nikola Tesla
0:30 you know when he came to America from serbia it is reported that he had
0:35 all up 4 cents in his pocket and I believe he died with about the same
0:40 amount of money on his person
0:41 when he came to america he came with a letter of recommendation
0:46 and it was written to Thomas edison
0:50 the letter read mister
0:53 edison I know two great men and you are one of them
0:56 the other is this young man

0:59 of course nikola Tesla was considered an eccentric man who talk to death rays
1:05 that could destroy 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 250 miles
1:09 of course we know him for his development of
1:12 alternating current but when we come back
1:16 we’re gonna talk about another part of
1:20 Nikola Tesla’s legacy it has to do with healing
1:23 not destroying not death rays doctor
1:29 talk about
1:32 post electromagnetic healed
1:35 a therapy and I think you’ll be surprised at
1:39 the potential up this remarkable technology
3:02 if you could summarize your your path
3:06 into energy medicine
3:10 yes I well I was a kind family physician
3:13 in actually what the University
3:17 and along the way I
3:20 I started already having storing them needing to do something
3:24 would different within medicine than where I was being talked
3:27 I’m eventually I after start practicing family medicine
3:31 I began to realize that a lot of what we were doing really was
3:35 I’m not for the patient’s best interest
3:38 so for example patients came to you with pain at that time this is back in the
3:43 early early 80s for example patience Kb with pain
3:48 what you what would you do you put them on ibuprofen and after a number of
3:52 patients had them
3:53 GI bleeding about thirty thousand people a year die from
3:56 gastrointestinal bleeding I’m from not
4:00 writer anti-inflammatory like aspirin or a
4:03 ibuprofen but nobody here again gimme that figure again because that’s
4:07 astounding
4:08 yes 30,000 people and has been established
4:12 the research that it was done on this thirty thousand people a year in the US
4:15 die from gastrointestinal Ward
4:19 yes that’s huge right said that stupid
4:23 stupid is that a super and I look around my peers my colleague Mike specialty
4:29 a consultants what could they do to help me to improve
4:33 the quality of my pain management they really didn’t have any better solution
4:36 so I said I have to do something awesome
4:38 that what I did then as I started studying acupuncture so I went to
4:43 program
4:44 an acupuncture for positions professionals
4:47 and learn back pointing out one up
4:51 back then it was back in ninety and back but we’re still not very
4:55 comment in the US there are but rather doctors in the US training act like a
4:59 time
5:00 so I you know I learned Apple people were refusing the needle
5:04 and so I started working with magnetic record in the orient their action using
5:08 magnets acupuncture points and that’s
5:10 basically how I started investigating magnets and discovered that they had a
5:15 lot of other
5:16 uses other than putting them on acupuncture points after reading all the
5:20 science behind it
5:21 speculating articles in funny to this point actually have about 30,000
5:26 abstracts on magnetic field therapies and
5:28 tons and tons and tons back to articles and books I’m so that became a passion
5:33 because then I i dis
5:35 him by discovering what I could do it s not only can I help people with pain
5:38 without the complications and the risks
5:40 but I can help you with a lot of other problems because what you understand
5:44 magnetic field and what they do in the body
5:46 then you know you open up huge blisters terms a possibility
5:50 boogie because we are essentially electromagnetic in nature are we not
5:55 all totally every molecule every atom
5:58 is actually a magnet its little dynamo
6:01 and that produces a magnetic field so when you came in late about Adam there
6:05 are magnetic
6:06 I’m the and into molecules are into tissues
6:10 then use actually broadcast the magnetic field or so
6:14 they actually have equipment now to measure the magnetic field the brain and
6:18 the heart
6:18 and they’re actually a practical use in
6:22 neurology and neurosurgery they’re using magnetic fields to map the brain
6:26 activity
6:27 to be able to a figure out where to him to surgery
6:31 for the brain in some cases it’s its lifesaving in some cases it’s
6:35 yes just excessive intrusion
