PEMF Technology – Everything You Need To Know About It

Let’s get this one straight out – PEMF is short for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields; since the internet is fast dishing out confusing information about this technology. For an non-technical commoner, getting hold of reliable and accurate information about PEMF is becoming impossible. Let us first understand what exactly PEMF technology is before we get to know its various uses.

We, human beings, are only as healthy as the sum of our cells. When our cells start degenerating and deteriorating, we end up risking infection, cellular dysfunction and the aging process starts to kick in. In order to keep our cells from getting impaired and improving the functioning of our cells, PEMF is used. Not correcting imperceptible cell dysfunction early on can lead to dangerous and irrevocable problems at a later stage. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields can fine-tune the process of cell regeneration within a matter of minutes. Therefore, PEMF can bring a balance in cell function when symptoms of cellular degeneration are noticed.

Everything in nature is made up of energy – we all know that – and this energy is always changing making it very dynamic. Since all the energy is electromagnetic, each and every cell and chemical produces electromagnetic energy. This includes our body organs; every organ and cell in our body has its own specific electromagnetic field and that these cells communicate with one another using the electromagnetic frequencies. When this life giving electromagnetic fields ceases, the body ceases to be alive.

PEMF helps in improving blood circulation by increasing the amount of chemicals in the blood vessel walls. With these chemicals, the blood vessels start to dilate making it easier for blood to flow through more easily. With this enhanced blood circulation, the amount of oxygen reaching all the organs also gets increased. Poor circulation is one of the prime causes of tissue degeneration and disease.

Improved circulation helps in reducing swelling and bruising. Moreover, chronic inflammation is also reduced with PEMF. Inflammation might be the body’s way of repairing cell damage by increasing the flow of blood to the specific areas of the body. However, when this inflammation doesn’t start to reduce it becomes a problem. Chronic inflammation is caused because of T lymphocytes, and PEMF has the potential to positively affect these inflammation caused enzymes.

PEMF also increases the muscle function and muscular strength in addition to improving the bone healing. PEMF is mostly used to repair damaged bones – due to falls, fractures, surgery, injury, diseases, osteoporosis, and other bone destroying conditions. Daily EMPF is also known to reduce stress and stress-related damage to our bodies.

There are specific devices that produce PEMF and these devices have to be used to treat specific conditions as well. The devices vary according to their features; some of them produce high frequency wavelengths while others produce medium or low. While the strength of the electromagnetic field varies from one device to the other, it should be noted that too high frequency is not good for your body. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all condition here; you should use the device with the correct wavelength and intensity depending on your condition. Choosing the wrong device not only is unhelpful, but can also lead to many unwanted side effects. So, choose the right PEMF device and you might be on the way to great health.

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