I’m writing in such a way that the law should be technically accurate for those health professionals and a lot more reliable what Quantum Functional Medicine is. Basically, here’s why it’s called Quantum is because the primary mechanism by which your body is regulated is not chemical, it’s electromagnetic, it’s scalar, it’s light, infrared light, it’s energetic. When you exposed your body to higher energy fields, there are specific frequencies such as false energetic magnetic fields, like the SomaPulse, Medithera and PMT.

When you’re exposed to them, the first thing it do is increased the electron density of that tissues, erased the alkalinity of the tissue, erased the energetic molecules of the tissue like ATP and NADH. The ATP provides the energy to detox, to rebuild tissue and structure. Disease cannot exist from the body, when the body is in an alkaline, high red ocstate you can’t have allergies, you can’t have asthma, you can’t have a migraine headache. Basically, your pre-DNA and damaged mitochondria, free-radicals with the body in high red ocstate can get rid of them.

That’s why we have people that are using things like the SomaPulse. They have a damage joints and they’re taking their calls from max amount of involvement and things like me have asked. What actually happens is they actually rebuild the joint, because it builds up the activity of those stem cells and the extra side of the matrix. Four hundred percent pass more than of NSA not had the energetic therapy.

We have back to give us some more information Michael Alpough talking about SomaPulse, Medithera and the differences and the very powerful PMT100. The most affordable of course is the SomaPulse developed by NSA engineers, Dr. Bob Dennis. We had Dr. Will Pollock on. We had to back on for another special surge.

I think it’s important for people to realize that when you combined the right Nutraceuticals, the right diet and the nice time being watered, when you have the right energetics, you get dramatic healing that’s just amazing. In fact they have a consult this morning as a perfect example of a gentleman who’s 78. He has a cardiac index 26 percent. Basically his heart muscles musculature was damaged.

At USC Medical Center, they’re planning to put in one of this cyst pumps. Basically, they had say, “We’re not going to give you heart transplant, because you’re too old. We’re going to give you the cyst pump, but then you will succumb to complications of this device in the next several years, but you will live.” My alternative was, what I mentioned Dr. Marshall who’s we’re having program over the last five years who has a elaborately thick dry her blood or valve where set it up to 11 .

A mother player stem cells, they can read a few somebody class five, start five star hospital in Thailand staff by US trained doctors that will re-infuse those stem cells with Castor. If you’re taking Nutraceuticals to support your stem cells, to support the soil of the body, you’re detoxing the body and then you use energetic technologies like SomaPulse. He has a decent chance of returning his cardiac index result a great agers device being input in the body, which at some point is going to cause mechanical fire and premature death. That’s the perfect example, the application of SomaPulse, another might being to stop migraine.

If someone is getting dizziness or spasm or getting the fornication 3A of a visual problem and all of the sudden they slapped on their SomaPulse, where they’ve had a retinol, whiter dry [unclear 0:04:17] inflammation or brain injury, a concussion and they wanted to recover and not turning those free-radicals that are destroying the brains of football players being beat in the head. SomaPulse will have the protective brain from the pre-radical activation which is a metabolic process. It’s not anatomic so much, it’s metabolic. Michael tells us about SomaPulse. What makes it so unique and then the Medithera and the PMT?

Michael: The SomaPulse is a portable system that was developed in the NASA space station research. It is priced under $1,400. By the way we have a cash discount. We have financing available. Please call me at 760-420-2788 for more information. The Medithera is a great home system that you can use for the whole family. You can have it underneath your mattress. It puts you on a field where it has a pattern would be solid potassium pumping. Ladies and gentleman, if you know the cell runs on the solid potassium some of it takes up 30 percent of the energy. It’s less than $3,000, its $2,950.

The PMT is a clinical version, its $20,000. It’s like charging battery charge on your cell. You’re only supposed to use it maybe a couple of times a week and it’s good for clinical environments. The SomaPulse is where we’re really running the special on, because it’s brand new out there. We’re giving a $100 discount for now everyone, so it’s actually $1,290 for all Dr. Digo’s customers, would you do the cash and we also have financing.

I just had someone called Dr. Digo, we set it went to John. He really called me and told me that the SomaPulse has saves life. He was in a lot of pain in his back. He had serious flu. His body within a week basically changed back to where he feels ten years younger. A lady just had a broken fever, fell off her ladder. She’s had the SomaPulse on for a couple of weeks and literally her pain has been taken away. She doesn’t have, she’s not using any medication by the way.

Dr. Bill: By the way, if this goal to taking the SomaPulse and I’ve been trying it myself, is it common to someone taking high dose narcotics with all [unclear 0:06:47] set of effect. It also stimulates the valve regeneration, the connective tissues, helps reduce the DMA, increases the blood flow and helps the body increased blood flow, which means anti-pathogenic like Immunomax, Silver 100, Alimax and Nutra-Iodine actually they get rid of the passages.

In every way energetic technology amplifies absorption, activation and use of the events Nutrimeds, so when you’re adding the use of the SomaPulse or the Medithera or the PMT, again those all roll is a SomaPulse. The Medithera is fantastic frequency dependent machine, even had they patented sodium potassium frequencies, the frequencies for activating detoxification energetics.

Finally the PMT 100 is basically I consider a clinic machine. This is so powerful. It’s like 20,000 goes in its maximum power. It can do in a matter of minutes what would take four to five hours in the SomaPulse, but the SomaPulse is the smoothest and the easiest and the most affordable. The next device is the Medithera is a fantastic device. The most advance of the, what I call the clinic level, home level machines that I would say people should try to get with a full body pad, a treatment therapy pad, a fantastic buy as well.

Michael: If you want to get your body healed ladies and gentlemen, you have to put back the electrical current in the body.

Dr. Bill: By occurrence, that’s right.

Michael: Forever we’re preaching this, for as long as we’ve got breath, but the cell loses energy and then the body beginning to die of natural causes. As you place this energy back into your cells, your body will changed, you’ll get ten years younger very quickly, ladies and gentlemen.

Speaker: It’s amazing. SomaPulse got that Mike at, 760-420-2788.