6:38 but nevertheless the point is that the the brain produces
6:41 huge magnetic field the magnetic field to the brain to the biggest the
6:44 body
6:45 so we are basically an electromagnetic apparatus
6:49 we tend to think up we tend to think that the body as tissue
6:53 you know you can touch your body can pull your skin you can bang a muscle you
6:56 can use a
6:57 an arm or a leg I and you know and you basically are
7:01 you know functioning about with a tissue but when you peered below that level
7:06 wise the tissue how did the accumulated wealth all again the models are
7:10 party-backed issue and and therefore
7:14 back tissue produces magnetic field 8 and magnetic field by Pretz prepared a
7:19 fact
7:19 is you can influence a magnetic field with another magnetic field
7:23 you probably have an experiment yourself you know secure even as an adult when
7:27 you take two magnets in putting together
7:29 Cheshire right yeah to repel each other or they attract each other
7:34 well same kind to effect happened with external magnetic field
7:38 and they will influence the body and you can’t do this in SR
7:41 and I’m dangerous way potentially using things like wifi or
7:46 a cell phones & and so on or you can do it yeah I
7:49 more gentle specifically designed fashion
7:53 to actually stimulate tissue for healing letting your you’re right
7:57 that’s essentially all we hear these days it’s about the harmful biological
8:02 effects
8:03 love EMF but we don’t hear
8:06 how that can be turned around and the post electronic magnetic fields can be
8:11 used
8:12 to heal now what does this have to do with Nikola Tesla
8:16 well exactly I’m saw a Tesla having
8:19 not designed AC alternating current on a power that we have in our homes
8:24 today in
8:25 in our industries that his design
8:29 he peeped pic he invented AC
8:32 so we he himself in the process
8:35 inventing AC began to work with developing quayle’s
8:40 to produce magnetic field he produce electric fields but he also produced
8:43 Micmacs of
8:44 every wire that conducts current
8:48 also produces a magnetic field that’s called the right hand rule
8:53 so when when the card is good going through a copper wire
8:56 there’s a magnetic field around it now if you if you touch fact
9:00 copper wire it’s not shielded you could get a shock
9:03 but if he shielded you’re not gonna get a shock
9:07 but you still get the magnetic field and the interesting thing about magnetic
9:11 field
9:11 is they penetrate the body like it was a rare like the potted
9:15 but the parties did not even exist it’ll go away through the body
9:19 all the way through without basically attaching to it
9:23 or getting absorbed by Arab are used up by it
9:27 and that’s an important aspect to the principle because then you’re not be
9:30 invading the body with anything
9:32 that’s going to stick in the by but what it does is is
9:35 like the wind blowing in the trees
9:39 as an interesting analogy explain that the wind blowing in the trees
9:43 alright so we see these not sitting in my room looking at the trees and the
9:47 liza jiggling for the wind is moving through the trees jiggling believes but
9:52 it doesn’t stay in the tree the tree does not
9:55 absorber use up the wind now sure
9:58 it slows down the wind but that’s a that’s not exactly perfect analogy but
10:02 the point
10:03 point is you can’t see it but you can see the facts
10:06 and it doesn’t really you know get used up
10:10 so worth your faith fine-tuning the electromagnetic serve the body
10:14 %uh is it like is akin to it a tuning fork
10:18 exactly exactly that’s one of the aspects want the principle that itself
10:22 if you take a tuning fork eat or you take two tuning forks
10:26 for example then you tap one of them it will begin to resonate
10:30 to a point where the other tuning fork began to resonate with the same
10:33 residents pattern
10:35 now you can tap it gently way to cap it really strongly
10:39 if you tap it more strongly than the other 24
10:43 will resonate better faster and last longer
10:47 as well so the body it resonates
10:51 with tuning fork and this is what we do human beings are resonating with their
10:55 environment
10:57 now we’re taking these magnetic fields are passing through us constantly
11:00 I the earth is a huge giant magnet
11:05 better protocol permanent magnet is a giant magnet
11:08 and we live in we are born and live in October allergy
11:12 humanity on on this product in fact all biology on the planet
