Host – Dr Bill Deagle | Guest – Michael Alpough

Dr. Bill Deagle: Welcome back to the Nutromedical Report and we are here with remarkable Michael from Medithera, Michael Alpough. Of course if you want to contact Michael, you can contact him at 760-420-2788 or 877-40emeds. Now, I want to put on a request because a lot of times we have people who listen to the program, they go out there for Nutraceuticals, they are using our technology and we need to kind of match up our list and find out exactly who’s getting this therapy and how they are doing with it. So, I want everyone who has purchased a Medithera machine to contact us and that’s probably our number 888-212-8871. Michelle is on the line today so you will be able to talk to Michelle or drop us an email. Contact us at NutriMedical, that’s 888-212-8871.

The thing with Medithera, I particularly like, is that it’s what we call a health maintenance device. What it does is it will maintain your cell redox potential. It boosts based on three frequencies that it can be preset at, that give you the relax frequency to relax your nervous system. The nature frequency to actually recharge your cells and the sodium potassium pump which is the most important pump in your cell that maintains the trans-membrane, pumps the potassium into the cell and the sodium out.

And, of course, the third frequency is the active frequency for stimulating energizing the cells which means getting oxygen nutrients in, helping stop pain, works also with the nature frequency and getting people ready for healing and activity, physical activity. The new thing about the machine is if you purchase it through Michael, you will also get a special therapy card that makes the professional machine, increases the energy by twice. Tell us more about the machine and why this is so user friendly and so easy to use compared to any other of the pulsed magnetic machines out there, like the Curatron, the QRS and the other ones that you are familiar with?

Michael Alpough: Well, I really like the Medithera machine. Thanks for letting me be on here today Dr. Deagle and also all the audience. Yes, we definitely want people to call in who have purchased the system. We want to get some feedback on what you can do best for you to make sure your protocol is correct.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah, and also what Nutraceuticals you need. But, we want to know how you are doing on your machine, what adjustments you make, what frequency settings and we give you some more advice. So, contact me Dr. Deagle at 888-212-8871. And if you haven’t got a machine and you’ve been thinking about getting one, now is the time. I really don’t know how long this special will last but you get that professional card. It’s a program card that goes inserted into the machine, allows you to program it, just like professional like a clinic for specific times, each different channels and there are four channels. Channel one you set it for relax, channel two for nature, channel three for active and channel four which is the treatment pad that can be applied to a specific area. It’s really quite an amazing machine.

What kinds of testimonials do you here from people that get their Medithera machine and they have had a chronic problem, let’s say chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, [pullstop], diabetic, obesity, thyroid, all kinds of chronic disorders. What kinds of responses do you get, Michael?

Michael: Well, first and foremost, you want remove some of that inflammation that’s going on in the body and that’s what the Medithera helps to do. When you’re looking at the nature frequency of the Medithera, it has a special pattern for the sodium potassium pump. The minute you see sodium potassium pump frequency, when you’re talking about diabetes, chronic fatigue syndromes, I have never had one response. People out there are electrical magnetic smart sensitive and that’s what fibromyalgia and this chronic fatigue syndrome type of disease is for. When you have the Medithera system, it begins to rebuild the mill-volt charge within the cell of the body. Once this begins to occur, then the body begins to have a much more stronger immune function to be able to fight off diseases. We’ll also create better energy flow, better blood flow. When you are looking at diabetes and people who are having issues with their feet, have swollen chapters that usually occur with diabetes, this will help release some of the swelling, also people having prostate issues, swelling down there also. When you are talking about slow metabolism, this will speed up the metabolism of the body. People who are not sleeping well, start sleeping better. You’re also able to work out longer, you are able to recover and have enough energy to do it again the very next day.

