And we are talking about the positive biological effects of something call Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy brought to us by Nikala Tesla and we are learning that can reverse diseases and make you feel pretty darn good well I find that Rafeal Sedeak doe the same thing for me. Back in 1898 Nicholas Tesla actually 1893 my apologies, Nickala Tesla had demonstrated his invention of the radio and he received a patent for it but the patent office stripped him of the award in 1904 and gave it instead to, you guessed it Marconie and why? Well there is a lot of evidence to suggest that it is because both Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie had invested in Marconie not in Tesla.

Tesla fought for twenty nine years to reacquire is patent and finally getting a hearing in the US Supreme Court with finding that fifteen of Marconie’s sixteen patents were actually invented by Tesla himself. The court rules in Tesla’s favour in 1944 unfortunately it came a year too late because it was a year after Tesla’s death.

RS: It’s strange that his technology, his healing technology and it was understood that electromagnetic field therapy had tremendous benefits then all of a sudden around 1910 as I understand it this was all sort of shut down, what happened?

Doctor: well my reading of it my assessment of it was that there were hundreds of medical schools in the US, hundreds of schools and not all of them were scientifically grounded they were not ,didn’t do a good job training doctors, back ten you could become a doctor in one year and you could, right out of high school you could not even finish high school you could get a degree and a lot of people Carnegie was involved in the very much involved in this and they produce a report called the Flexner report so essentially they started shutting down schools, they set standards for what was good medical education.

A lot of the people in some of these schools were trained by these schools were using electro therapeutic apparatus but there was unfortunately not good science behind them and the people in the traditional medical schools including one that I was at John Hopkins were basically they are not doing an research in that area at all and many of them shy away from it because just become so contaminated by people making extraordinary outrageous claims, that’s where we got snake oil idea, snake oil sales people. Well a lot of that was electro therapeutic as well. Unfortunately they threw the baby out with the bath water, they didn’t particularly specifically shut it down they just ignore it essentially the medical staff at the time which included the EMA and the colleges of medicine in the US with Carnegie basically shut all that down and those schools went away and the technology essentially became ignored so now I know the EMA had been involved after that and going after people who were using these kind of technologies and devices because they were not proven so unfortunately a lot of it went away.

Homiauscaphy (5:00) virtually died in the US because of this and osteopa(5:10) almost died electro therapeutic and there were huge number of devices and you could buy electric therapeutic devices in the sears catalogue. Around the turn of the century the twentieth century so unfortunately we lost the legacy of a lot of opportunities to be able to heal people and medicine really start to evolve toward the chemist began to get involved so chemistry was an important part of this. Pharmacology which is Pharma right drug that began to have a huge influence on the medical education. Surgery of course and the introduction of antibiotics and anaesthesia that’s how medicine began to evolve and again the technology basically to went away.

There was suppression but largely that suppression was because the suppression of the people who were doing it who were trained, who were poorly trained in medical schools.

RS: So it wasn’t an overt attempt let’s say by big pharma or orthodox medicine to suppress the technology that might allow people to essentially heal themselves.

Doctor: Correct. I was reading the Flexner report actually just rereading it in the last couple of days and one of the there is a paragraph in one of the report that says ‘ the doctor will be trained in medicine, surgery and midwifery and physics training, chemistry training and anatomy, physiology, pathology and all this sort of sub science of medicine and after all that training if they wanted to add other things including psychic therapy that is psychotherapy or they wanted to add physical mediality( 7:10)that’s okay. Electrical electricity therapy was actually defined as an area the doctors could add to what they did.

It was not specifically rejected I could not find anywhere else in the document were it specifically said no, no electricity therapeutics, but I think in my mind it was basically ignored because of the progress of medicine at the time, the direction it was going in and if the professors are true today. If the professors the teachers of medicine and the major industry support the medical industrial complex if you will don’t have any interest in it, they don’t see any money in it then it gets ignored and the FDA of course can go after people who are using devices who are quotes “not proven” so you have to be extra ordinary careful about what you say you can do with it.