11:16 has been has evolved allred macbeth billions years been the years
11:21 in a bit magnetic account and the earth’s magnetic
11:26 cocoon it actually protects pot from basically
11:29 being completely a burned up by the Sun
11:34 so the earth passes through the Suns Aurora through the sun’s radiation
11:38 the magnetic field at your called the magnetosphere
11:41 it actually protect the planet from being post
11:45 so the night so even then even apothecary basis
11:49 issues for protection but then at the biological protect
11:52 level and the surface of the planet I am
11:55 the Earth’s magnetic field conditions of
11:59 to our body depends on that field for for its effect
12:03 research being done by the russians and the Americans
12:06 has often looked at when we go into space
12:09 I is it due to black a motion gravity
12:12 or is are the problem generated by being space for long periods of time
12:16 or are they due to the lack of the Earth’s magnetic field
12:19 well at that question has been answered completely because unfortunately
12:23 we unless you go to the moon
12:26 are stations on our satellite SAR still within
12:29 I’m the atmosphere the written magnetic field of the earth so they’re not
12:33 completely outta
12:34 are that field a duck a polygon me we r
12:37 swimming in a virtual a
12:40 work i mean we’re constantly be with EMF weather is coming from
12:44 from baby monitors or or cell phones
12:47 or or or WiFi how does
12:51 but how do we differentiate between bad EMF
12:54 and ingredient
12:58 well that s still again a big open question
13:01 liked I am fundamentally most other bad
13:04 court the bad EMS I is
13:07 stream the high-frequency now you can say that
13:11 the fun produces bad EMF
13:14 right because it is tan in the Sun too long it’s called
13:18 ionizing radiation so when we
13:21 when we faxed an innocent too long then the UV rays and all the other rays
13:25 coming up the Sun
13:27 can actually burn its burn our skin
2nd part (start time:13:30)
0:03 those are high frequencies and those are in court in a sense back on the
0:08 other hand are also good
0:09 we need the UV two conditions the infrared rays from the Sun as well too
0:13 keep us warm I so most the wifi
0:17 that we have mostly cell phone signals the mat microwave level signals
0:22 they are extremely high frequency and the body does absorb them
0:26 so in other words the body will seek up from them and that’s what you get when
0:30 you have a sunburn
0:30 usually longer wind in the trees you’re actually doing damage to the tree
0:36 well in this case because the wavelengths are so short
0:40 if you have a you know you need
0:43 basically for a way back to go through the body it’s gotta be at least a meter
0:47 long probably about a meter long if it’s a meter long elaborate offer the body
0:51 supply place a magnetic field in the back
0:53 your back I can measure instantly on the other side your body
0:57 now it drops of not because the bodies using it but it dropped off naturally
1:02 because I’ve a principal physics you know the field just dropped off
1:06 with the inverse square root per cube roots bennett weary
1:10 okay so explain explain to me then
1:14 me and I know you coming to her later in
1:18 july is part of Tesla mania
1:20 and I’ll I don’t know how a rooted you are in
1:23 in in the history of nikola Tesla but can you give me some insight into how he
1:28 discovered all of this how he could use
1:32 holst electromagnetic fields teacher to add to heal disease to heal wounds to
1:37 even raise
1:38 IQ levels I’m not sure how he
1:42 sorta came on that by the end of the study electricity
1:45 you know the right hand rule mining engineer
1:49 knows the right hand rule X you know it’s a principle a physics
1:52 and so if there’s a right hand rule on the court after work around all these
1:57 kinds of Energy’s all the time the
1:58 Van de Graaff generator that you know that so-called Tesla coil
2:02 I and I’m sure that he you know discovered some those effects from these
2:07 things both good and bad
2:08 unfortunately you know most of his writings are gone
2:11 because the FBI you Scott with them after he died
2:15 so we don’t really know what he taught her how experienced it but
2:18 so he did I but that’s ok well can actually produce extremely high voltage
2:23 and if it high enough I suppose you could be marked by a tree could be
2:27 harmed by
2:27 but at the same time at the base is a generator produces