So, there are so many options that you can do with the Medithera system. Also if you’re in pain, people having chronic pain in the back or having relief the very first time when they use the isolation pad. There are so many different ways that the Medithera system can help you. The main thing is, if you must try the therapy, you must do it everyday; eight minutes at least, twice a day using what Dr. Deagle does as he does it when he gets ready to go to bed and when he gets ready to go to work….

Dr. Deagle: I actually use it to, as I go to bed I set it on relax and if I get up at night and I have a few stitches where I was exercising and some areas are soar, I will turn it on nature and just leave it there for an hour and go right back to bed. [Indiscernible] [00:05:29] and it works fantastic. I feel all renewed and energized in the morning; your body temperature is up to normal core. One of the other things it does, it helps to counteract what we call TRS, Thyroid Regression Syndrome or low metabolic rate. It lowers insulin resists because the primary thing with insulin is the sodium potassium pump. So, it helps you to normalize metabolism, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and stimulate the cells to what we call autophagy which is cell replacement, organ replacement. So, it’s very effective at improving the oxygenation and the healing capacity of tissues.

Now, you’ve seen all the other machines Michael. You have been better in this area of selling pulsed magnetic field, how would you compare it with the other machines in terms of ease of operation, effectiveness, even the big powerful ones like the PMT 100 which is what we call [indiscernible] [00:06:24] has all these fancy new electrodes. It’s basically a clinic machine that is very powerful but the Medithera will basically do the same thing but it just takes longer.

Michael: Well, you are talking about the two devices. The PMT is much more of a powerful device that you are only supposed, maybe, twice a week. The Medithera is designed so that it can be used everyday, probably a not shocking device. That’s the main thing that we wanted to be able to do is to totally be able prepare the body to let it rebuild on its own. Of course, you want to include those supplements that are pretty detoxing that Dr. Deagle …


Dr. Deagle: Yeah. As soon as you start using it, you want to take the- because the magnetic field is going to mobilize the toxins. You want a neutral defense, Green Tea Supreme, Xenoestrogen Detox, Killamax, the heavy metals. If you don’t start taking the detox, your body is going to dump the toxins anyway because as soon as you’re putting up energy in the tissues, your body says, “Hey, I got to get rid of all these toxins” and the body does. And, of course, if they dump them it can cause by standard damage and the body has to re-detoxify them and try to get them out of the body which is an extra stress.

So, as soon you start using Medithera, you have to have on board things like Power C+, Xenoestrogen Detox, RegenRx, cell defense, [indiscernible] [00:07:37] Glutathione and Neutotral etcetera because your body is going to dump them whether you like it or no. And a lot of people say, “Oh my gosh! It’s also awful when I took it.” That’s because you need to grab those toxins to get them out. Once you get them out you start feeling fantastic, your boy says, “hey, I don’t have any metals anymore, I don’t have xenotoxins anymore.” The body tissues are healing, insulin resistance is dying, your blood pressure is normalizing, your hands and feet are warm, your nervous system is operation, you are not chronically depressed or fatigued or having nightmares or having night sweats because your body is actually starting to function normally again.

Michael: Absolutely. Now, I want to go back to this special that we have here. This power card, it’s an upgrade. If the Medithera can be upgraded also Dr. Deagle, this is what I wanted to tell to your audience. You get a power card that doubles the strength of the system from one to five to one to ten. This turns from the home system to professional system and this is valued over $200 if you get to go to the Dr. Deagle clients. Also, we are going to be giving free shipping to anyone in the United States and if you call here within the next hour, we are going have another special for you that we are going to give away to you for free.

Please take advantage of Dr. Deagle here right now, plus you are going to have him as a consultant. And any questions you want to ask between us. If I can’t answer, Dr. Deagle can and we’ll definitely find the answers for you.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah. We want to get some feedback. So, tell us if you got a Medithera machine. Call me personally at 888-212-8871. Leave us an email so we know how your machine is working out for you, what settings you’re using. If you need advice on Nutraceuticals and how things are improving, and if there is any issues we’ll help you. 888-212-8871.

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