RS: Well say, lets fast forward to the twenty first century and I understand that health Canada has began to licence Pulse Electromagnetic Field Frequency Therapy. First let’s talk about what’s going on in the United States. Where are you at in terms of the acceptance of this technology?

Doctor: Well Canada is allowing seem to be looser in its ability, in its interest in brining the technologies into the market to us to make it available to people. But you still have to be careful of what you say; you can’t make claims that it is going to cure cancer for example or heart disease for that matter. You can make certain types of claims or you have to prove that it has specific claims. For example I mentioned the bone healing device they can say they heal bone because they spent the money and they got the approvals to do that.

In the US it is much tighter because of the FDA again and also the FTC the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t allow transport across the state lines of devices when you are making a claim you have to prove it. it doesn’t matter whether it is a soccer ball or another tool so if you have a ace bandage or heat wrap it is going to cure your back problems. Well the FTC is going you say show me the evidence and if you can produce the evidence then they will allow you to make that claim. But also the FDA for health purposes if you are saying that it is going to stop your pain or if it is going to improve heart disease or cure diabetes well then you have to prove it to the FDA. It takes a lot of money to do that.

One of the companies I just spoke to the medical doctor that has the device for bone healing and I asked them why they didn’t use these devices for osteoporosis which is a very common problem and there is no good treatment for it the medical treatments are terrible they don’t work that well and they have tremendous side effects so they wanted to go ahead and get an approval to use their devices which now has a twenty year history in the US for safety and effectiveness but the FDA make them go back to what they call animal studies.

The company figured out that I t was going to cost them a half a billion dollars, five hundred million dollars to get a new indication for ostheroporotis even if they could even get it because you know sometime the rules and the people who make these decision can be somewhat arbitrary so they decided not to pursue it so without having an effective electronic magnetic therapy, we know that it stimulates bone, we know it does a very good job for bone so that’s the kind of environment here. Today if you want to get a drug approve if you want to submit an application the FDA for a drug you have to put down a check for seven hundred and fifty thousand and the check has to clear before they will even open the application so that’s the bar.

RS: The game is rigged.

Doctor: It’s totally rigged it is whether it is rigged on purpose or not they factor becomes that way.

RS: That’s a tragedy of epic proportion Doctor.

Doctor: I think it is I think it is because this is a technology has tremendous healing potential and I see it all the time.

RS: Now you have been involved in acupuncture sort of do a contrast comparison for me between acupuncture versus Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy.

Doctor: If you can bear with me for a second, let’s go back to the question you ask before that last break about, homeopathic therapy laser and ultrasounds etc all of them attempt to do they are electromagnetic in their own ways and I have basically resolve myself towards using magnetic therapy because I think they are essentially the most cost effective. Every technology works laser works very well, electro stimulation works very well acupuncture works very well so they all have their place and it can work together with magnetic therapies but if you are going to buy one device then I would recommend magnetic field therapy.

I am always of the opinion and I have been this way since I have been a family physician. I want people to be independent, I want people to treat themselves I tell my patients regularly I am not your doctor, you are your doctor I am your consultant I am going to tell you what you need to do to be health, to be healthy as you want to be and so, then I recommend the technologies . Acupuncture is one of them so if I say I think magnetic therapy is going to work for you, your problems is going away in a few weeks with good treatment with acupuncture fine, I recommend the acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a placement of needles in the body there are many kinds of acupuncture where you put a needle into the body into a acupuncture point you actually create a cascade of electrical events and that’s where this is pretty well proven. The acupuncture meridian system is a dc current system it’s electrical and as a electrical system which also as like the right hand rule we mentioned transmission of electricity produce the magnetic field well that system also produces a very tiny little magnetic field in the body that serves as shield for the body in a sense but when you put a needle in a point it causes the transmission of current down that line and then begins to rebalance tissues and stimulate the healing process so that’s very specific and very focus. Unfortunately you have to go to an acupuncturist to get the treatment.