2:32 is just a wild quail around the base at least 10 near that you’re going to get a
2:36 magnetic field from it
2:38 so probably I you he discovered that
2:41 it tap that helped him maybe you know they campaign to hit back at one time
2:45 and I’m party went back to apartment and treat himself
2:48 magnetic field to the refused he’s refused health care for his injuries
2:53 talk by I assume it probably how it a revolver he discovered
2:58 these are these aspects what magnetic fields to do because then he knew that
3:01 they call rates for the body
3:02 at residents you know identifying that
3:05 resonant frequency I know that figures large in all this talk to me about the
3:09 phenomenon
3:10 residents and why resonance is important to humans
3:13 well every everything
3:17 and again anything in life has colored I think there’s a magnetic field
3:21 any kind is basically polls make nader magnetic field the frequency field
3:25 and I’m you need the frequency field
3:29 to be able to stimulate tissues Im
3:33 at there’s an atomic microscope at hopkins and they studied
3:36 cell cultures assault tissues and they put ’em
3:40 dropper up a medication used for
3:43 at what he called a Latin into the solution and with the atomic microscope
3:47 they started
3:48 see jiggling a bit issues the fluid
3:52 environment where the that bad was put in so
3:55 the we’re gonna barbara was already reacting to do it
3:58 to the latham before the actual even saw the molecule that
4:02 abstract just like we produce a make up the body does
4:07 so does every molecule as I mentioned earlier and so as those
4:11 ma as the the font of that molecules started to
4:15 come toward that tissue British you have to recognize that
4:19 that residents patter and said has added decide whether it would accept it or
4:23 reject it
4:24 just like the concept of two magnets at a residence then becomes an important
4:29 part of
4:30 molecules deciding whether they’re going to dock with each other with their gone
4:34 interacting
4:35 they’re going to basically try to not interact with each other
4:38 so when we do magnetic field or
4:41 sunlight I what we’re trying to do basically is to develop a resident thats
4:46 I’m helpful to us that’s going to be able to
4:50 move would create energy so that residents than his party energy process
4:54 is called an electromotive force
4:56 in conversely are your articles
4:59 go ahead sorry conversely are you trying to identify
5:03 the resonant frequency a diseased cells
5:06 so they just like the opera singer who shatters the crystal glass
5:10 you essentially can destroy that sell with
5:14 the same that the same resonant frequency
5:18 yes so every tissue in the body every organ in the body has its own sort a
5:22 resonant frequency which is some
5:23 which is a summation have all of the frequencies within that particular organ
5:27 or almost issues so the brain has its own president pattern in fact we now
5:31 know that the brain has
5:32 but if you do it he G you can see these frequency bands in the right
5:37 in the brain and you could use that principle up tuning
5:40 the brain and I use it on a routine basis
6:02 I love the inventions the visions and the life
6:07 love nikola Tesla
6:14 nikola Tesla has been
6:18 referred to as the man who invented
6:20 the 20th century issues have alternating
6:24 electricals current invention at the AC engine
6:27 brought revolutionary changes in electrical power generation and
6:30 transmission that remained a global
6:32 standard today Tesla was able to recycle
6:37 entire books from memory and designed his machines in his head rather than on
6:41 paper he also frequently
6:43 was ridiculed for proposing impossible inventions
6:47 which he then went and invented anyway
6:50 what my conversation with doctor Bill Smith as we discussed the healing
6:55 technologies
6:56 %uh nikola Tesla when coast to coast continues
6:59 welcome back to coast to coast my name is Dick say rats and if you go to the
7:03 coast to Coast AM dot com website
7:05 the year webmaster Sean lazar has posted
7:09 a video on the highlight section it’s a YouTube clip above
7:13 our guest tonight doctor Bill Smith talking about treating patients with
7:17 magnetic field
7:18 therapy and he is a national expert in the medical use of electromagnetics
7:22 and energy medicine more than 22 years
7:25 experience let’s talk a little bit about to what
7:29 these devices that use look like doctor polygon I’m guessing by we going to your
