Host: Bill Deagle / Guest: Michael Alpough

Dr. Bill Deagle: …..energetics and what pulsed magnetic field does is, you know, I like the term that Dr. Gordon uses is called The Magnetic Induced Side Exercise. Just we have light inducer, infrared light inducer exercise. If you have the right frequencies, the tissue response of those frequencies and the Medithera is the first of what’s called frequency specific pulse magnetic field. It’s not the most powerful. The most powerful is the PMT but the Medithera is very unique. In fact every Medithera machine reader in my actual office here in my studio, I can’t turn it on when I am on area here, click, click, click because the magnetic field can go. Actually it can go up as far as eight to 10 feet. You can detect it with a radiation detector.

The frequencies are harmonic frequencies that can either relax your tissues, assuming it’s a detox, the sodium potassium channel which is most important trans-membrane light force frequencies. Then the last is active for pain and for cider regeneration, and activating of your stem cells. This is a health maintenance, health detoxification and stimulation regeneration technology and when you add it to the others that I mentioned, oxygen, nutrimeds, energetics and exercise and then, of course, astro stem cells, you start to heal. And we’re talking about real healing. Not just covering things up with a drug that blocks it. If your tissues are on low redox state, they can’t heal which means if you have a right knee, if you have a left lung, if you have your eyes in retina, that are in low redox state, they are going to build up toxins and stuff pathogens. They are going to start getting degenerated. The mitochondria is going to get replaced in organ house and the cells and tissues are going to start breaking down and loosing their connective tissues, their structural components and eventually you lose function. That’s why magnetic fields have been shown to reverse kidney failure, heart failure, detox body of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and radio isotopes, regenerate tissues so the body can actually fight chronic sinus infection, reverse heart failure, reverse peripheral neuropathy and the bottom line is, in a low redox tissue cannot get in an alkaline state unless there is enough energy.

Yes, we can take things like Power C+ which is very powerful along with the use of pulsed magnetic field and if you get that the pulse magnetic field, at least, start with the Power C+ but Medithera is the most affordable, most frequency directed, simplest to operate pulse magnetic field device in the world. And I looked at a whole bunch of them from the Curatron to the [Curastimin] and any other technologies. This is the most advanced and the most affordable of any of the PMT machines available. Tell us Michael, how easy it is to contact you at your 800 number 877-40emeds. Tell us all about it.

Michael Alpough: Yes, 877-40emeds or you can call me on my private number at 760-420-2788. Let’s get really down to brass chapters on what the Medithera can do for you. Let’s say people out there want to lose weight. So, how do you lose weight using PMF? First of all, you are going to get a good night sleep. You are going to get better recovery. Somehow your metabolism is going to speed up. So, now you are going to be able to exercise. Now, you are really exercising and start watching what you eat, but you will be able to do it consistently.

Dr. Deagle, when I first began this almost five years ago, I was 140 pounds overweight. I started losing about 2 and 21/2 pounds a month. That doesn’t sound like much but listen, health is slow, your health does not rush. And, when you are using these type of devices, they are a long term commitment. So if you want to speed your metabolism up, you want it. I have better sleep, better recovery, less inflammation in your body and the ability to lose weight is extremely important nowadays for people.

And, also, when you are looking at the electricity, we talk about this a number of times, the millivolts of the body. The Medithera system recharges, brings the millivolts up. When your electricity in your cells is down, that is when you are the most vulnerable for disease, for cancer, for all the different diseases out there when the millivolt count is down. You want your millivolt count at least between 45 and 70. And so, we have the devices now Dr. Deagle I have mine, that to measure the actual electrical count in your body so that you can actually see, we are on the Medithera from before you are on it with your count, so when you get off of it, what the higher count is.

Dr. Deagle: What’s the name of the device? We sell those as well. So, if you want it here is – we want to monitor their progress because, you see, when your voltage- basically life’s force is voltage and voltage is the trans-membrane potential of minerals across. For example, the body cells pump out sodium, absorb the cell and potassium in, that’s the sodium potassium channel. The Medithera is the first and only company with pulse magnetic field that has a pattern for frequencies to stimulate the sodium potassium channels.

Very unique, I mean this is really out of Germany. This is the most advance, simplest to operate device. I love how portable it is too because the therapy pads, you even have a magnetic acupuncture point that can go to the acupoints. You have a tripping pad that can in channel too and literally if you have the – if you purchase also the additional card, you can actually program it and it’s great for clinics, it’s great for home, you can put it in your bed, you can actually wrap it and put it in your eating chair, your office chair and just turn it on while you’re actually doing things. Could be on the phone, or on the computer and the field is not so strong. It won’t affect your computer, but it will stimulate your body to detox, increase your metabolic rate, heal, help to kill pathogens1. As I said, the power of ones, oxygen, nutrimeds, energetics and stem cells, that’s the formula that will make you well.

Michael: Absolutely, Dr. Deagle we are giving that power card out to all the Dr. Deagle people who call in. This will turn the system from home system to the pro system. It’s an automatic operating tool. You get free with the Dr. Deagle show.

Dr. Deagle: Well, that’s a big deal.


Michael: We are start getting from five to ten. It will also allow you to load four different programs into the Medithera. So we can only have them available for you. You can have it right up underneath your mattress; you can have it on your eating chair like Dr. Deagle does. It’s so convenient to use and it’s so easy to operate.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah, and I have both the PMT, pulse magnetic field as well as the Medithera and the Medithera I would say will take longer. The PMT will do it in six minutes, this will take an hour. But the PMT is like having an Austrian trainer with a bow whip to make your cells go to work. This is much more gentle but it gets you there. It also does it in a detoxing way that not only moves it but you can do it regularly. Because some people, their body can’t tolerate the pushing of too much pulse magnetic field. If you do so many minutes of the PMT, you are going to start dumping toxins. You are going to start getting yourselves so fatigued. You are going to hit the wall, so it is, “Oh my gosh! You are getting hard time reaction.” That’s because you took too much. The first time I bought my PMT this is last fall, I borrowed it from one of the gentlemen that was – I had hired a [indiscernible] [00:07:25] before I got my own machine and I decided I was going to do both 21/2 hours of it. And the next day I felt like I was a pencil because my body it says, “Well I’m used to walking four miles a day and I am going to run 200 miles,” and my cells in my body protested. So, the Medithera is a gentle way to move you towards health.

Michael: That was better.

Dr. Deagle: The PMT is great. It’s great for the clinic and if you know how powerful it is, use it for so many minutes but the Medithera works. Again, our number is 877-40emeds. Back in a moment.