Magnetic field therapy I discovered earlier on that they do some of the effects of the acupuncture without a needle and at the same time they can actually stimulate the tissue itself without a needle. A need will only work in the spot of a needle or you rely on the transmission of energy down the line so that’s kind of like the difference between magnetic field and acupuncture they can be used together but PEMF gives you the additional advantage to actually go into the body deep into the body all the way into the body and stimulate the cells and heals themselves.

RS: So where does one go and but one of these devices is it one size fit all or different devices for different ailments.

Doctor: Well at this point we are not evolved enough with the technologies to be able to say there is only one device to this problem. The FDA of course says that, if you go the FDA you have to have an indication so if you want to heal on non union you have to go to the FDA to get an approval to say I heal non union. So in that sense there are devises that are specific to that and once you do that with the FDA you are lock in so the FDA we call it golden parachute and golden handcuffs you can make a lot of money by getting FDA approval for a specific indication because you can market for it and sell for it but you are locked in you can’t for nothing else and so that means you have to have a room full of or building full of devices for all these different conditions if you go that route.

We don’t want to do that so we have to try and find devices and there are a lot of commercial devices outlets that are in the US. When I first started there were almost none and now we got to some extent I wouldn’t say an explosion it not like there are hundreds of companies that sell magnetic field therapy devices but there a lot and so you can buy directly from a distributor, you can buy from somebody who is a sales person for that particular company or that reason I set up Dr is to be able to be able to provide people with a range of devices that I personally used personally tested, and I use it on myself, my patients and before it recommended to anybody else I want to be really comfortable with what it can do and so Dr not only educate people about magnetic field therapy but also allows them the opportunity to get one if they want one.

RS: And let’s say someone has rheumatoid arthritis in their hands, give me the dos and don’ts, how, you go and you purchase one of these devices and you unwrap it, you got it at home you take it out of the box now what do you do with it what are the dos and don’ts.

Doctor: well sometimes the manual works the basic don’ts, sometimes the manual works sometime you need some extra help and again this is one of the reasons I set up the website I did which is to provide a lot of education so the people have good support for what they are going to do, sometimes it takes a discussion with a clination (16:28) or some kind of practitioner to educate you on your own specific use.

Most of the time it is hard to go wrong because these are very low intensity system compared to MRI for example they are low frequency so that means they are real risk factor is almost nonexistent, does mean it’s none existent so you have to be careful with pacemakers we can’t say that you can use it safely with pregnancy because there is no research to support but it is actually is safe in pregnancy, although we do know that women get pregnant and work in MRI suites doing MRI testing while they are pregnant without any obvious problem.

We have not done a formal study to look at safety in pregnancy so that is sort of a relative contra indication, I would not there are lot of things we say for example if you have an infection it is probably not a good idea to rely on the magnetic field for your treatment but if you get an antibiotic (17:30) to help you with your infection then you can use the magnetic field therapy to help your body speed up the recovery all it does is kill the bugs.

The body has to finish the job of healing its’ self but the antibiotic does not heal you, you have to heal you. What you can do with the magnetic field is to expedite the healing process to make sure that the healing process doesn’t get stall or stop or break down and you are likely to get complications. The eastern surgeons discover this a long time ago. The Orthopaedic doctor when they use Pulse Magnetic Field in their surgical patients they recover much faster their wounds heal in about half the time and they didn’t have complications. So it could be use along with other approaches and often should be used along other approaches in order to get the best results.

RS: Do you have one of these devices in your home and how do you use it?

Doctor: Well to g back to the rheumatoid arthritis it is actually very effective to rheumatoid arthritis but it is not a cure for rheumatoid arthritis it is an immune disease and you can’t turn off the auto immune process and at this point we don’t have the technology to know how to turn it off but we know that we can help your joints be more mobile, less swollen, less inflames, and have less pain in them using Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy. Now do I have them in my office or in my home?

RS: Yes do you personally use one?

Doctor: All day, every day, I use magnetic field for all sort of things, well I happen to getting on in years and not that I am old, old but obviously I have creaks and rattle, I tore up my left lateral minascurous (19:16) my cartilage in my left knee and it was a mild tear my knee clicked every time I walked every time I stepped on it and I use pulse magnetic field therapy one hour a day and a knee brace battery operated device and in three weeks it was gone, completely gone. I have sciatica and when my sciatica acts up I put my magnetic therapy on my back and it is gone within minutes. Where people have factures that heal much faster, bruises, bug bites, spider will heal within minutes.