7:33 office I’m not gonna
7:34 I’m not gonna see a series of Tesla coils in there or am i
7:37 well a smaller versions of them
7:41 I’m not the typical serve vintagraph type generator quell
7:45 you know with the with the stand and like a capital top arm
7:49 in his own life he developed more round coils and actually had a has a patent
7:54 for around quell and their consider flat coil
7:58 basically so they 8 what you do with those
8:01 basically put them over next remedy for an extremity inside by the squirrels
8:05 and there are various configurations for them you can actually hide the coil
8:09 in material or casing because magnetic field go through everything except metal
8:15 metal bender quell so what you basically covered almost any kind
8:18 material and it will go through a plastic would
8:21 arm skin animal skins et cetera
8:24 so you to go through all that and and then penetrated by so you can see
8:28 different configurations some other communist
8:31 earliest ones that he used we’re just truly a
8:34 like a hope that was copper wire that was attached to
8:38 to add jet you know generator or two power lines
8:41 that’s what we have to look I and then okay to configure those in so many
8:46 different ways
8:47 so there are there’s you could imagine the number
8:50 configurations that you could get her the way they look so
8:55 what’s the ID here that once you identify the resonant frequency for a
8:59 particular disease you simply tune
9:01 be the equipment to that frequency and then hopefully you can
9:06 you can you can heal that diseases that how it works in a nutshell
9:09 I am well unfortunately best stock
9:12 not way it works typically because we
9:15 really don’t have maps of the residents a politician the body
9:19 and any pathology remarking on the body’s gonna have a different residents
9:23 parents or even collars
9:25 obviously have different residents is the reason they look different the
9:28 colors are
9:29 colors is because they have different residences
9:32 so I diseases may have
9:35 residences but a disease and one person may have a different residents than a
9:39 disease another
9:40 and there are multiple residences like say for calcium ions there could be
9:44 multiple residences for that calcium ions was not
9:47 is not specifically that has one frequency on me to get complicated and
9:52 when you treat any given tissue is loaded with all kinds of
9:56 molecule and therefore
3rd part (start time: 23:24)
0:00 for the you know the patterns have residents are not
0:03 tunable today yet I’m Star Trek white maybe
0:07 maybe they could be tunable we have to develop large libraries
0:11 residents patterns and and what they do so what we do instead is we assume
0:15 are research has shown certain certain frequencies are used you know
0:19 predominately I’ll some other common frequencies are used are 50 cycles per
0:24 second or 60 cycles per second which is the current frequencies
0:27 you know the electricity for Cassina our homes and buildings
0:30 I’m others I thought I was messing with the brain waves the brain has different
0:35 levels of
0:35 frequencies going from one cycle per second are we call it hurts
0:40 RTZ all the way up to about 50 cycles per second
0:44 maybe even more but that’s the predominant band the frequencies
0:47 and when we’re alert when we’re listening and talking and
0:50 learning judging in processing a brain is processing them what we’re doing is
0:55 we’re
0:55 were basically between about thirteen 50 cycles per second
0:59 when we’re relaxed were gonna be between about
1:02 a 1323 cycles per second when where
1:06 a falling asleep recovery between five and eight cycles per second
1:09 going to very very deep sleep will be from 1 to 5
1:12 so-what you could do that issue 29 the brain patterns
1:17 to those frequencies and then you can treat a person and make them more alert
1:20 or you can make them
1:22 relax or you can you know how to bring to resonate in tune with the
1:25 generator the frequency generator reproducing and produced
1:29 a in our change in the bite so
1:33 by invite producing the energy in the body magnetic field passes through the
1:37 frequency passes through the body
1:39 it’s going to resonate at some level with anything that will resonate at that
1:43 frequency let’s say 10 hurts
1:44 I’m and so the templates frequency then we’ll start to stimulate processes in
1:50 the body that are susceptible to temper its
