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Dr. Bill Deagle: Welcome back and introducing you to the most advanced technologies. We have Michael Alpough from Medithera. It took years of research to decide. Actually a lot of people are asking me, what’s the next machine, Dr. Deagle, for the life. What’s the best pulse magnetic machine for home use or for people even clinics that don’t mind taking maybe 18 minutes to say half an hour, or maybe up to an hour with a frequency specific pulse magnetic field that is tuned to the specific molecule residence of different tissues. For example, if you put it on relax, it relaxes you and the nervous system calms it down, brings it back to parasympathetic from sympathetic overdrive because most people and stress have disease. All disease basically stress is sympathetic dominant, hypoxic, acidotic and acid, and basically you are getting mitochondria and free radical damage.


When you start using pulse magnetic field, the second frequency is called sodium potassium, the only company in the world that has these frequencies specific, Sodium Potassium Pump Frequency which is the most important pump in the body. It’s the one that maintains the life force on your cells and up to 40% of the energy that your fuel, body takes in everyday is used just to pump sodium out of the cells and pump potassium in.

In other words, it’s almost like- we are talking desalination plant. The desalination plant of your cell is a sodium potassium pump and 40% of the energy your cells use, it is a light force. You can measure it. There is in fact a device; we will be talking about it. We got that deal organized with them yet to market their little device and people gets it. They want to test to see what their mill-voltage is their cells.

Michael: We are working on that.

Dr. Deagle: That is coming. But anyway, let’s go on. The key is when you use the Medithera then you can go to active which accumulates activation. Now you got to watch not to overdo it because. And, of course, just like with the PMT that I got last October, I have times when I’ve overdone in the Medithera. And you can over stimulate to the point where your body is so simulated, you got to back off a bit. It will stimulate healing if you take the right nutrimeds. If you are getting exercise, clean water etcetera, your tissues will start healing but you got to watch so you don’t, kind of, over simulate.

The average person may only need 18 minutes a day to, kind of get something going and to start the healing process in the ankle or knee but be patient. It takes a while. It took months and years for you in that injured state to stimulate collagen, blood flow, healing, [indiscernible] [00:02:35] is going away. And if you say, I haven’t responded in the past where nutrimed line alone, that’s the signal to tell you. If you say – we had a lady call this morning and she maybe listening that has bad [indiscernible] [00:02:45] the fused first metatarsal. She’s got problems where she can’t use her Vibaslim. And told her, I said get a yoga mat, cut it out two or three layers, and cut the holes in it so it fits on your Vibaslim platform. If you are walking, you grab it in the fire shoes and gel in soles; you get a custom designer at a pharmacy that has enforced plate reading at the proper ones cut just for your foot and your shape. That’s called a horse plate where it protects your heels, great role dry back. And you are a candidate for Medithera because your tissues are saying, “I don’t have the energy to start the healing process.” We can present all the nutrients we want. We can give you the anti-inflammatories, the collagen maximum red velvet. You can even take it two or six months. If you are a couple of months in and your body is saying, “I am not making progress Deagle. What’s going on?” Those cells are saying, “My mill-voltage is so low. My sodium potassium pump is so low. My energetics are so low. I can’t even drive those nutrients in to heal.” So with all the energetics, you are not going to heal. We can do it for years and you will heal at this snail’s pace. But as soon you start adding energetics, your healing process amplifies dramatically and you have some stories to tell us about that. But tell us how this is so dramatic. You take somebody who was not healing like this lady this morning we talked to, she was using the Medithera pad. It was a little therapy pad or the big long pad for the whole body and she used that, say, half an hour a day, her foot will eventually start to heal. Her nutrients that she’s taking CalciuMax, [indiscernible] [00:04:20] velvet, Power C+ for Vitamin K2, Mamrad Velvet her tissues will start to rebuild because the energetics are so low. They can’t heal.

