PEMF 4000 FAQ’s


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PEMF 4000 FAQ’s


Q:        What is the frequency of the PEMF 4000?

A:        It has a pulse frequency from 1 to 200 pulses per minute.


Q:        How many Hertz (Hz) does your unit provide?

A:        This can be a confusing question. Hz only deals with the power input, so it has nothing to do with the performance of the machine. Hz is measured in pulses per second. The PEMF 4000 measures .01 to 3.3 Hz.


Q:        How much power does your device produce?

A:        PEMF 4000 is the most effective device, providing 2400 to 21000 Gauss (which converts to .24 to 2.1 Tesla). The part that makes our machine so effective is not so much the power as it is the speed of the pulse. Our pulse delivers electro magnetic energy in 100 nanoseconds, penetrating the cell barrier to provide the body instantly usable energy. This makes dramatic improvement possible in a short period of time.


Q:        What makes the PEMF 4000 different in comparison to other devices?

A:        The biggest difference is the speed of the pulse which determines the treatment effectiveness. PEMF 4000 pulses at speeds of 100 nanoseconds per pulse. Most of the known PEMF units pulsesing at about 10 milliseconds per pulse, which converts to 10,000,000 nanoseconds – very slow!  Plus, our power level of 2.1 Tesla allows the energy to penetrate deeper into the tissue. As a result, PEMF 4000 relieves pain in one treatment of 60 seconds on average while most other devices relieve pain in 30 minutes to an hour, at best. Our design is very durable and professional. Our customer support is personal, pleasant to work with, and easy to reach. And our price of about $10k is more affordable then most other PEMF’s of this kind.

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Q:        How come your PEMF device is so much less expensive?

A:        Because this is the price the technology should be going for. The others are quite over priced because they are taking advantage of the demand for pain relief. Our goal is to provide both healing and pain relief that is accessible and affordable for the average user.


Q:        Do you offer financing?

A:        Yes, we do. We work with a well established lending company who specializes in equipment financing. We can email you an application for more details.

 ElectroMeds Financing for the PEMF 4000 is available here.

Q:        Do you have a lease or rent program?

A:        No, after some bad experiences we decided to stay away from it for now.


Q:        Can this device heal any sickness?

A:        There is a huge field of areas where PEMF has proven to be of significance in healing and relieving pain. We are not doctors and can not give any conclusive statements, but we can promise you that almost regardless of your condition, you will benefit from the PEMF4000. Please go on our web site and blog to get more details about treatments and health studies from all over the world.

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Q:        I have metal implants. Will the PEMF do any harm to me?

A:        Metal implants in general are fine so long as the area is treated carefully. However, people with pacemakers, insulin pumps, or other implanted electronics should not use it.


Q:        Can one get overdosed with using PEMF?

A:        No, electromagnetic energy is a natural thing found all around us. Using the PEMF 4000 does stimulate the cell metabolism, which causes the cells to release toxins for elimination by the immune system. It is good to drink a large glass of water after treating to help the body flush any toxins that may have been released.


Q:        I suffer often from migraines. Can I wrap the cable around my head?

A:        Although we have seen videos from other PEMF manufacturers where they treat the head, we do not recommend it because the brain is very sensitive to electromagnetic fields and it could cause interference. With our device you can treat migraines successfully by using the treatment rope only around your lower neck and upper shoulders.


Q:        Is there any way I can try the machine before buying?

A:        We can even do better! We offer our PEMF 4000 with a “No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee” so you can try it, test it, and get the full experience with the device in the comfort of your own home. If you, for whatever reason, do not like it or do not have the expected results you can return it and get your money back. But we have to warn you…. NOBODY has done it yet!!!!


Q:        Is the PEMF4000 FDA approved?

A:        The PEMF 4000 is not approved as of now. We are currently working on this bureaucratic issue. Fortunately, PEMF technology in general is approved by the FDA already.


Q:        How heavy is the PEMF 4000?

A:        Our machine weighs about 35lbs. It does come in a very durable military case that rolls on wheels with a retractable handle that makes it very easy to move around or travel with the device.


Q:        Do you recommend the “Full Package” or the “Basic Unit”?

A:        The Basic unit with the treatment rope gives you unlimited possibilities for use. The Full Package gives you that plus our clinical-quality selection of accessories, including our easy to use back wrap, joint wrap, and mattress which are great for on-going pain management. And, you can get the Full Package at a special price of $11,399 which saves you well over $1000 in retail accessory costs.


Q:        Can I pay with my credit card?

A:        Yes.  We process with paypal.  The only restriction is a $10,000.00 per transaction per credit card. So if you are purchase any item – like the full package – it will require 2 separate transactions. 


Q:        What would you suggest if I cannot afford a PEMF 4000.

A:        Probably our next best value – HUGE bang for the buck – is our Nasa developed StemPulse – read all about it here.


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