Host – Dr. Bill Deagle / Guest – Michael Alpough

Dr. Bill Deagle:

I tell people, if you’re trying to regenerate tissues, turn off pain, the most portable machine is the SomaPulse. We also have of course the MediThera, which is super convenient. I have my MediThera right by my bedside. And the MediThera is fantastic, because you can put on a whole therapy pad, which is the most flexible therapy pad, and you can have the whole body pad. This can be set to the Relax frequency, the sodium-potassium pump, which is the primary pump for the body for detox; and the Active, which stimulates the production of energy in the cells and raises the redox, which is a combination of frequencies specifically designed to turn off electro-pollution, and to turn on cellular detoxification and regeneration.


The SomaPulse has the highest signal-to-noise ratio, which means, it is the cleanest, the simplest, the easiest machine to use and the most portable. It’s the size of a pager, half-inch wide, 3 ½ inches by 2 ½ inches, 9-volt battery, if you use a rechargeable it will last 5 hours, a regular battery will last 12 to 24 hours 9-volt fresh. These are amazing devices, and if you’re electro-pollution sensitive, if you have chronic pain, if you’re trying to heal, if you’re trying to stop any kind of chronic illness – if you have a concussion, migraines, let’s say if you have a retinal problem, whether on dramatic changes chronic occipital neuralgia, a chest pain, congestion, abdominal discomfort, post-op recovery – there’s so many uses for pulsed magnetic field and for stimulating your stem cells to heal your tissues. It’s amazing.


Now, the primary thing it does, is raise the energy level in the tissues, and make the tissues alkaline. It increases the ability of the body to heal, to detoxify and to regenerate, that’s the best way to summarize it. When you provided the right nutrients, our Nutrimed line, which is getting more involved and more advanced, literally, every month, every year. More advanced protocols, by the way, it’s been quite a real busy in the weekend, you can go through the wellness protocols, you’ll see a lot of new ones on the front page and inside. The wellness conditions is basically available only to our customers that had been customers for the last 6 months. If you’re not a customer, you do not have access, and includes professionals. Nobody has access, unless you’re a customer. There’s no charge also, if you’re seeing our live-streaming TV channels if you’re a customer, you have access codes to get there.


So Michael, tell us about what you found with this? You’ve lost weight with it, you’ve seen miraculous healing with people who take pulsed magnetic field. We’ve had Dr. Gordon on before, Dr. Pawluk, Dr. Dennis. Dr. Dennis, of course, did work as a structural engineer with the NASA, teams developing the SomaPulse, and this will literally raise the stem cell activation in your tissues 400%. This is pretty remarkable.


Michael Alpough:

Well, the thing about it, what it raises is your ability for a long-term of not dying of natural causes. That’s what people are dying of now is natural causes, and that just simply means that the body is not able with its immune system to protect the body enough and so the body dies off. And with the way those frequencies are bombarding our body, we’re almost literally living in space, this is taking away the life force of your body, ladies and gentlemen. Everybody remembers the Star Trek, when Dr. McCoy would flash this little thing over someone, and it would heal them. He’s using frequency. That’s the future. He was showing you the future. And this is what the SomaPulse does right on the body, and you can carry it around with you.


Just recently, someone fell off their ladder backwards, lady 63 years old. Fell back, twisted up her legs, found out that she has a fractured tibia, before she went to the doctor for 1 week, she used the SomaPulse on her for 24 hours. When she finally got to the doctor, the doctor was shocked, and said, your body should be completely swelled up, and she asked, “What were you using?” And she said, “Well, I was using the SomaPulse.” And she said, “It’s a good thing you did, because you could have gotten a lot worse.”


You see people whose arms, who have busted shoulders, having rotator cuff. You’re seeing not only improvement, but you’re also seeing healing. And that’s the thing about this, as you know, Dr. Deagle, people, it’s not just about your masking in the way pharmaceuticals do. These other pharmaceuticals they give you – this actually puts back the life force into the area, and allowing it a good probability of healing.


Dr. Bill Deagle:

In other words, what we’re saying is, it doesn’t cover things up. This is not just a little black pain spray, or the flashing life of your body is saying, something’s wrong, something’s wrong. This is actually fixing the disrupted collagen, shutting off the pain receptors because the problem for the pain and causes of the pains is going away. And as you heal the tissues, you detoxify this, the stem cells migrate in and create new connective tissue, new cartilage, new ligaments, new muscle tissue, new nerve. Healing. The cause of the pain is being eliminated. That’s what’s amazing.


This is not just, well, take this anti-inflammatory, well, take this thing – by the way, when you take non-steroidals, which are over-the-counter drugs, they disrupt collagen. You take our nutraceuticals, CollagenMax, Mountain Red Velvet, then you use the SomaPulse or MediThera, your tissues are actually regenerating, and the cause of the pain is going away.


Michael Alpough:

What more could you ask for, if you have an opportunity to actually have permanent healing in your body. Ladies and gentlemen, I really want to put it bluntly to you, of what Dr. Deagle and I is saying is, if you’re not using pulsed electromagnetic fields to restore your body, you are getting worse, you’re not getting better. That’s a fact. You won’t be able to even absorb your nutrients. A lot of people cannot even absorb their nutrients, because their cells are so few that they actually cannot absorb the nutrients That’s why people get fat. That’s the reason why I got fat. It was because I kept wanting more food, because you don’t feel like you’re getting nutrients. The nutrients in your body. So it makes you want to eat more.


Once you start getting the frequency up in your body, you can absorb your nutrients, and then now you can literally Dr. Deagle’s nutrients. It’s even more effective for you. That’s how you can lose weight. That’s how you can get better sleep. That’s how you can get better recovery. That’s how you can get more energy. You can actually feel your body normalizing. If I could answer Dr. Deagle how I feel, ladies and gentlemen, the best way I can tell you how I feel is normal. Feeling like you can do what you have to do. Getting enough sleep and having the energy to recover for the next day.


Dr. Bill Deagle:

Yes. And for example, if I do something, like if I did a lot of activiy in the weekend and I have something sore, I use my SomaPulse and my MediThera, and the pain goes away because it fixes it. The swelling goes away, the inflammation goes away, the tissues heal. It’s just amazing. By the way, when you start using this, you’ve got to have the oral detox agents, the chemical detox agents in your body. Because once you mobilize these toxins, you’re gonna reflex these toxins, you’re gonna grab them.


Michael, can you give us a contact number for them to contact you.


Michael Alpough:

Yes. It’s 760-420-2788. That’s 760-420-2788. Ladies and gentlemen, these devices can cost up to $20,000. The SomaPulse is priced right at under $1,400. You cannot get something better than this, creating 400% increase of stem cells. Taking away pain from the body. Putting the body in parasympathetic, so it can heal itself. If you’re highly stressed, if you have a high-stress job, you need the SomaPulse. Call me at 760-420-2788. That’s 760-420-2788. And let’s get you one. Free delivery, y’all.