Dr Bill Deagle and Michael Alpough

Dr. Bill Deagle:

We will be having Michael back on tomorrow with Dr. Bill Pawluk. And I wanted to give some of the research literature on the SomaPulse and MediThera.

We talked about Lumen Photon and cellular energetics. I use the mnemonic, the power of ONES: Oxygen, we have our mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which are amazing for head-to-toe, for some with medical conditions. But long before you get to that, you need your NutriMeds, number one, you need Nutrimedic protocols. And you need energetic technologies, simply, there’s Lumen Photo and SomaPulse, and if you want to step up there’s the Medithera. And then the most powerful, which I believe is a primary for clinics, very powerful machine, is the PMT-100.


SomaPulse is unique. The research that went into it was, they had cell cultures of stem cells in the space station. They were testing and they found when they went over the polar orbit, that the stem cells were growing like crazy. So what they discovered over a number of years was that, magnetic fields and pulsed electrical micro-currents, cause the major increase in stem cell differentiation and in multiplication. Those frequencies were researched. They found a specific pulsed waveform, which is a trapezoidal square waveform with specific type and frequencies. And when they pulse an energy at that trapezoidal wave, it distributes the energies to a very wide range of frequencies, it was not locked under one specific frequency.


When you use the MediThera, it has what’s called a Seiche wave, it has a specific waveform. It’s locked on to specific frequencies that has specific therapeutic effects for, number 1, relax your nervous system; number 2 setting, is to stimulate the sodium-potassium channels. It’s locked on to specific frequencies. And number 3, for stimulating cell healing and pain control. That’s for the MediThera.


The SomaPulse is simpler. It has two small electrodes, to have the field around each one of them, with a size of a basketball. Or two small electrodes, which can easily be taped around with Micropore tape and use an elastic bandage to put it around anywhere, on the jaws, on the neck. Very low energy field which is 80 microTesla to 130 microTesla. Neither considerably less powerful in terms of the total magnetic field, but they can be worn all day. And because of the waveform, they have a much higher what we call, signal-to-noise ratio, so they’re much cleaner, so you can put it on or near your pain. I personally tried the SomaPulse, it is a very good machine. With MediThera, you have to lay on it or apply the pad.


The nice thing about the SomaPulse is you can atually be exercising and using the SomaPulse at any light exercise. You can actually be walking, doing sports. You could put it over your back if you’re actually driving. You can put it over areas, those small electrodes over the back of the neck, if you’re getting neck pain or jaw problems. Or if you’re trying to stimulate healing over an area, you can put it around the knee. It’s because they’re electrodes, you can actually put it in little pager-style, pack and then clip it to your belt.


The SomaPulse is a very neat little machine. Looking at the price points, what I recommend for the Lumen Photon is around $1,000 for the 132-pad, which is a little larger pad, you can get the 90 which is a little less. The SomaPulse is around $1,390, that’s an amazing price. So you can use a 9-volt battery, which actually last 24 to 36 hours of continuous use, with the rechargeable, it will last 4 to 6 hours. And it could be set on setting number 1, which is 80 microTesla. Or setting number 2, which is 130 microTesla. At two frequencies at 10 Hertz and 100 Hertz, given simultaneously. Setting number 3 doesn’t get respirated, it does it automatically with kind of different frequencies, it will respirate.


I tried it, it’s very, very good. If you have a sore knee, back or pain, you can try to recover. If you want to reduce the infection in an area like sinuses or chest, you try and turn off a migraine headache, you can try it. If you’re using, let’s say, post-injection for platelet-rich plasma to the knee or stem cell injection; if you’re trying to recover from any kind of illness whatsoever, that requires a higher redox state, the SomaPulse, portable and powerful. Because it can be used for a long period of time.


You can always get the PMT-100, high-power thing that you can shell for. I mean, 10 or 15 minutes, probably at maximum, a couple times of week, and you’ll exceed the capacity of the tissues that tolerate that stress, so you stress them out. You can use the MediThera on a daily basis for so many minutes a day, but you have to lay on the pads and apply it. And it’s frequency-specific to those frequencies. The nice thing about the SomaPulse is, no matter where the problem and the frequencies are in deficit, it works across all frequency ranges, in terms of energy transfer; and you can use it for many hours. So if you know the approximate areas, you place the electrodes on the outside of the knee, on the back of the neck, around the joint; a wrist, if you’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s portable enough, you can actually be walking around or doing activities with it, and you don’t have to worry.


