PEMF 4000 – About The Ultimate Healing Machine


Who We Are

 In the past, people dreamed of what the future might look like. Imagined how people might live in a time when advanced technology provides the solution for today’s worst health problems.

Chronic pain due to illness, injury, surgery and old age was the widest reaching incurable health problem in the U.S. and indeed the world in 2012.

 I would have say that it “was” the worst incurable health problem because right now you are holding in your hands the key to curing it.

 Lemuria Technologies is the original electronic manufacturer (OEM) that invented the PEMF 4000. A medical device that relieves chronic pain in as little as 15 seconds and accelerates patient healing up to three times normal. Because we believe the future starts here.  

 What We Do

The team at Lemuria Technologies developed the PEMF 4000 based on existing research proven and published by respected sources. Our personal systematic research and development went toward applying these scientific discoveries to creating a product that satisfies market needs unmet by our competition.

 In many cases, we are applying this advanced research to markets that are ‘behind the times’ because they were not exposed to the new information at the time of its discovery.

 Our company is the first to apply this never before discovered technology in the form of a new product, the PEMF 4000, and will provide us a profound advantage in the medical and consumer electronics marketplace that we are about to enter.

Latest Update – 15 Feb 2014

After selling already over 50 units of the new and improved
PEMF4000 G3 we are getting amazing feedback.

This model is the breakthrough in the PEMF world.

Just think of who can benefit from PEMF4000 G3

– Anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life, quality of
sleep, general well-being, energy level and performance
capacity, relieve of pain

– Athletes, both amateurs and professionals, will benefit from
improved performance, and faster recovery from workouts
and healing from injuries. The PEMF4000 G3 device is used
by many top athletes already.

– Anyone who would like a therapy to help with chronic health
problems, wound healing, injuries, surgical recovery, or
treatment of aches and pains

– Those suffering from certain types of infertility or sexual
dysfunction may benefit from the increased circulation
to the reproductive and sexual organs

– Persons seeking preventive medicine and prevention of
premature aging

– Those who are concerned about the effects of the harmful
EMFs that we are exposed to because of cell phones,
radio waves, electrical appliances, etc. PEMF4000 G3
can help to offset the effects of harmful EMFs.

– Students and professionals can benefit from improved
concentration and focus through increased micro circulation
to the brain.

– Persons with reduced mobility due to a physical condition or illness,
as well as the elderly, will experience the improved circulation and
oxygenation that they are otherwise unable get through exercise.

– Animals can benefit from PEMF4000 G3 too. It is used frequently in the
veterinary world, including for professional performance horses.