1:52 that will resonate with it call them train mentor
1:55 or frequency following it will resonate with Ms Tara Cascada be them
2:00 investigation is that began to rebalance the body
2:03 want it done at a distance
2:06 can this be done at a distance doctor apologises have to be on house proximity
2:10 yes and no supply the distance issue a mention the fact the magnetic field
2:15 follow up very rapidly from the surface of the applicator
2:18 from the surface is this at the source of the magnetic field
2:22 and so about 45 inches away
2:25 you’re still gets a magnetic field may not be strong but if you want to have a
2:29 very strong magnetic field going through the body you’re going to have to have a
2:32 much stronger source so yes you can’t read
2:36 distance but not the body’s bodies magnetic fields are also extremely tiny
2:41 test well we use the the the terminology
2:44 for the strength of the magnetic field now used to be called
2:48 Cox we still use that term you know frequently cultists starchy
2:53 Huss but now most scientist
2:57 are using Tesla as the unit of measure up the intensity magnetic field
3:01 so one test flight because 10,000 cocks
3:05 and the MRI machines that we are exposed to today for diagnostic purposes are
3:10 anywhere the magnitude from to to upwards of 20 passes for
3:14 most the time they going to be between to the forecast for so I
3:18 twenty thousand gulf for twenty thousand dollars
3:21 I’ll you can going to an MRI machine
3:24 and up um piece of metal well actually
3:28 fly across the room as the MRI machine turned on
3:32 and they will be attracted to the to the generate just like magnets attract
3:37 himself that is a very sharp for
3:39 share and so you are sick of mail to fly across a room
3:43 so that would allow you to them to read in court
3:47 at a distance but most the time the applicators rachi put
3:51 pretty well on the body itself or great break very close to the body
3:55 in you can affect it you can affect im mood
3:58 with this as well its own release it if someone was suffering from
4:02 let’s say clinical depression totally
4:06 totally I am patient I’m not patient actually was a woman that I was at a
4:11 conference at
4:12 using a machine called the M&S and she was having a panic reaction she was just
4:17 happy
4:18 beside herself I’m some some events were going on in her personal life and she
4:22 was she was breaking down
4:24 so we put on this device and better down on it and put her on
4:27 one frequency which is called the Schumann Resonance which is 7.83 cycles
4:31 per second
4:32 we put her on I hi you can see a machine
4:35 and she had 100 Cox manicure was about 100,000 tender on for 30 minutes
4:42 and she woke up a complete got up completely different person
4:45 infact was raving about how well she felt let me turn this around let me
4:52 sorry let me flip this around to the other side though because
4:57 I hear terms like entrainment
5:00 used in other capacities so much somewhat more sinister and that is when
5:04 we’re talking about things like mind control and
5:07 and in wondering whether then this same technology could be used
5:10 to induce a state of depression
5:13 in someone I’m I’ve certainly never used it for
5:17 him that way oh no no I’m not talking about you have but in the wrong hands
5:22 a but I yesterday possible because if you do entrainment let’s say you want to
5:26 be sitting at your desk
5:27 writing a paper or reading
5:31 third cycle pedia or are studying something on the internet
5:35 and somebody beams you with us for the high-intensity
5:38 local might condensed magnetic field like radar
5:43 combat maybe at three cycles per second make you very
5:47 droopy in sleepy
5:50 as the brain begins to entrench itself as the brain begins to listen to these
5:54 frequencies starts to follow the frequencies
5:56 yes so we had a pair beautifully could be used you know
5:59 in a negative way absolutely fascinating yeah I I don’t dwell on the negative
6:03 obviously we’re here to talk about the healing aspects of
6:06 tell me but about some of your other patients and what they’re coming
6:10 to see you about in which were able to do for them using this pulsed
6:14 electromagnetic field therapy
6:16 we r really basically
6:19 any problem in the body any tissue in the body that you are perfect can be
6:23 helped by
6:25 so magnetic fields are not specific to a particular condition
6:29 so for example you can right now if you have attacked an infection you gonna get
