Compare MAS PEMF System to iMRS Video



M.Hello, this is Michael with Today we’re going to be talking about the iMRS and the MAS. Those are some of the top systems in the world, and when you are deciding which one you’re going to pick, you need to know a little bit about both of them, and that’s what we’re going to be discussing right now.

Okay, we’re going to be starting with the iMRS. Now, I’m going to give you a brief description of it. The iMRS comes with the control box; it comes with the pillow applicator, which is …the square tooth wave form comes off of that. It also has a probe applicator, and then it has the full mat, okay. Now, we go over to the MA system. The MA system comes with a control box, it comes with …it’s called the isolation pad, it’s also shaped kind of like melon, and then it comes with the full mat, okay? So they are similarities between both of them when you first look at them. Okay, let’s talk a little bit about the control box. You can see the control box is digital, you can see the organ clock, it has a north-south polarity, and you can adjust the time as you can look down here, you see it has an organ clock that you can adjust. The intensity and the timer and you can adjust them from up there, as well as down here, okay? This is the isolation pad, it comes with this square tooth wave form. This is the full mat. The full met has a saw tooth It also has the probe applicator. They are similar to each other in that they isolate different parts of the body.

So, you have the saw tooth wave coming off of the full mat and the square tooth wave coming off of the isolation pad. Now we want to talk about the control box under the MA systems. The MA systems have 5 different wave forms. It has a (), the square tooth, the saw tooth, the () and it also goes in multi-layers. You have the isolation pillow pad, which can be set for all these different waveforms as well as having the full mat. You can set it at different wave forms. So you have a lot more flexibility when you’re using this system. Okay, now, let’s just do a quick comparison between the 2 systems.

Ok, we’re just going to now look, comparing the 2 control boxes side by side. As you can see, the MAS box is quite a bit bigger, and one of the reasons why it is, because of all the different other applications and capacities that can come out of the MAS system. The iMRS has the square tooth and the saw tooth wave. As we said before the MAS system has 5 different wave forms. The control box can go up to 60 min on the iMRS, it’s unlimited on how far you can set the timer on the MAS system. The iMRS goes up to about 400% or around can get up to some high Hz if need be. Also the (tesla). The MAS system is unlimited on the Hz, you can go from 0.1 Hz all the way up to 9999 Hz. It can…the timer can be unlimited, you can manually set it to the north side polarity, you can set the organ clock there if you’d like. There’s just a little bit more flexibility as we compare the 2, okay?

Now let’s take a look at the isolation applicators of each system. Now, the iMRS comes with the probe and the probe and it comes with the isolation pillow. The MAS systems isolation applicator combined is equal to these 2. So these 2 are …you need these 2 applications to make the one application up from the MA system. Now, when you look at these 2, this weights about maybe a pound and a half. So we may think that there’s a little more than a pound of copper in this probe applicator. This is mostly cushion so we don’t really know how much, although we can kind of feel the copper in here, it’s on both sides so you can’t bend this. The MAS applicator weights a whopping 9 lbs. 9 lbs of copper is in this isolation applicator. If you weight out the isolation pad, the probe and the mat of the iMRS, it would not weight as much as the MAS iso applicator alone.

Okay, now let’s take comparison between the 2 mats, the MAS mat and the iMRS mat. The iMRS mat as you know, comes off with the saw tooth wave form okay? The energy is highest at the bottom, decreases in the middle and decreases even less at the top. It can be fold, folded in 3s, so it’s easy to fold away. It also does different brainwave patterns that come off of it also. Now, this mat weighs about 4lbs. Now, let’s go over to the MAS mat. The MAS mat as we said earlier does 5 different wave forms. So the saw tooth wave is just one of the wave forms that this mat does. You have 4 other different choices. It also puts out the different brainwaves also, and is stronger at the bottom and weaker also at the top. Now, as we said a little bit earlier, the iMRS mat weights about 4 lbs. Well, this mat weights about 18 lbs, so what difference does that make? You see, when you’re looking at these 2 mats and the comparison, it means that there is more copper in this mat, less in this mat. When you have the more copper, the more intensity and power did you have. So when you’re comparing the 2 mats, this will give you an idea of what you should be looking out for. The more copper, the more concentrated power did you get from the mat. Hello Dr. Frank, we appreciate you picking up on the MAS system, would you care to just give you a little comment on your experience with it so far?

Dr: Okay, happy to. Oh, by the way I have been in the chiropractic field for almost 60 years now, and I have been involved in frequency therapy, laser therapy, for about 20 years. And I’ve had a few instruments, and I’ve had many colleagues with many different types of instruments, and after checking everything over, I found MAS to be probably the most versatile of all the instruments that I’ve played with. I didn’t purchase this until I talked with some practitioners that have had them, and some of these people that I’ve talked with, had other devices that I was interested in, and they just said no, they are not using them anymore, they are using this one. So I have personally in the several weeks that I have owned it, I have personally had some experience with it, due to some injuries that I have had, and results are very quick. I am very happy, very pleased. I am …I will be happy to endorse it. Thank you Michael, thank you very much.

M: Thank you Dr. Frank. Ladies and gentleman, I hope you enjoyed our little comparison video. The reason why we picked the MAS system though, we feel that scientifically the more intensity, the more power, the quicker the results. And as you go around and do your stay, please check out the MA system before you purchase any device out there. This is Michael and we will see you next time at