Host – Dr Bill Deagle | Guest – Michael Alpough

Dr. Bill Deagle: Welcome back and we are talking to Michael Alpough and just to give you the numbers right away 877-40emeds or 760-420-2788. Michael, when we talk about redox and talk about self potential, it’s actually the potential of the mineral difference across the sub membranes. The most important of those is the sodium potassium channel that actually pumps sodium out of the body. In sense it’s the desalination enzyme, it desalinates your cells. It pumps potassium in, which is why the concentration of potassium is considered to be higher inside the cell and sodium is pumped outside to the extra cider space. That actually creates a voltage across the cell we call trans-membrane potential which in fact, I think one of the things you are doing is you also have a little device that people can purchase if they want to check that. It’s a few hundred dollars, if they want to actually get that device to measure their progress.


The Medithera is very unique. There is a more powerful called a PMT but the Medithera is the first we call frequency specific designed specifically for the sodium potassium channel that we call the nature frequency setting. It relaxes your nervous system and the cells. The active for sports and for pain control etcetera, is really active in terms of activating the- what I call real hard exercise of the cider exercise level. The pain control can use any of those settings. Relax nature or active depending on a particular problem but it is really a remarkably simple machine to use.

And of course, they order it now from here. There will be a free shipping and the professional carrier which doubles the power of the machine that allows it to be programmed because it has an integrated shipping in the incurred that actually goes into the machine and allows the program specifically, how long you want the equipments and then when they select, it allows a program to work very easily. Just press the button and hold it on, you select what channel you want, one, two, three, relax, nature or active and channel two which of course there is a treatment pad, you can wrap it. It’s a very flexible pad. These are the most flexible treatment pads of any pulse magnetic field company in the world. They are more flexible and the Curatron or the – even the very powerful PMT 100 which is a very good machine but it’s a completely different usage. The PMT I call like the welder. If you want really to get thing going really quickly, the PMT, but if you want health maintenance, if you want to stimulate your sodium potassium channel to increase insolence sensitivity. If you want to have the cells pumping out sodium to lose extra cider weight or fluid, if you want to stimulate your stem cells, gently rather than kind of like a real hard hit, the Medithera is the machine to use. Tell us a little bit more about it. What makes it so unique compared to all the other machines because you have sold many of the other ones over the years. You’ve sold many of the other types of machines. What makes this one unique?

Michael: What I really like about the Medithera that makes it unique amongst the others is that it its device on the nature frequency, which everything that is affecting the sodium potassium problems which you opened up with. The Medithera actually limits the frequency of the sodium potassium pump. They were able to isolate the sodium potassium pump’s frequency within the cell. Most of these devices have what’s called a septum wave including the Medithera system. With the imitation of these frequencies, actually instead of looking like sotute it actually is more of a rounded frequency which imitates the sodium potassium pump’s frequency. So now, what does that mean? That means that the iron transport transfers so much more easier between that and the other devices because like attracts like and what this does is, it allows for the cell to be so pumped up faster and then also to last longer in between sessions. So, every device out there Dr Deagle, the whole goal is to attack the sodium potassium pump by pumping it up for the ATP energy, calcium effect, this is with all the devices too. The Medithera, is based at, has taken that a step further by imitating the frequency of the sodium potassium pump and this is what makes it unique Dr. Deagle amongst all the rest of these systems.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah, give me an example. The average person will tell me I got my machine doc, I took my oral inflamax in self defense and CalciuMax but then I just turned the machine on and laid on it or sat there with fold the seat into their easy chair and he said, I couldn’t believe it. Within 15 minutes, my pain went down from a nine to like a three or four. And I said, that’s normal and you need to do it regularly. You do it say, once or twice a day and the tissues will continue increasing blood flow, getting rid of the toxins, helping get you all of the pharmaceuticals and start healing as a tissue and readjusting the out nervous systems that was now on overdrive. They are obviously getting what we call reflex muscle spasm. The spasms start to go, so what you will notice as you start doing say yoga, stretches, chiropractic, there is a variable that will just slide it back into position. It’s not as oppositional vector forces, there are pulling joints and rebuts out of place. What you will notice as you’re using your Medithera, whether you are getting a deep massage, you are getting chiropractic, you are doing yoga, you’re doing stretches, you will here snap, snap, snap because – “oh my gosh my back went in.” That is what people will notice. They will notice that if you are using say, the Vibaslim machine for exercise that the Medithera, preps your tissue so now when they do those stretches are not getting this battle and the body will literally respond because it’s more flexible, gets better blood flow, gets rid of the toxins then all of a sudden they’ll notice the vibrate pop back in the rib heads etcetera, the tissues responded and they heal much faster if you’ve had a Medithera session.

We also recommend Medithera to somebody who’s going through chemotherapy or if you’ve had a very serious illness, it’s going to make their recovery much better because it allows you, if you are taking low-dose chemo, for example, say Dr. Brasinsky’s therapy. They’re going to penetrate better into the cancer cells and they are going to also have to bump up the energy so the healthy cells are more likely to survive the process of low-dose chemotherapy. Does this work for any health condition?

Michael: We, also, have been talking about speeding up your metabolism. There is lots of people include myself who always want to lose weight. You are going to speed up your metabolism. You are going to get a better night sleep. That’s one of the first things you’re going to notice when you use the Medithera system. It’s so easy to use. Dr. Deagle had his underneath a big bed and he also has one in his office. I have mine underneath my mattress. You can literally, ladies and gentlemen, have it underneath your mattress, put it on relax…

Dr. Deagle: Put it on ‘relax’ when you go to bed, you get up in the night if you have something that’s sowery, you put it on the – I like the nature frequency, just hit it on there, lay down it’s underneath your bed top or- you don’t feel anything. You are not jumping or twisting or anything. You just feel the soothing kind of sensation. Within minutes, if it was discomforting, it just fades away and you go right sleep. When you wake up in the morning also you are refreshed, your cold body temperature is higher, your body metabolism rate is coming up and it helps to start assimilating the body to heal itself.

Michael: Also when you are looking at all of these devices, they can go up to $20,000, $5,000. The Medithera system is under $3,000. This is on the low range in terms of what the pricing is

Dr. Deagle: But it has more features than the even the other pricier machines like the Curatron or the QRS which are older machines. This is a better machine and it’s less pricy which, especially with the deal where you give them the therapy card and free shipping in the United States. That’s an amazing deal.

Michael: Also you get a 30 day money back guarantee. So your investment is solidly in place. If you decide you don’t want to keep them which there is no reason for you not to

Dr. Deagle: You don’t know in the first days if you are going to respond. The first few days to a week is “Oh my gosh! I use this twice a day. My pain is going. I’m more active. I am sleeping better.” You will notice right a way if you’re following instructions or using it properly, you’re going to feel results right away. That’s how fast it works.

Michael: Absolutely and people don’t return – nine out of 10 people I include my course of career in PEMF, always keeps the systems. You also have Dr. Deagle to answer any of your questions for you. Give me a call. I will be ready for you at 760-420-2788. That’s free shipping for anyone in the United States. Of course, you get this upgrade that makes it a professional system. If you call me in the next hour, I have another surprise. Just tell me you are calling me from Dr. Deagle.

Dr. Deagle: Very good. Amazing technology and take your nutrimeds. Get the Medithera. You will be surprised at how your body will heal, no matter what your age.