Can Electronic Smog (e-smog), Cell Phones and wifi Towers Be Neutralized By PEMF Devices? Electronic smog is present wherever electrical installations exist, be it in the air, in the ground or in buildings. The healing frequencies of natural magnetic fields can be your bodies best defense against “electronic smog”. The self-healing process of the organism can be blocked by these harmful frequencies. The MRS 2000, the QRS Quantron, and BEMER 3000 can restore the electronic balance your body needs to maintain optimum health.

The MRS 2000, the QRS Quantron, and BEMER 3000 artificially replicate the earth’s healing magnetic field. These devices operate more effectively when a previously neutral field has been established. This means that existing electronic smog devices should be eliminated. If the therapeutically active frequencies would be mixed up with electronic smog, their effect would not act beneficially. When using any healing frequency device it is important to keep it away from other electrical devices. The frequencies can get mixed up and your session will not be as effective.

Of the 3 systems we carry, the QRS Quantron is the only manufacturer who has taken “electronic smog” into account and has a worldwide patent on the “electronic smog killer” in combination with Quantum therapy.

The title of the patent says: DEVICE TO AFFECT LOW-FREQUENCY ELECTRICAL AND MAGNETIC FIELDS / Patent no: EP 0 621 795 B 1

More long term research is proving how much the effect of “electronic smog” will have on the body. It may be the cause of energy-related diseases that finally may result in chronic diseases. It is a phenomenon that although the incidence of infections decreased more within the last 100 years, the incidence of chronic diseases (energy-deficiency related diseases) has increased rapidly.

Our bodies are bombarded with “electronic smog “24 hours a day. This puts a tremendous strain on our Immune system, which is the key to happy, healthy living. The MRS 2000, the QRS Quantron and the BEMER 3000 generate a frequency that is designed to strengthen your immune system, allowing the body to be at its peak at all times. Recharging your 80 trillion cells everyday is critical. That is why these PEMF devices are in such great demand today – they make you feel so darned GOOD!!

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