Dr. Bill Deagle:

 Welcome back to The Nutrimedical Report, this is Hour number 3, where we’re going to have Dr. Bill Pawluk on, he’ll be back here next week, announcing the launch of the SomaPulse.

 And we have Michael Alpough on the program today. Michael, are you there?

 So let me describe the research. I spent the equivalent time as Dr. Pawluk, he is a naturopathic wellness doctor and MD, trained. He is very familiar with most of the different machines, whether it’s the PMT, he has two of them used in practice. He has MediThera. He’s very familiar with the Kenotron device that comes out of Israel. And of course, he developed the latest machine based on NASA research, called the portable PMT machine, called the SomaPulse. It is the most affordable of all the pulsed magnetic field machines, and it’s affordable. It also has very unique features. Research coming out of NASA, discovered when a space shuttle where they’re doing research, where the space shuttle would literally transit over the poles, that the stem cell cultures that they’re growing would start to grow like crazy.

 He later contacted some engineers, one of them is an engineer by the name of Dennis, who actually did PhD research on this, on stem cells. Reviewed all the literature, which are over 800 articles that were published. He set up an experimental lab with magnetic fields, and discovered that stem cells were very stimulated by specific types of formed magnetic fields. This particular field has specific frequencies, it’s a trapezoidal biphasic waveform. Very different from the other pulsed magnetic field devices in specific frequencies. And because it’s trapezoidal, it will have an effect on a wide range of frequencies. It’s not like the syne wave or these other ones that are frequency-specific to certain frequencies, based on what’s called a sawtooth wave, which is very specific to specific frequencies. This will have an effect on a wide range.



Now it’s effects are pain control, stem cell stimulation and detox. The neat thing about it is that, you can certainly wear it than having exposure or you’re on a pad for, say, 7 to 10 minutes on a PMT, a couple of times a week, and you have an effect. You have a much more gradual effect in the body. There’s higher signal-to-noise ratio over many hours. So for example, if you’ve got back pain, you can take the small electrodes, they’re about 2 inches across the larger ones and the smaller ones are about an inch across, and they’re round, and you just tape those over the areas. The magnetic field for each one is about the size of a basketball. And you can use them over specific areas, at the lower back, over the shoulders, the chest, anywhere. You’re actually specifically having an effect.



The machine settings: Setting number 1, is at 80 gauss. It’s a much weaker field, but it has a biological effect, 80 gauss is pretty powerful compared to the body. The setting number 2 is at 130 gauss. The frequencies are 10 Hertz and 100 Hertz, with these specific trapezoidal waveforms. And then number 3, goes through a cycle of both waveforms, with no rest period between them.



Now the biological effect is control of pain, stimulating stem cells, helping the body heal. The device is only 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches, so it’s the size of a small cellphone or a pager. It’s about half an inch thick, so it’s very easy to conceal. You can snap it on a belt with a lanyard. It can be concealed inside a jacket or a pocket. The electrodes can be attached by a Micropore tape to the skin over the areas, or you can use an elastic bandage like the velcro or elastic bandage over a knee or an area where you’re having a problem. And you can have it running with a 9-volt battery, it will run for – a fresh 9-volt battery will run for 24 to 36 hours, a rechargeable will run for about 5 to 6 hours and then you need to replace it. I like the replaceable batteries, because you can go through a lot of 9-volts pretty quickly if you’re treating a condition. So you get a rechargeable 9-volt battery pack from Amazon, and then recharge your batteries on a continuous basis.



The effect is very, very dramatic. Actually, when you start using this, you’ll notice that the pain control happens in a matter of minutes. In fact, one of the people initially involved, one of the engineers, was also involved with the firefighting industry and got an injury, and it helped him do the research. He found that he needed to use the machine so many hours a day, in order to maintain control of his pain, and it had very good effects, almost instantly, from using the SomaPulse.



So basically, when people say that you don’t get research from space research, in fact, we’ve found that stem cells are definitely activated by specific waveform magnetic fields. And the pulsed effect of passing over the pole, is very similar to the trapezoidal wave effect of this machine. The energy draws so little, that a 9-volt battery is all you require. So you’re not chained to a machine for a number of many minutes or having to lay on a specific pad. You can actually travel with the pulsed magnetic field on you, and the pads are very, very small, compact; although the magnetic field around them is quite broad. It’s a size of a basketball, each one of the electrodes.



You can do an electrode system. You can put it on the posterior side of the shoulder, on the neck. You can put it on the back or abdomen, on both sides of the knee and wrap them with an elastic wrap. Very effective, SomaPulse. So that will be available through our same site as the MediThera. Michael Alpough is our technician and sales rep for the MediThera and the PMT.



