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NASA has invested billions of dollars into space program research (including stem cell research) during the last 20 years, involving multiple tests in space shuttles.

NASA found that specific magnetic fields increased stem cell growth and NASA found the exact magnetic field that optimizes stem cell growth up to 4 fold and increased about 120 tissue growth and regeneration genes.

Introducing this exact magnetic field to the human body is likewise expected to stimulate production of stem cells. This stimulation would allow the body to perform rapid ‘self repair’ not only in local tissues but also in the whole body.

Working with NASA, MIT and the University of N. Carolina, Dr. Bob Dennis, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, has completed development of a sophisticated, portable, miniaturized medical device the size of an iPod that you place on your body using the NASA signal as the base. Dr Dennis is the inventor on the NASA patent issued after the NASA research and later acquired the rights from NASA to market the technology.

Based on his long research history he improved on the original PEMF signal and developed a new device, the Stempulse.

The Stempulse quickly eliminates or significantly reduces painful inflammation & stimulates tissue healing, fully supporting the body’s inherent healing abilities while optimizing nutrient transport.

Stempulse Description

stempulse_largerThe Stempulse was designed as a unique device to provide complete portability by using extreme miniaturization of the electronics while at the same time delivering a strong and reliable magnetic signal. The 2 coil system also enhances the effectiveness of the magnetic signal and compares to other magnetic device designs commonly used in research.

The intensity of the Stempulse is similar to many prior PEMF devices being used in clinics or home environments. But, it has the major advantage of allowing people to be free to move about during daily activities or for treatment even all night. Most other PEMF devices either treat portions of the body or the whole body at one treatment setting, for short periods of time, 8 to 30 minutes, and often have limited cell stimulation capacity. The Stempulse is able to run continuously as long as the battery allows with an amazing filed intensity considering the size of the package. All this a result of amazing NASA research.

The Stempulse is small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or under/over any wrap or bandage. It can be used to treat specific body parts like organs, joints, teeth, eyes, etc. up to and beyond 24 hours a day continuously, if needed.

The small applicator rings are only two inches in diameter and can be placed on either side of a body part, for example, the knee. This stimulation supports the body to work to possibly rebuild the joint over a period of months. It begins working the very first day and, based on the NASA research, is expected to stimulate the body to grow stem cells used to rebuild the parts of the body being stimulated. It would also be expected to stimulate circulating stem cells as well. These stem cells can then be available to go to other parts of the body for enhancing healing and regeneration.

Even though the coils will be placed over a specific area needing treatment, that is, any part of the body, treatment will still benefit the entire body in that any stem cells produced will be used throughout the body, not just at that specific place of application.

The Stempulse can be thought of as a tiny, high tech, thin box, half the thickness of a cigarette pack, with two small wires extending two feet out with 2 two inch diameter rings at the end of each wire.

This device replaces equipment that can cost anywhere from $5000 up to $30000 dollars, but only costs a fraction of that amount, making it affordable for most people, especially considering its health benefits. The value of daily treatment amounts to a cost of pennies a day.

The meaning of Stem

The 1st part of the word Stempulse was chosen because the word “stem” comes from the Greek ????, meaning “body”. It can refer to the entire body of an organism or the body of an individual as contrasted with the mind or psyche. Stem also commonly refers to the cell body of a nerve cell. This is the portion of a nerve cell that contains the nucleus.

With the word stem, I am also referring to whole areas. These whole areas may be the entire body, an entire organ, an entire tissue, an entire cell, or an entire metabolic process. That means that these PEMFs affect the body in many layers and levels, down to the level of the atom.

PEMFs stimulate all the levels of the body. They are externally applied, penetrating all the way through a body, even through clothing, bandages, braces, etc. They are extraordinarily dynamic in stimulating the body at all of its levels.

During the healing process, we affect the physics of the body or cells first, then this affects the chemistry of the body, then as a result, the tissue. It takes time to achieve benefits at the tissue level. If a problem in the body exists at the energy level, i.e. the physics level, then results can happen dramatically and very quickly. Normally, however, problems are layered with much more complexity. That means that in any given problem and body, you will have all three layers involved, and needing stimulation. So, stimulation happens as physics first, then chemistry, then what we notice last, the tissue. The physics level will respond quickly, within minutes to hours. The chemistry level will respond in days to weeks, and the tissue level will respond in weeks to years, depending on the regeneration capacity/cycling of that tissue and the level of damage.

The focus of the Stempulse, is to provide stimulation from the physics level, affecting chemistry all throughout the tissues of a body.

Since stem includes the whole body and everything within, if you touch a piece or part of the body, the whole perceives that touch. Any experience within a part of the whole affects the whole. As a result, PEMFs applied to any part of the body still indirectly affect the whole body.

Therefore, the Stempulse, is a PEMF system, employing dynamic, pulsating electromagnetic fields that are strong enough and with enough of the right frequencies and signal form to positively and significantly affect the stem from the level seen with the eye or felt, down to the atomic level, effectively always in a positive direction.

