical effects of stress to a minimum. Even so, massage has more direct physical action on the muscles themselves that Magnopro doesn’t have. That’s why the combination of regular local and/or whole body Magnopro sessions and massage would keep the body from aging as fast and prevent problems from developing or worsening.

Osteopathic, Chiropractic or Physical Therapy
Place osteopathic, chiropractic or physical therapy manipulation alongside massage in terms of potential magnetic field use and how to think about it as discussed above.

Homeopathy is based on an almost completely different set of principles than Magnopro. Homeopathy relies on principles of similar resonance. Homeopathic remedies to be effective must resonate with the symptoms of the person being treated. For example, the symptoms of malaria may be very similar to the symptoms caused by using quinine. That may explain why quinine has been found to be effective in treating malaria. PEMFs produce frequencies that could potentially interact with the frequencies of homeopathic remedies. It may also be said that PEMF frequencies may also resonate with the frequencies of symptoms in the body, and that way produce their effects. PEMF frequencies are typically much lower than those of homeopathic remedies. That means that PEMF frequencies can only interact with homeopathic remedies as a result of harmonic frequencies. Even so, the likelihood of harmonic interaction is probably very low. Since it is not known for certain whether homeopathic remedies could be canceled by PEMFs, it is recommended to use them at different times, if they are being done on the same days. We suspect that higher frequency EMFs, such as microwaves, cell phones; MRIs, etc. are more likely to be a problem with homeopathic treatments. Static magnets would not be expected to create any harmonic interactions at all and may be used safely at the same time as homeopathic treatments.

We would suggest using the Magnopro first on the same day that a homeopathic remedy is being used. In fact, several days of Magnopro use may very well help to clear the terrain before homeopathy might be applied.

Magnopro With Nutritional Supplements

Magnetic field therapies, strongly affect various physiologic processes and enzyme and chemical actions in the body. Since magnetic fields open cell membrane channels, supplements and nutrients, as well as medications, may more easily gain access to cells.

Magnetic field therapies, strongly affect various physiologic processes and enzyme and chemical actions in the body.

“Nutrient-dense eating” refers to the nutritional quality of food and to the highly concentrated, vitally important foods necessary to having optimum health. They are the opposite of empty-calorie foods that eventually degrade health and lead to debilitating diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Currently, the majority of Americans have an ambivalent, adversarial relationship with food.

Three key factors contribute to the poor dietary patterns of Americans:

* Americans are huge overeaters.
* The casual lifestyle that many Americans enjoy reflects a “Live to Eat” attitude versus an “Eat to Live” attitude.
* Individual food habits are influenced by empty-nutrient foods produced by profit-oriented, chemical-dependant agribusiness and fast food companies.
* Most Americans unfortunately are not getting enough of the key micronutrients available in fresh fruits and vegetables that are required to keep healthy and strong.

Juice Plus photoThe answer is stopping the downward spiral of poor eating patterns that lead to even poorer health. But the truth is that most people simply struggle to do so.

“Eat more fruits and vegetables” is the one recommendation in almost every diet plan, every guide to nutrition, and every fitness book.