>as a lay man in this field how can i select which one is best.
>I am totally confused in selecting best pemf device.
>after purchasing every thing will go.
>what to do.tell me the way.
>every body telling our product is the best.
>show me the correct way, so that I can take a decision.
>thank you
>(name withheld)


I would say that there are 3 main factors you want to look at:

1. what am I buying?

MICROTESLA (mT) is the “magic in the bottle” – you are paying for how
many microtesla will be delivered to your body.

Most home PEMF devices do not go over 30 mT – QRS, MRS2000, etc

The Medithera 6′ mat delivers 70 mT and the 2′ pillow pad 75 mT.

2. What “age” of technology am I getting?

iMRS2000, QRS, BEEMER, etc all use old technology
jagged, cell jolting saw tooth wave.

Only the Medithera has a completely redesigned wave
form that is much more compatible with the human body
therefore it delivers better results to your body.

3. how much does it cost?

iMRS2000 – $5000
QRS Quantron – $4300
New Beemer – $4300

Medithera – $3250

So, to summarize, one machine:

1. delivers more than twice as many MicroTesla
2. uses new, state-of-the-art, leading edge technology
3. costs over $1000 less than others

the choice seems fairly simple.

thnx for your interest 🙂


ps I personally sold my previous PEMF machine and upgraded to a Medithera.  I’m glad I did, I can really feel the difference…