When purchasing a PEMF device always look for hidden costs when making a decision to spend your “American dollars” .

I have experience with the MRS2000, QRS, Magno- Pro, Bemer3000, P-Energizer, the Medithera  System just to name a few that are out there. All of these devices are good for you, so it comes down to a few things and for most of us these days it comes down to price when most things are equal.

Fact: When a company is a MLM company first you can almost be sure up to half the cost you pay for PEMF device goes to a down line you will never meet but you will be giving them your hard earned money.

For most of us this is a top 10 purchase of our lives. It is more likely the only health device we will purchase. To get an unbiased look at most of these devices go to electromeds.com

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