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About 3 months ago I partially tore my left lateral meniscus and had mild swelling and soreness of the knee. This was made worse with walking. When I walked, my knee would click. This was indicative of swelling inside the knee from the injury. I wore the StemPulse inside a brace through the night for about a week and when walking my usual 3 miles per day. I had an MRI showing a mild meniscal tear. The orthopedic surgeon wanted to inject me with steroids and I declined. Instead I used the StemPulse for about 3 weeks and had relief of the swelling and the discomfort. I also have some arthritis in my right great toe, related to my family history of bunions and kicking soccer balls with that foot. Using the StemPulse in a sock over the toe nightly for only 2 to 3 nights, dramatically reduced my discomfort and made it easier to do my daily three-mile walks. I also have tendinitis in my left shoulder, which bothers me at night when I place my arm in the wrong position. Using the StemPulse over that tendon under a T-shirt for about an hour a day has reduced my shoulder pain by 90%.

Case 1

3 year old w complete avulsion of thumb from behind nail.

July 12, 2012. 3 year old w complete avulsion of thumb from behind nail, surgically sewn back on.

Note appearance of dry gangrene or avascular tip of thumb. Started 1.5-3 hrs/day of Stempulse therapy. Normal treatment would have been to debride the stump and place a graft, leaving her finger permanently deformed.

August 27, 2012. About 6 weeks later, the tissue has completely regrown. The redness indicates the natural acute inflammation needed for healing the injury. Note: most of the swelling is gone, sutures have been removed, nail has fallen off, but good nail bed, with nail expected to re-grow. All that remains of the injury is a piece of scab at the finger tip. This is expected to fall off shortly, leaving the remaining skin to heal completely.

October 2, 2012 almost completely healed. Some swelling and inflammation left, indicative of a continuing healing response. Fingernail is growing in. Lateral corner of fingertip still slightly deformed but should to improve over the next few months, given the age of the child. The family is very pleased with the result. What would have been a thumb deformed for life, will be a normal thumb.

Case 2

41 years old male. A recreational ultra-distance runner. I am currently competing in “Racing The Planet’s” 4 Desert races, self supported, multi-day endurance foot race. A race in which Time Magazine recently rated as one of the hardest endurance races in the world.

After completing the Sahara Race and Atacama Crossing, my focus is now on training for the Gobi March. This is where the Stempulse comes in. I started using the Stempulse consistently, 2 months ago, at the beginning of my 8 month training schedule. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure if I would be ready to go for the next event due to chronic runner’s knee and a hip injury. However, after using the Stempulse I have no doubt I will be ready to go this June.

My experience: Pain of sore, achy muscle and joints has dramatically decreased.

  1. Recovery after workouts and long runs has sped up dramatically and muscle fatigue has been greatly decreased.
  2. Energy levels have increased. I am recording personal best training times and am at least 2 months ahead of my normal out-put ranges.
  3. Weekly training time and distances have increased due to overall energy and stamina increases.
  4. General repair to chronic knee and hip soreness to the point of little or no discomfort.

In summary, I use the Stempulse 5 to 7 days a week for 1 to 4 hours per day depending on my situation. I stuff it in my underwear (on my glutes), in my pants (on my thighs and hips) or wrap it around my knees and ankles, depending on my needs. I have even worn it in my running tights during a workout. I consider it a valuable asset to my “optimal wellness toolbox” and a staple within my home.

Case 3

65-year-old woman who stubbed her fifth toe causing it to angle out – an obvious fracture. The next morning she had significant swelling and bruising. She “buddy taped” it to the neighboring toe and used a “platform” shoe. Having suffered a broken toe on the other foot years earlier primed her for what to expect – one to two weeks to heal with four to five days for the bruising to go away. Using the Stempulse, in just a day, the swelling reduced significantly and she could walk a mile. She continued treatment for 12-18 hours/day. In 72 hours, she could walk three miles without pain.

Case 4

50+ year old male. After suffering a low back (L4-L5) injury 9 years ago, life was pretty limited. It was painful to sit and stand. Driving was extremely difficult. Within 30 minutes of using the Stempulse for the first time, the pain decreased from 10 out of 10 (10 being the worst) to 3/10. Now after 10 months with the Stempulse, I can do 90% of life’s activities for much longer periods of time. Using a Wii Zumba belt I can carry it safely, and have it running on my low back when driving, sitting at work and other activities. It has given me my life back. Of particular importance to me is that it dissipates the barometric pressure changes that used to cause significant lower back pain. I had to do without it for a few days and most of my pain returned, especially that due to the barometric changes. I couldn’t wait to start using it again.

Case 5

35-year-old woman came to see me in the office for various health needs. I noted that she was holding her head in an odd position and asked what was going on. She said that she had a headache, probably migraine which she gets often. We placed a Stempulse on her neck while we went through the office visit. Within 10 minutes her headache was completely gone.

Case 6

60 year old male athlete. “I might believe that that magnetic contraption of yours actually was responsible for propelling me to a new personal best 300K time on Saturday.  I finished 191 miles in a touch over 12 hours, averaging more than 17.3 mph on the bike.  My time was 45 minutes FASTER than I had done on the same course with better riders a couple years ago. Of course, the weather was perfect and the two riders who rode with me had no magnets (but they DID have somebody to draft). I put the electrodes on top of my quads.  I didn’t really “feel” anything, but the riding did seem easier and faster and it seemed like I could go much longer and harder.  My average speed at 100 miles was the same 17.3 average and the ride got hillier, so I did not seem to slow down much if at all.”

Case 7

82 yo female. Chronic low back pain created difficulty sitting and walking. She had tried many other therapies and did not want to use painkillers. Within 24 hours of starting the Stempulse almost all the pain was gone and she felt more flexible and much less irritable. She is very happy with the results which she has shared with friends and family.


Case 8.

50+ -year-old male with a history of very severe chronic bronchitis /asthma. He used to suffer recurrent lung infections which would leave him disabled for a week or more at a time. These required high intensity antibiotics as well as high dose oral steroids. He has been using his Stempulse over his breastbone since last fall and has had the best winter and fall in years with his breathing and less severe and less frequent infections. He feels that his lungs are actually healing.

Case 9

60+ -year-old male with Parkinson’s disease. He has difficulty with walking and hand coordination. He practices with playing drumsticks on a drum pad. He started using the Stempulse around his head and found that his hand coordination was 30 to 50% improved, his mood is better and he is more alert.

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