The research that came out of this, Dr. Pollock is one of the top doctors in terms of functional electro-medicine. And he is in clinical practice, he has two PMT-100s. He has a MediThera. He’s been on the Dr. Oz show with MediThera. He’s also the founder and the CEO of the SomaPulse. And of course, Dennis, will be on tomorrow, that developed and built this SomaPulse device. This is a very interesting machine, based on NASA research and NASA patents. Dealing with the effect of the polar magnetic pulse effect on stem cells. So very remarkable.


We’re approaching very rapidly, what I call the, biological singularity. Where we’re able to find out using stem cell extraction, from say, adipose tissue with liposuction; with the use of platelet-rich plasma, which is using the special marker molecules; and new forms of things like Mountain Red Velvet, so you have a nice system of molecules; CollagenMax to build the framework for your collagen elastin and connective tissues; and all our other NutriMeds. And the idea that, when we use energetic technology. We can actually, dramatically increase the energetics of tissue to increase the stem cell migration; the tunneling into tissues and differentiation to re-heal joint, cartilage, brain, ligament, liver. It doesn’t matter what the organ is. And improve blood flow, so the body can heal.


So the SomaPulse and the MediThera are excellent machines. MediThera is about double that price, it’s around $2,900 for a MediThera machine. Very easy to program. You can go on the MediThera for, I would say, you can go on for an hour or so a day. And it’s very, very helpful to lock on specific frequencies in healing. I love it. But for portability, the SomaPulse is the easiest to operate. You literally simply turn it on, put a 9-volt battery in. If you want to, you can put it in a kind of a pager case, snap it on your belt or put it in your pocket or clip it to your shirt, and away you go. It’s quite amazing.


The magnetic field, you can hear a litte buzz from the device. The “bzz, bzz” which kind of indicates that yes, it’s working. It’s not really loud, it’s a couple decibels. But you can hear a little buzz because you know that the device is actually creating a little pulsed magnetic trapezoidal wave.


Why a magnetic field is important? Well, we’re getting magnetic pollutions. So people need to reset their cells, because they’re picking up, you want to call it their, that’s stuck to them, electromagnetic fuzz; from all the scaler signals from cellphones, WiFi networks, smart meters. They’re also being, when you’re cells are in distress, they de-mineralize. So once your cells get at a higher redox state with the SomaPulse, MediThera, et cetera, the Lumen Photon, the cells are able to re-mineralize because the primary activity of energetics in the cell is to restore the normal trans-membrane mineral contents, such as sodium outside the cell, potassium-magnesium inside, trace elements inside, enzyme activation, DNA activation, et cetera.


So the SomaPulse and MediThera have fit in perfectly with the whole idea of the power of ONES: Oxygen, breathing techniques, yoga breathing is very good. The mild hyperbaric oxygen is extremely important in order to restore normal breathing functions.


And we’re bringing back on Bruce McKeeman, of the mild hyperbaric device, our most ergonomic machine. It’s coming after the new year. Normally, they have the most translucent machines which are the easiest to operate, the quietest, because they have a new quieting valve-release technology that no other company has. They’re the only vertical dial, which the New York Giants had last year. In fact, I have exact same machine as New York Giants in my studio. When you use this it’s like your brain is firing the neural sounders. If you have any health problems, you’re body is detoxing like crazy. Again, once your body detoxes, then you take the nutraceuticals like MYCOD2, CollagenMax, et cetera, you actually start to turn the clock backwards, and that’s really important.


Your repair schedule for your body is dependent on oxygen, NutriMeds, energetic technologies and stem cell support. Silver 100 releases stem cells. VibraSlim mobilizes them in your central core of your bone marrow and blood circulation to your target tissues. And SomaPulse and MediThera, you can find in nutrimedical.com, under our company. These are amazing new technologies, and we’re always searching for the very best, most advanced, anti-aging wellness therapies you can do at home, with proper instruction. And it’s so simple and safe. No side effects.