When you use a PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device such as a MRS 2000, QRS Quantron, or BEMER 3000, your body will tend to get dehydrated.  Your body is made up of over 80 trillion cells. All cells require hydration. Your cells require water to energize them and plump them up like grapes. This process will leave the rest of your body dehydrated.  Always replenish the body with water after every session on one of the MRS 2000, QRS Quantron, or BEMER 3000 mat applicator.  Water goes right into the system immediately. The more chemicals, metals, and positive ions in the water you drink the less likely your body will actually get hydrated. Your body is mostly water so it is so important to drink water that is clean and pure.

Most of the water you buy in the stores contains what are called Totally Dissolved Solvents or TDS. Some of the most popular commercial water drinks carry up to 500 TDS. This means chemicals such as flouride and chlorine, metals, and free radical ions are dissolved in your water.

“I can’t see it in the water, it looks clear, tastes great. I thought I was drinking the good stuff?”.

Believe me when I tell you the commercial water companies are counting on this. There are many ways to test your water. One easy way is with a TDS meter. I recently had my water tested by a “water expert”. I thought my water was clean because I used a 4 filter system. My water was at 235TDS or the equivalent of tap water. I said “My water is good, it even tastes good. Your TDS meter is wrong”.

What I saw next frightened me.

He put a precipitator which is an instrument that puts a low conductivity charge into a cup of my “235 TDS water” and within 1 minute my water started changing right before my eyes turning black and heating up. Meanwhile his distilled water never changed at all. My water kept changing from black to brown to white, it still shocks me today when I think of it. I have changed my water since that day.

Know your water and your body. You will get the best results from your MRS 2000, QRS Quantron, and BEMER 3000 by well hydrating your body after a each session with the purest possible water.

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