6:33 an antibiotic have diabetes you get a diabetic drugs
6:36 they have epilepsy good an anti-seizure drug so that’s like basically have a
6:39 condition
6:40 and you have a treatment so there the treatment a specific to the condition
6:44 magnetic fields are not like that because they operate the cell and a very
6:48 very very basic level
6:49 again this is an resonant and so as a result
6:53 you can treat virtually any condition in the body to varying degrees
6:58 now I tell people this to think magnetic fields can’t do
7:01 the can’t cure your stupidity haha people are doing stupidity
7:06 right you can’t cure that and also you can’t cure death
7:12 so it is better dead but virtually
7:16 everybody able to help it but virtually every other elements every other disease
7:20 contagion
7:22 can be a positively affected
7:26 by the you serve post electromagnetic field therapy
7:30 absolutely the body has a limited set of responses
4th part (start time: 30:59)
0:03 to injury holocaust cell injury
0:06 I’m there are are library of responses the body has been virtually every tissue
0:13 has the same
0:14 encyclopaedia of
0:18 responses and more identifying more more more responses
0:21 we get more sophisticated with our testing techniques but fundamentally
0:25 there are
0:26 very similar effects of cell injury itself involves
0:29 a breakdown of the energy in the cell cell injury is a few
0:34 if you burn if you cut if you art
0:37 star I if you deprive oxygen if you use toxic chemicals
0:42 all that causes I felt to be injured and then that injury process produces
0:47 certainly facts that are
0:48 better common across all self they include
0:51 swelling the tissues they include a drop-off in circulation which is part of
0:56 what swelling is
0:57 they cause often muscles and other tissues
1:00 to contract to to tighten up to step it up
1:03 they decrease the energy production that’s available to do the work
1:07 cell and and they stopped
1:10 regenerating themselves based they they lose the capacity to actually feel
1:14 themselves
1:14 well right now feels have been found to actually impact every one of those steps
1:19 to the talent reprocess
1:20 so when you put a magnetic field through the body
1:24 the body will take from it basically what it wants
1:27 they will decide whether it’s going to be reducing certain
1:30 the matter whether it’s going to stimulate DNA mean arne
1:33 fact all those are happening same time but something seems to happen
1:36 preferentially at least
1:38 united as terms being obvious to us so
1:42 really basically any tissue can be can be treated
1:45 you have to pick the right field sometimes you know you need a stronger
1:48 feel sometimes you need a weaker feel sometimes you need
1:50 10 hurt sometimes you need fifty her sometimes in a thousand hurts
1:54 it sounds like it’s really trial on error Portelli it has become a matter a
1:59 problem there
2:00 now we have more and more research to guide us there’s a lot more research
2:03 available to guide us for this process
2:05 fact I published a book I’m with an md/phd for the Czech Republic
2:10 with his PhD and on magnetic field therapy
2:14 and in fact a day in the Czech Republic
2:18 I magnetic therapy is applied in virtually every
2:21 small rehab hospital in the country because of the influenza
2:26 my Michael Walker where he reviewed all the literature in eastern europe
2:30 he published it he I’m just you know I did
2:33 transcribe that he I’m translated it and
2:37 produced a manuscript in that we put up with that manuscript in the English
2:40 so the manuscript describes thirty years research
2:43 in eastern europe its now 10 years old so now they have
2:47 forty or fifty years of experience with my taxi of when I was looking at the
2:52 literature in the in the West in English because I don’t
2:55 I don’t read Russian or czech or Hungarian
2:59 I soul he some rice all that
3:02 I was looking to do the same thing and in the English language literature
3:05 there’s virtually nothing
3:06 most for the english-language literature had to do with basic science
3:11 a magnetic field effect on biology but there’s nothing political
3:14 and I met with him actually had a meeting and he said I have a manuscript
3:18 which like to work together so so we week or that book and Matt again it
3:23 describes all sorts of conditions that are treated
3:25 studies and research has been done using specific kinda feels and