History of the Stempulse

This new American-developed technology is the result of scientific research and development that evolved from programs funded by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the 1990?s. Dr. Robert Dennis was the design engineering and biophysics consultant to the NASA program that I asked for this device to be developed and tested and he has continued to further develop the technology under an exclusive sub-license of the NASA patent. After more than 15 years of research and development of the PEMF technology, radical design enhancements, and several new patents beyond the original NASA research, this technology is now being introduced for use with both humans and animals.

This technology has been shown to create nerve stem cell fiber growth in culture and to double the rate of production of ECM (extracellular matrix – the connective structure between cells) in at least two scientific studies. Testing has shown significant reduction in joint pain within a few days to weeks when used as directed.

Uniqueness of Stempulse PEMF Technology

Uniform cell stimulation

The Stempulse device uses a roughly uniform magnetic field in the tissue where it is applied and then carefully controls the rapid changes in the magnetic field to induce the desired electrical field in that same volume of tissue. It therefore uniformly stimulates all cells in the affected volume with roughly equivalent electromotive force on the ions in and around cells. This uniform stimulation was considered necessary to be able to mimic the effects of natural stresses on the tissues. These natural stresses stimulate ion flows among cells and through channels in the extracellular matrix, the ground substance of the body.

Energy approaches to treatment in medicine and research typically use electrical stimulation. Stimulation by the Stempulse system is much more uniform in the body and among cells than electrical stimulation. With electrical stimulation there is a “lightning bolt” path of overstimulated cells, therefore harming some cells while not providing treatment for many others. Instead, all cells in the Stempulse magnetic field receive a nearly uniform level of stimulation, just as they would during natural mechanical stress, which is normally relied upon to initiate healing responses.

No electrodes, non-invasive

Electrical stimulation often requires the need to implant electrodes, usually necessary for electrically stimulating bone and wounds. Electrostimulation is often used in acupuncture, physical therapy and chiropractic therapy. The Stempulse device uses absolutely no electrodes and is completely non-invasive.

Tissue subjected to minimum stress

Because the Stempulse device simulates ion flow from a simulated mechanical stress without actually applying mechanical stress, the tissue does not get subjected to additional stresses. With severely damaged tissue even low levels of additional stress can reduce function. Also, damaged tissues cannot properly handle their mechanical stress in a helpful way to elicit a functional adaptive response. This is probably why some serious injuries just don’t heal completely: they are no longer able to respond enough to generate regeneration at the cell level. These healing responses also change with age, making it more difficult to get sufficient regeneration with increasing age beyond early adult hood.

And so, the Stempulse induces ion flux in and around cells with a response as though the tissue were intact and healthy, even if the tissue is badly damaged.

Safe, low-power system

The Stempulse device gives off very low levels of power because the system is uniform and well controlled in the volume of the tissue to be stimulated. It is optimized to stimulate at low power output levels. In fact, the output is only about 350 milliwatts or about a third of the power of a typical cell phone.

Pulse output tuned to be truly effective

Finally, the Stempulse is fundamentally different from other suppliers of magnetic pulse devices. While the NASA research was done in the 1990?s, Dr. Dennis has done extensive additional physiologic and bioengineering research since. Stempulse is likely the only device that has an actually calculated and tuned magnetic pulse profile to induce electrical fields that make sense physiologically to the cells being stimulated. The Stempulse device does not simply send out pulses of arbitrary duration, intensity, frequency or shape. The pulse intensity and duration are carefully selected based on intensity (Rheobase) and duration (Chrona, ie, time) measurements and the repeating patterns of pulses selected are based on known motor-neuron stimulation patterns for musculoskeletal tissues. Both fast-twitch (power) and slow-twitch (postural) muscular and tissue activity are copied. Musculoskeletal stimulation also effects all the cells around it. The same level of stimulation will also affect all the solid organs. The hollow organs are likewise stimulated, since they mostly comprise smooth muscle.

A variety of cell types are activated, and within cells several different pathways may be activated. Cells in structural tissues (bone, tendon, ligament, muscle, cartilage) seem to be stimulated to activate growing stem cells in the tissue being stimulated, and these cells go on to begin the regenerative process by making proteins that build the tissue extracellular matrix. This has been known since the research at NASA in the late 1990s.

More recently it has been shown clearly by other investigators that PEMFs closely related to the Stempulse signal protocols influence inflammation. The effect is very prompt and can be very dramatic. This results in clamping down on undesirable chronic inflammation, and for acute injuries the effects of PEMF seem to include a dramatic, massive and sometimes persistent reduction of edema and pain. For chronic injuries the mechanisms of pain reduction may also include nervous system feedback loops that are currently being studied with Dr Dennis’s colleagues at UNC.

Principles of Operation

There’s more information in the science section about other aspects of the development of the StemPulse, the NASA research and PEMFs and Dr. Dennis’s research.