The MediThera, of course, the sawtooth wave is very specific for a whole range of frequencies. We have the Relax frequency, it has a full-body therapy pad that’s 6-foot long, the most flexible pad available in the industry, used in many clinics. It has a sawtooth wave that stimulates the sodium-potassium channel or the detox pathways. And the Active, stimulates regeneration. So it’s a much more powerful machine, also a little bit more expensive. The basic machine, we’ll be giving you an extra benefit here if you purchase it through Nutrimedical, you get the professional program card and that doubles the power. You’re able to program your machine for a set of pre-arranged frequency patterns for the pad, for the full-body pad or the therapy pad, which again, doubles the power you get.



Energetic technology, when it’s combined with the right nutraceuticals, has amazing biological effects. The mnemonic that I use is the power of ONES: Oxygen, in its various forms including ozone; the NutriMeds, which are the highest-grade nutraceuticals, because they’re in their bio-converted form. In fact, I had a recent request, someone was saying, “Why do you sell these nutraceuticals, these particular components?” Because all of them are natural, bio-converted in their bio-metabolic states. They’re not like any other vitamins. They’re not the same as other vitamins that people would try to market from the big box to the vitamin stores or on online, they’re the bio-converted form. We also have enzymes and nutraceuticals, such as our latest ones like, Hormone Synergy and Vein Away. Our new nutraceuticals like, Melatonin TR, which is time released, 1 milligram, then re-release at 4 milligrams; a slow release through the whole evening, to maintain sleep besides just sleep induction.



And the use of energetic technologies, we have now four. We have the Lumen Photon, we talked about this in the second hour. We have now the SomaPulse, which is a portable magnetic field device, again, 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches by half an inch thick. Very easy to carry like a pager in your pocket, in your vest pocket, you put it on your belt. Attach electrodes to an area of concern, pain or stimulation. We have the MediThera, which is the frequency-specific pulsed magnetic field. And the most powerful of all, in terms of magnetic pulse, up to 20,000 gauss is the PMT-100. It kind of descended from the original Papimium machine developed by a Greek physicist and engineers some years ago. Energetic technology is important.



And of course, finally, the stem cell therapy. Stem cells are released by VibraSlim, activated by Silver 100 and growth hormone, which we have in micro-dose of Super Nox. So if you’re trying to heal, if you want to use a natural technology of the Nutrimedic, which is why we have hyperbaric oxygen, which is HBOT. Hyperbaric oxygen is very powerful. It allows you to get 1.3 atmospheres, it has an enzyme-inductive effect. In fact, Bruce McKeeman will be back on, he has developed the most amazing new technology. In fact, he even has a sound suppression for the release valves, that no other company has, with mild hyperbarics.



When we come back, we will hopefully be talking to Michael Alpough. And we will have on next week, Dr. Bill Pawluk, expert on electro-medicine. And of course, we had Dr. Bill on the program last spring, talking about the PMT-100 and MediThera. We’ll be back in a moment, with much more in your health, and your calls are welcome, 800-259-5791.



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Michael, tell us about the SomaPulse, what you heard. And then I’ll tell them what Dr. Pawluk told me, he’s the CEO and head of the company, he’s an MD, researcher in pulsed magnetic fields. He was actually on the program with Dr. Oz, the Oz Show, talking about the MediThera last year or earlier this year. Tell us about what you know about the SomaPulse and the MediThera, and where the niches are, because I believe that the SomaPulse is going to be amazing for people. People controlling pain, people who want to stimulate stem cells, people detoxifying, people using it for anti-aging. The nice thing about it is it’s portable, it’s powerful and it’s easy to operate wherever you are. It has one-third the power output of a cellphone, but it emits energy that is helpful to the body. It also seems to be able to reset people from electro-sensitivity. So those people that are electro-sensitive, the SomaPulse is the device that I’m recommending now as the first step to reverse electro-sensitivity.



Michael Alpough:


Well, I really like the SomaPulse. I like the combo of it, Dr. Deagle. What it does is, it puts you in a state of parasympathetic. I wear it about 3 hours a day. It’s very easy to put in any pocket. You have these 2 rings, that on the end is a flat ring that you put one on your tummy and then one on your back part of the spine. They’re only about 3 inches round, so once you have them on, you don’t even feel it. You turn it on setting 1, it totally relaxes your body and puts you in parasympathetic, and also the stem cell regeneration process begins with that.



If anyone who’s highly stressed, has a high-stress job, I recommend wearing this for that. You also have 2 other settings for pain. So if you’re out working out, all of a sudden you get a quick pull, you put this on, I guarantee you that it will begin to reduce the pain.



So now you have 2 different types of systems. The MediThera is your home-based system, and then when you’re out and about, you use the SomaPulse. You can use the SomaPulse when you’re working out. You can actually wear it while you’re working out, that’s one of the difference between that and the MediThera, okay?



Dr. Bill Deagle.





Michael Alpough:


Now the SomaPulse is priced under $1,400. It’s the size of a, basically, a smartphone, and it’s extremely powerful. And that’s why I really, really like it, I’ve been wearing it now for about 6 months.



