PEMF 4000 Complete Package Buy Now


PEMF 4000 Complete Package Buy Now

PEMF4000 "The Complete Package"


“The Complete Package” Take advantage of our promotion special and get it all and SAVE $340 over buying each accessory separately.

  • The PEMF4000
  • The Treatment Rope
  • The Treatment Mattress
  • The Back Wrap Attachment
  • The Joint Wrap Attachment

and our thank you present a copy of “Healing is Voltage” 3rd edition by Dr. Jerry Tennant


Price – $11,399* TOTAL – Minus $9497 Solo Unit (You paid separately in previous transaction) = $1902* Due For This Transaction ~ Online Orders Include FREE SHIPPING (To USA – limited time)


* NOTE:  You must first purchasePEMF 4000 Solo“.  Paypal has a maximum purchase of $10,000 per transaction, so you must by the Solo Unit first, then come here and do a separate transaction for this upgrade (to Complete Unit).  Sorry for any confusion ~ call anytime to clarify
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