Michael: Well, everybody’s body is different. The lady who just purchased one object the electro-magnetic field is sensitive, so she is someone who has to start out very low even on relaxed sensitive. We will put her on a small therapy tool which she puts it on her seat and then she brings it up to her hips. And she will only do that for eight minutes. And then there is people like yourself, Dr. Deagle and myself who can be on it forever. The good news about the Medithera is that once the body absorbs the energy from the Medithera it no longer continues to absorb but this does not harm the body in any way shay perform. That’s, kind of, what the difference is between let’s say the PMF 100 and Medithera. Medithera is so much more settled than it doesn’t – it’s not a higher frequency that will harm the body.

Everyone is looking to improve their health. It’s just the same where you started at the beginning that giving the cell the energy to move up the mill-volt electrical charge in the body. Now, when you are doing that, go inside with the detox type of supplement Dr. Deagle, so you are going to speed up the process so that your body doesn’t react and can get rid of detoxing minerals or whatever bad things in there out easier without harming the body.

So either way, whatever place the body is in Medithera can work is any type of therapy that you are on. So, what you really want to do is you want to get that metabolism rolling; you want to be able to sleep good. That’s the main thing most people aren’t even doing right now is being able to go into thorough sympathetic so that their body can do healing Dr. Deagle.

Dr. Deagle: Exactly, yeah. It really makes an amazing difference. There is a power of words, oxygen, breathing techniques, even just learning how to do breathing. We have a machine that’s sold. They can Google it themselves called Respirate. It just shows people about downward breathing, you take yoga class and learn the downward breathing, increases your oxygen level. People have chronic lung diseases, if they get just two liters of oxygen [indiscernible] [00:06:32]. Then we talk about a hyperbaric machine as the mile hyperbaric. It’s amazing. It’s like going to the Dead Sea, 1300 feet below see level and your tissues now oxygen but you got to have the energetics. It’s like the sparks to get yourselves going. Once that energy is present, those cells and I will give you an example. Let’s say we have scanned down someone‘s body and we found, okay which tissues that we call class three which means low energy, low redox. If we can do a scan theoretically and use your imagination we will say, “Oh! Mrs. Jones’ right eye, her redox potential is low,” and doc will say, “she’s developing a cataract,” and her left knee, the medium meniscus is low redox and she’s starting to get [egronation] where the bone is burring. She’s going to have Neuromechanics on the legs, maybe the leg length can’t balance and other things, the way she walks.

Then we go further down her leg. She’s got a low redox in her Achilles tendon. When she starts using Medithera, the energy in those tissues that we call target tissues increases from class three to class two to class one, now has the energy to say, “hey I can pull in that oxygen. I can pull in those nutrients now. I can heal that tissue.” Now all the other tissues in your body are healthy tissues and the ones that are class two, her heart, breasts, and lungs and liver and her tongue and everything else, those tissues are going to pull those nutrients fine and they are going to do fine. So all the vitamins she’s taking aren’t doing any good if she’s already been taking them for a period of time. If she’s already been taking them say, three or six months and she’s not making the progress she would expect it’s because her tissue energetic is so low she can’t absorb the nutrients. Now some people are just having taken doubles and have said pretty well, “I took them 30 days and I am not better.” I said, “How old are you now?” She said, “78 and I have arthritis”. I said, “Oh my gosh! How many years did it take you to get there?” but I tell people if you are making a decent progress for 90 days on those supplements, you have tissues that have such low energies like feeding a wonderful seven star meal to a dying man who has no digesting enzymes. His body low – all he’s got to do is either buff it up the little passage through the other end before he dies. When you are increasing energy of the cells the cells say, “I can take that in. I can rebuild joints. I can rebuild brain cells. I can rebuild the liver.” But with all the energy, your body can’t do anything. Healthy cells will but the type of tissue you want to fix like your left knee, your right eye, they don’t have the energy to take in those nutrients and actually heal. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Michael: Absolutely makes sense. So let’s talk to your audience here.

Dr. Deagle: How do they contact you Michael?

Michael: 877-40emeds or call me on my own phone, 760-420-2788. let me give you a power card that is going to double the strength of your Medithera as that Dr. Deagle got his reference.

Dr. Deagle: That’s an amazing addition, amazing addition for our customers only.

Michael: Okay. That’s for our customers. Thank you Dr. Deagle. Next week we are moving forward everybody. Have a good day.

Dr. Deagle: 877-40emeds and 760-420-2788. Back in a moment.