Dr Bill Deagle and Michael Alpough


Dr. Bill Deagle:

Welcome back to The Nutrimedical Report. We’re joined by Michael Alpough, talking about SomaPulse and the MediThera.

I would say you’re a magnetic evangelist. I can hear a lot of whooshing sounds in the background, so hopefully you’re not outside or shaving with electric shaver. (laughter) All that noise is gone now, that’s good.


So tell us about the SomaPulse. This is NASA technology. It increases stem cell activation by 400%. It turns off pain within 10 to 15 minutes. You can wear it anywhere, you could be out jogging, exercising, in your power rider. You could do it on almost anything, rowing. It’s 3 ½ inches by 2 ½ inches by ½ inch wide. It takes 9-volt batteries, you could put some 9-volt batteries that’s fresh and it will last 24 to 36 hours, rechargeable 4 to 5 hours. And settings are 1, 2, 3: 1 is 80 microTesla; 2 is 130 microTesla; and number 3 has no respirate in the microTesla, it’s 210 and 100 hertz, with a special type of waveform that actually stimulates stem cells. It’s very unique. The single device ratio is the highest of any of the pulsed magnetic field of these devices, including the MediThera, which is excellent as frequency-based; or the PMT-100, which is the most powerful of the machines. But I really think that you don’t need a bazooka to kill a fly.


I think when you hit the cells over the energy level, the body just says, “Hey, I can move those stem cells to that joint. I can help that eye regenerate.” In fact, I have someone that I’m going to actually loan my machine for a period of time, for recovery for an eye condition. Where he’s got a central retinal vein obstruction, and blindness. He’s already on supplements and we’re hoping that will help assist the stem cells to actually migrate into his eye and help further regeneration.


So tell us about the technology. What makes this so unique? And I know Dr. Bob Dennis was a – it’s good to have a skeptical scientist, but when they actually see it they get so excited, because their data screams over them. That from NASA, that this technology is now here. We now have a combination of the energetic technology. We have the Nutrimeds that work with the stem cells, like our Silver 100, CollagenMax, Mountain Red Velvet, et cetera. We literally have the combination of the energetic and molecular technologies to help your body regenerate itself. It really is mind-boggling that this is now available.


Michael Alpough:

It’s so exciting that there’s now a portable device. Most of the devices, including MediThera, is a home product, you have to have on your bed or your massage table. The SomaPulse can now be worn in your pockets. You can extend it to your stomach, into your back; or let’s just say you’re having some knee issues, you can place this right on your knee. It runs on 9-volt battery, this is something that’s very unique. Also, you can wear the SomaPulse, actually 24 hours, so you’re never without it when you’re out and about. Place it on the body that’s constantly stressed, so for all those people out there who have high stress with a high-stress job, the SomaPulse is something excellent to wear. While you’re at work, while you’re doing it, you can actually use it when you’re working out. So if you want a quick reduction of pain, something to help when you’re out in your field, you have something like the SomaPulse.


Actually, you can literally be walking in a pulsed electromagnetic frequency field all day long. With Dr. Bob Dennis, it took 15 prototypes, it was as big as a shoebox to a small, little 3 ½ by 3 little machine. This is excellent and affordable also, it’s under $1,400. The MediThera is $2,950, and it’s a full-home product. Also, with the MediThera you can have it under your mattress. You can have the MediThera right on your nightstand, so you can turn it on and off. Once you get to bed, you can have it automatically set, and when you wake back up, you can automatically turn it back on. It’s a whole system.


Dr. Deagle:

What I do is I use Micropore tape, the 2-inch wide Micropore tape, to tape on the electrodes. You tape the electrodes to an elastic bandage, one of the velcro elastic bandages. So you don’t have to have little clips on. Then, when you tape into that, you have the bumpy side of the electrodes facing toward your knee, turn those electrodes, there’s the smaller ones and the bigger ones. The size of the magnetic field is about the size of a basketball. You know the electrodes are only 2 inches, and so you can intersect it over your upper neck and your lower back, that’s a good area; or upper-lower abdomen or around the underside of the knee.