3:29 now the problem is that it there’s all kinds a field could be used
3:33 well what do I back that will fit all what can you tell us about the effects
3:38 of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
3:40 on various types of cancer I know we have to be careful about
3:43 throwing the word healed around about what are the
3:48 affects I love the Tesla technology
3:51 on cancer I’m yeah I don’t I can say that
3:56 we have resources that shows you know definitively that we can cure cancer
4:01 and unfortunately in medicine we can assure that word around
4:04 too much anyway same with cure to cancer when it’s not always
4:08 witness we often not true now if you live five years after you start your
4:12 chemotherapy or your treatment and make your consider buying parties have been
4:15 cured
4:16 so captures a lifetime process once you have cancer you have a
4:20 chronic chronic illness a chronic condition you have to deal with for the
4:24 rest of your life
4:24 a magnetic fields like any other tissue will impact
4:28 the cancer one of the things they further cancer cells with up with
4:31 oxidants
4:32 so that by proper to bringing in circulation into that area where the
4:35 cancer is growing
4:36 that harm the cancer
4:40 one of the key of effective magnetic fields is to
4:44 a prospect that feels again properly designed and properly used will
4:48 stabilize the immune system so actually help the body’s immune system to
4:52 actually
4:52 out work on the cancer I see many many people with
4:56 magnetic field exposures passively or actively
4:59 where they stop the cancer from growing then tell it but they stop it from
5:03 growing and when the
5:04 magnetic therapy with stop the cancer started growing again
5:08 so even though you don’t kill it you can at least stop it from from
5:11 progressing I handed effect again
5:14 genetically it affects it but the basic cellular injury processes
5:19 problems that are that are generated I am deadlocked a different way to make me
5:23 feel that there’s a fairly good
5:25 literature at a basic science level but we have a very very little
5:29 I’m science I’m and terms active treatment
5:35 you’ve been involved in in treating people to acupuncture homeopathy
5:40 all when we’re talking about to pull selectronic electromagnetic
5:44 a field therapy is is in your mind
5:48 the Holy Grail
5:51 I’m no know obviously you know we have to have good nutrition
5:56 I we have two a you know live a modern
6:00 moderate lifestyle and if you’re not going to do
6:03 bad then you’re going to be harmed by it and
6:07 and magnetic therapy may help to undo some of the effects about harm
6:11 but you still need to have a good attitude you still need to
6:15 exercise we still need to move your body you don’t use it you lose it
6:20 still and it be good idea probably take some supplements as the body gets older
6:24 breaks down more
6:25 I’m and dark are circumstances where you do need surgery
6:29 so there aren’t many other things that need to be in place as well
6:32 the metaphor that I use is building a house
6:36 when you’re building a house you have to have bricks and mortar yet have the
6:40 workers
6:41 you have to have the tools yet have a plan
6:45 you need all those elements to build a house now if you have tools that are
6:49 hand tools
6:50 then you are going to pics the project is not take longer
6:55 if you use power tools are gonna go faster well in Mike Pence magnetic field
6:59 therapy brings power to the project
7:02 for example some wanna first I
7:05 American and Canadian government approved uses for magnetic field therapy
7:09 I was for factors that don’t heal
7:13 so after about six months the factors considered non-union if it hasn’t healed
7:18 and what what was this cover back in the and
7:21 seventies and for the eighties was that magnetic fields were actually kick-start
7:26 a process that stop the stalled
7:29 for various reasons bodies don’t finish healing said the body could be sexy body
7:33 could have not enough protein
7:35 may not have enough energy re immune support to be able to speak
7:39 you finish the healing process and so magnetic field we introduce that
7:43 fractured that nonunion
7:45 even if it’s been there for five or seven years often will start up
7:48 again now you may treat for a year before it gets fully healed
7:53 and you may need to do a 12 hours a day but that the magnetic field offer the
7:57 opportunity to get that we started