Patented technology to accelerate tissue healing

The Stempulse technology, originally invented for NASA, employs a carefully designed sequence of magnetic pulses programmed to provide a Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) around a volume of tissue that is experiencing pain or to assist in the healing process. The Stempulse is designed to safely promote healing in muscle, tendon, ligament, skin, and bone tissues. These tissues make up more than 75% of the weight of the body of animals and humans. It is common that in one or more of these tissues debilitating injury and pain need to be corrected.

The Stempulse is unique because it is based on the physics of electricity and magnetism as well as the physiology of cells and tissues. StemPulse signal is covered by several patents, including the original patent issued by NASA.

Stempulse signal pattern development history

The three stimulation patterns in the Stempulse are based on the stimulation patterns developed over the years for several different applications. Some of this information has been published by the engineer developing the system, some by others, and quite a lot has not been published at all yet. These different types of experiments and applications have driven the understanding of what the best stimulation patterns are likely to be needed mainly for skeletal muscle, with the idea that what is good for skeletal muscle is likely also good for other tissues of the musculoskeletal and neuromotor system. Clinical observations with this PEMF system support this idea.

Different types of experiments and applications were worked on with these signal patterns since 1987.

So, taking Dr. Dennis’ experience from about 25 years with all of the above, the most effective and very efficient stimulation patterns were boiled down to three sequences. Experience from these electrical stimulation patterns was then converted to the necessary magnetic field patterns and how the magnetic fields needed to change over time to induce the desired electrical charge within the tissue being stimulated. Then these magnetic field requirements were designed to be generated by the PEMF waveform generator unit to drive the magnetic stimulation coils. It was discovered by testing various waveforms, that a square wave was optimal. But it was not necessarily the most efficient. From an engineering perspective it’s almost impossible to generate a true square wave. Therefore, using engineering assessments, an optimized trapezoidal waveform was the result.

From research and experience, it is known that stimulation of muscle will stimulate nerves which stimulates bones and therefore all the intermediately involved cells as well. There are fast twitch and slow twitch muscles. Stimulation patterns for both of these types of muscles are necessary to appropriately stimulate all the muscles of the body, or over those areas where the magnetic field is placed.

The three fundamental PEMF stimulation patterns in the StemPulse are:

  1. Simulated slow twitch for stem cell stimulation and slow twitch tissue and muscle activation and contraction: 5-10 Hz electrical square waves tuned to produce the necessary magnetic field trapezoidal waves between the coils. These primary electrical square waves are single electrical pulses alternating positive -> negative -> positive -> … with a 200 ms delay between each pulse to yield 5 pulses per second, with an effective rate of 10 Hz – the same as used in the NASA stem cell/gene study, alternating polarity.
  2. simulated fast twitch muscle activation and contraction:Short bursts of electrical square waves, one burst each second, repeating for the duration of the second stimulation pattern (10 minutes). Each burst is comprised of 5 electrical square wave pulses at 100 Hz, then a rest period for 1 second, repeat for the duration (10 minutes). All pulses are unipolar (not alternating polarity as above).
  3. Exactly the same as #2 above, except with the opposite polarity for the electrical pulses.

All three active settings, that is, settings 1-3, run these three fundamental stimulation patterns, except that setting 3 does not have a rest period.

The Pulse Generator

The pulse generator is the heart of the PEMF System. Under microprocessor control, the pulse generator powers the two coils to transmit pulsed magnetic fields into the area to be stimulated.

Single Output Profile, Simple Operation

Designed to be simple to use, the PEMF has a small number of switches to control the device operation. Turning it on is as easy as slipping the 9-volt battery into its spring-loaded, quick-insertion slot. When you’re done, simply select one of the control settings. Also, you could slide the battery out to turn off the device.

Based on the control setting selected, the PEMF automatically controls the management of stimulation periods and rest periods, if any, as selected, and as indicated above. Periods of rest for setting 1 are sometimes preferred, to allow tissues to recover, however the field intensity is half of what it is for programs 2-3.

In settings 1 and 2, the 41 minute cycle repeats automatically as long as the battery is functioning.

When the unit is stimulating the green LED is lit. When at rest, with settings 1 and 2, the orange LED will be lit. With a red light, the device is in stop mode or the power has failed.


The Stempulse – PEMF is an extraordinary pulsed electromagnetic field [PEMF] system that allows portability, flexibility and extraordinary stimulation levels given its portability and battery operation capability. Since it is based on high-level NASA science, regarding stem cell and genetic stimulation, this system offers extraordinary benefits for low-cost and maximum, self use flexibility.


Technical information


System Information:
Waveform: trapezoidal
Frequencies: 5-10 Hz, 100 Hz
Maximum intensity: 80 Gauss per coil, 200 Gauss with coils stacked
Number of programs: 3
Program duration: Continuous
Power: 9V battery
System dimensions:
Control Box: 2.5? x 4? x 0.75”
Coil diameter: 2?
Coil lengths:
Short 10 in/.26m
Standard 20 in/.52m
Long 47 in/1.2m


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