The amazing thing about it is, it turns off inflammation, improves circulation, detoxifies tissues, pulls the stem cells into start regenerating the tissue. And if you have things like our CollagenMax, Mountain Red Velvet, Full Vitamin K2 Menaquinone-7 and high-dose Power C, et cetera; you take these nutraceuticals, now you’ve got the building blocks and the energy, and your tissues regenerate. This is absolutely amazing. You don’t need needles. You don’t need injections. You don’t even need to go into a stem cell lab to do it. You’ve got plenty of stem cells, now you’ve got the energetics, your body will do it. It will take time, but it will regenerate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s over your liver or it’s over a joint or it’s over a skin area or it’s over a lesion that will heal or it’s your periodontal tissues underneath your jaw or if it’s a head injury or concussion, this little device is gonna have some amazing effects.


I tell people, it’s money well spent. All you need to do is have rechargeable batteries or 9-volt batteries, there’s no other things to buy, except maybe Micropore tape and the elastic bandages, which you can buy at Amazon for under $10.



Absolutely true, now you can walk along with something portable. So now people are looking for a better quality of sleep, looking to lose some weight, being able to assimilate Dr. Deagle’s supplements, better. So you’ll be eating less food and you’ll be able to absorb the minerals and nutrients much better. So now, you won’t have to eat as much food and you’ll be dropping weight. Dropping weight without even actually dieting. You’ll also be able to exercise and you will recover better. Everyone who started their new year’s resolution on losing weight and getting healthier, start with the SomaPulse. Start with the MediThera. Start with the energetics of your cell from the beginning, and also Dr. Deagle’s supplements.


Dr. Deagle:

Yes, the first step is the right diet, lifestyle and the NutriMeds. Second is you need the right energetics. If you have a very serious condition, you need to inject oxygen that’s exceeding the capacity of your hemoglobin to carry it, that’s where Hyperbaric comes in. 99% of conditions will respond to diet, lifestyle, NutriMeds and in energetic technology. And my first of choice in that, basically for energetic pulsed magnetic field, our SomaPulse first, then MediThera; and then for light it would be Lumen Photon.


To me the most amazing thing about the SomaPulse is, it’s such a nice little portable device. I can take it and go into my hyperbaric chamber, which I’ll probably wait to do after the show today. So I can go in there for an hour, do work, my brain’s really running like all the soldiers when I’m getting extra oxygen. Much more productive, much better, faster thinking, clears your mind, detoxes your body. The SomaPulse, because it’s gonna energenize toxin out of the body; it’s going to actually energize heavy metals out of your body, toxic chemicals, xenoestrogens. It’s going to stimulate your tissues to regenerate.


Everybody has a percentage of really healthy stem cells, even if you’re 85 years or 90 years of age. It’s just the percentage is so tiny. But they’re always there. All you need to do is energize those stem cells to start to multiply, divide then migrate, then tunnel them to the target tissue, and you can regenerate any tissue. We’re always rebuilding our body, every single day of the year. It sounds something like you build a car, then you put it into a kind of a vacuum container and just leave it there. The body is a constant restructuring and rebuilding project.


That’s what I find amazing with SomaPulse, it takes that reality of constant reconstruction and amplifies the energetics. So immediately, your ATP level in your cells is higher, the redox potential – your potassium is pumped into the cells, so you’re never out. You increase the transmembrane electromotor force, which allows you to do everything that the cell needs to do. Rebuilding the structural proteins like laminins, the cryptochromes, the structural proteins of collagen, the elastin, the hydralazine acid; the activations of things like matrix metalloproteinases; all of these things happen at higher energy states, and you can’t be sick.


Your cells cannot be sick when they’re at redox state. You get rid of pathogens. You get rid of toxins. You protect the DNA from damage, and you regenerate mitochondria structural organelles. You literally stop and reverse aging, when you have the right energetics combined with the right building blocks, our NutriMed line.



760-420-2788. You need to call.


Dr. Deagle:

760-420-2788. Get the technology. Plug in to the amazing technologies, invented by Dr. Bill. It is the most advanced, most portable pulsed magnetic device on planet Earth, on 2013. Then the next one up from that is the MediThera at double the price, but this is the most portable. I tell people, it is amazing.