MagnoPro Testimonials


“I feel a much deeper Delta wave action with the Magnopro. I can really feel the difference on the sleep/relax setting and I get a deeper longer lasting sleep. Also, my back does better. The smaller pillow gives a more concentrated and focused treatment than the QRS pillow…and I can do the big mat and the pillow at the same time…a real plus. In fact, I saw a real difference with my back after I started using the Magnopro. I have one disc that is injured and gives me trouble. I saw a real difference after I started to use the Magnopro. I gave my Magnopro to my cousin for the past two months and my disc is acting up again even though I am using the QRS. I can’t wait to get it back. The Magnopro has all of the settings as the QRS plus the high caliber pain setting and now it has the pen. The mat is sturdier and the control box is easier to use. Sells for less than the QRS. In my opinion it is superior all the way around. The Magnopro is going to be my main focus here in Asheville.”

Marilyn C., Asheville, NC, 55

“I had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 15 years. I had a very good family physician and an arthritis specialist. They experimented on me with various drugs in order to find a suitable one. One affected my liver and another one gave me an ulcer, which I still have.

During the years I had numerous flare-ups and I decided to look for different treatments. In June and July I had about a dozen chiropractic treatments. I felt slightly better after treatments but the flare-ups still came on.

Then I tried the acupuncture and in the midst of my treatments a friend went to the Energy for Life Presentation and invited me. It was a trial treatment and in about half an hour I felt a significant reduction in my pain. I was so happy I signed for more treatments. After three weeks of treatments I was able to walk without the use of my walker, in the Mall, for more than an hour. We decided to purchase a Magnopro. We use it consistently. The Magnopro is a lifesaver. My energy level keeps increasing. To me life is worth living again. I keep telling my friends “everyone needs a Magnopro – you are missing out on the joys of life if you do not use the Magnopro!”

Deloroes, Canada, 67

“I would like to relate some exciting news to you about my experiences with the Magnopro.

I have been suffering from Restless leg syndrome for over 10 years. By April /03 the pain was unbearable. After trying various health care providers and not receiving much help, I came to your clinic and started pulsed electromagnetic therapy. After numerous treatments it became obvious to me that I finally found the solution in my search for relief.

In November I purchased the Magnopro. I began using it consistently up to 3 times per day. Now for the past month I am able to sleep and I don’t have the twitching and jerking or the dreaded uncomfortable feelings that have kept me awake for years!

In addition, I have more exciting news to report. As you know I also suffer from macular degeneration. I have been using a magnifying glass to read the newspaper for a long time. In mid November a blood vessel, in my retina burst. I was unable to read even the large print because all I could see was a bunch of jumbled letters that made no sense. I was unable to recognize faces. I saw people as double headed. I was worried that I was going totally blind.

In December the eye examination prognosis was not good. In January further tests were conducted. The results were very unfavorable. Doctor asked me to come back at a later date. Meanwhile I continued using the Magnopro and have added using the pillow on my face and eyes. I began noticing subtle changes happening. Then very concrete changes started happening. No more double headed people. I can now read without the magnifying glass!

During the last visit to the optometrist he said, “I don’t know what has happened, I thought your vision would have gotten much worse. On the contrary it has gotten better”!

As you can appreciate, I am very happy. I know I will have to use the Magnopro for the rest of my life. I will gladly do that as it has changed my life to such a degree that at age 81 I can still look forward to continue driving my car and enjoying my new found freedom. I am alive and doing very well. I am sure I will have more to report in the coming months.

PS. I am telling everyone who will listen that everyone needs to own a Magnopro regardless of age.”

Paul P., Canada, 66

“Well we finally arrived at our new home. This was our 25th move and it’s having a toll on my old bones. I don’t know if I would be able to have done all the packing and unpacking this time if it wasn’t for my friend “Magnopro”. Initially when I bought it, I did not fully appreciate the value of this simple treatment tool. But as I continued to use it I began depending on it to relieve the nagging back pain that seems to appear at the worse possible time. I guess there is never a good time to experience pain.

I am noticing that the pain stays away longer as I keep using the mat. It still amazes me what a difference I feel after relaxing on the Magnopro for just a few minutes. I have had to use it for longer periods – up to an hour, when I know I overdid some activity and either my back or my arms or my legs send me a signal saying HELP! I have learned to be patient. Sometimes the relief comes the next day. It works every time!

I sure wish I had this type of service when I was younger – when the job and the kids stressed me out completely. Better late than never! The Magnopro is a God send!”

Marie L., Canada, 72

“I am a 38-year-old female who has been very much out of balance for about 20 years. Some problems include low thyroid and low adrenal function, causing many symptoms of hormonal imbalance. I have been using the Magnopro regularly for about 3 months. The Magnopro is as important to me as my medication. The medication and Magnopro are helping me to sleep better and during normal sleeping hours, to function at a much higher level during normal waking hours, and to alleviate many other symptoms attributed to hormonal imbalance. I highly recommend trying the Magnopro at least for one month.”

Amy S., Canada, 38

“I love my Magnopro. I have suffered with pain and discomforts for many years from being diagnosed as Bi-polar, with depression, fibromyalgia and osteo-arthritis. I use the mat twice per day and usually begin the day with a 30 minute meditation. Its a great tool for meditation. It is so easy to drop into a deep state.

The pain level is reduced dramatically, I can think better and am much calmer. My depression rarely rears it’s head anymore. I have traveled with the Magnopro and am enjoying my excursions a lot more. I remember canceling trips because of concerns about my pains and general discomfort. I do not have this concern anymore. My last three trips were very enjoyable. Since I purchased the Magnopro, my quality of life has improved to the point I will never be without it! Getting older and feeling better!”

Marilyn V, Canada, 77

“After my daughter’s birth, my wife has continued to get plugged milk ducts (about one every third day), which is typical. Once a duct gets plugged, it’s structure becomes altered through inflammation, and future plugs are made more likely. Well, using the Magnopro pen has been clearing them every time, and usually within 5 to 10 minutes. This is unheard of in the world of breastfeeding altogether. Ongoing plugged ducts usually force mothers to quit breastfeeding altogether and let their milk supply disappear so that the plugging won’t lead to more serious health issues (i.e. mastitis and severe infection that calls for surgery, IV antibiotics, etc.). We are so empowered by this method for clearing my wife’s plugs. It will allow her to keep breastfeeding. Amazing! ”

M.H., LAc, Washington, DC, Georgetown Hospital, 36