Dr. Bill Deagle:


Yes. I’ve recently got my SomaPulse. I’ll tell you the differences of the machines. If I have an area that I needed to immediately, like, spot well, then zap, I use the PMT, which I don’t use nearly as often when I have the alternative MediThera, which you can use in your sleep or whatever; but you’re chained to the machine. When you have the SomaPulse, you literally have mobility. You can leave it on for many hours. It has a very strong biological effect that doesn’t interfere with your electronics or anything else you’re doing. And it has this amazing research that goes back on the specific waveform to stimulate stem cells.



Though I think all 3 forms of magnetic field is effective, but when you look at the portability, the price point and the special waveform, the SomaPulse for control of pain, stimulating stem cells and detoxification is really an amazing portable machine. I just love it. It’s very, very good. And I think, a lot of people are gonna go for the SomaPulse. It’s a fantastic gift that you can give to yourself or friend or relative for the holidays. For anybody who’s electro-sensitive, anybody who’s got chronic pain, anybody who’s kind of recovering from something really serious, the SomaPulse is gonna help that. Of course, the mnemonic I mentioned, the power of ONES: Oxygen, Nutrimeds, energetic technology and the SomaPulse is right there now.



With our Lumen Photon, MediThera and PMT, the price point is fantastic. It’s gonna make it much more affordable for people to get in to pulsed magnetic field therapy. I tell people the first two machines I recommend for energetics are Lumen Photon and the SomaPulse. The MediThera is the next step up. The MediThera has a special sawtooth waveform, with specific frequencies for detox, for nature, for the sodium-potassium pump. Specific frequencies for relaxing the nervous system and specific setting for Active, for stimulating regeneration. Quite a bit more powerful. But if you’re using it for many hours a day, maybe you don’t need that. Maybe a trickle charger as say, just like the battery of your cells, it’s just as effective if you can wear it for 4 or 5 hours a day, as if you’re getting an hour or half an hour on the MediThera or 4 minutes on the PMT.



The PMT is primarily a machine, I think, for clinics. For big clinics where you have a doctor, because it’s so powerful. Then you have to be aware of some of the things that you can have effects with, that can be not dangerous, but can be shocking because it’s so powerful. You can literally feel your muscles jump with the PMT. When people say that magnetic fields aren’t effective, “Well, you sit down and we put this machine on you, six inches away,” and you’re arms and legs are jumping. You realize and go, “Wow!” That’s moving ions to the point we’re actually getting APs or action potentials in the tissue. You’re gonna get a little bit of that effect with the MediThera, but really not enough to cause muscle jumping, but you’re gonna get some major ion flow and rebouncing your nervous system. With the SomaPulse, it’s basically all broad-spectrum, ion-channel activation, and harmonic, what’s called cyclotron resonance, over a very wide range of frequencies because of the trapezoidal special waveform that they’ve developed out of NASA’s research.



So each of them has their advantages, but in terms of portability and activity and if you’re going to use it for a number of hours a day, I’d say, my first recommendation would be the SomaPulse.



Michael Alpough:


Specially with that price, when you’re looking at the prices, it’s half the price of the MediThera. When people are on the go, this is one of those things to use. One of the things also, it puts the United States – it is a U.S. Product, and that’s one of the things that I’m really proud about, is that we’ve always been depending on Europe, Germany and Russia for our pulsed electromagnetic field, they’re the ones who are leaders. I really believe the SomaPulse now, Dr. Deagle, puts the United States right in the forefront of PEMF technology.



Dr. Bill Deagle:


It also deals with a lot of, what they call, marketing and user-ergonomic issues. Firstly, if you have the PMT, I really believe it’s powerful enough, which are used by a health professional, professional trainer, chiropractor, the specialists that really understands the power of this machine and the specific frequencies and the number of minutes you can do it. It’s like taking somebody with a professional trainer when that someone who’s not been running 5 miles a day, and say we’re gonna do a marathon of 100 miles. The PMT is that strong. The MediThera, you can overdose on that, too. You just have to watch the number of minutes you use, using stimulation, because you can kind of push your tissues. Your tissues will respond, but you can push them too hard.



The gentleness of the SomaPulse is just 80 gauss for lower setting number 1; 130 gauss, setting number 2. The frequencies are very therapeutic. It’s not gonna miss that right frequency to stimulate the healing reflex, because of the special trapezoidal waveform. It basically can’t miss. In other words, it’s not gonna be harmful. It can’t miss, and it’s going to stimulate the redox potential, so your cells are gonna end up with higher energy, lower acidity in the cells and tissues, they’re becoming much more alkaline. Improved oxygen, improved stem cell activation. Just combined with the right nutraceuticals and diet, SomaPulse is gonna be a real breakthrough.



The interesting thing is the electrodes, they come with these two electrodes. The bigger ones are about 2 inches across, the little ones are about an inch; but the magnetic field from those are about the size of a basketball, so you can put it around the shoulder or around the knee, over the abdomen or chest, on the neck if you’re getting neck pain. And the effect is very, very quick, it works within minutes. You can really feel it. It’s a very, very neat, little machine. I love it. Back in a moment.