RS: Here is an indication of how far ahead of his time Nickla Tesla was. In 1898 the United State military showed no interest when Tesla demonstrated a remote controlled boat. Again 1898 remote controlled boat even though Tesla’s wireless device was the beginning of technology that would later enable robotics now the more you learn of Nickla Tesla the more you can’t help but be impressed with him even his magnanimous nature.

In order to keep electricity inexpensive to the public Tesla sold George Westinghouse his own royalties which was worth an estimated twelve million dollars. He sold them for just two hundred and sixteen thousand.

If Tesla had kept his royalties he may have been the first billionaire sharing financial history with the likes of John D Rockefeller the world’s first in 1916, Howard Hughes and Bill Gates who became the first to reach one hundred billion dollars in 1999 the life and times of visions of Nickla Tesla.

RS: give me a sense of where you would put Tesla in the Pantheon of the great thinkers and inventors of all time. Do we have William Smith with us or did we lose him. No he is there he was just pondering, he was pondering, alright.

Doctor: Nickala Tesla is clearly he has had such a huge impact well I mean who could say who is more important is it Plato is it Einstein personally I don’t know much Einstein affects my life directly but Tesla.

RS: That’s an excellent point, that’s an excellent point.

Doctor: our lives are completely interwoven with what Tesla did for us.

RS: And yet tragically he died penniless and alone.

Doctor: and alone and then after that his estate was not able to benefit from his work because for some reason the FBI took all his document I suppose they could put consider it national security.

RS: Impossible for you to answer I suppose but I will ask the question anyway, how much in terms of the healing technology the pulse magnetic field therapy has been lost to us, how much of that was scooped up by the FBI at the New Yorker Hotel in 1943.

Doctor: Absolutely correct, I totally agree with you, not only what happen then but also what in 1910 so we have at least two aspects of the law. Now I think Tesla had a major impact on all these people around the turn of the twentieth century who were doing electrical therapy. We still have some tolls that are available today that have existed from back then.(23:44) Pens machines for example , electrical stimulations all continued throughout all these years and electronic magnetic therapy unfortunately is relatively recent since I would say in the last twenty five years that we started to have that technology available here in this country where it was commonly available in Europe.

When I was travelling in Europe this past summer with Bob Connolley who is doing a movie called The Healing Fields we interviewed people and a lot of place where we stopped and ask them if they had any experienced or any understanding about pulse magnetic field therapy and many of them says they did. In fact one woman that we saw was actually using it to treat herself, so it is much more common and accepted there it has been around there and has not been suppressed the same way as it has here for a long time probably close to 100 years.

RS: Alright we have a lot of people lining up and want to speak with you Doctor are you ready to dive in?

Doctor: I sure am.

RS: Okay let’s go to first time caller on the line and Alex in Semi Valley California. Good Morning Alex.

Alex: Good morning RS good morning Doctor transmitting program thanks for bringing it up. I have a question regarding(25:00) sexual technology and how it related to one that was invented by Royal Rife back in the early nineteen hundreds are you familiar with his work.

RS: Royal Rife, Dr Smith, are you familiar with his work?

Doctor: yea

RS: His super powerful micro scope.

Doctor: Yes, the work that Royal Rife did was very important for us as well and he did the job of an amazing microscope being able to see organisms at a level nobody has been able to see before since then medicine has developed in what we called the electron microscope, and again huge financial interest was behind that and nobody ever took up the Rife microscope that basically fell by the way and he was vilified as well and ignored and suppressed there is a lot of infighting and politics associated with this and people as he got better and better and smarter and smarter with what he was doing vested interest began to go after him and a lot of his work began to fall apart that’s unfortunately the nature of this country and a good part of the world economic risk are port important than serving humanity. That’s what happened to Rife.

RS: Sorry I just was going to jump in if I could Doctor because it is a fascinating point that Alex brings up and the claim was that Royal Rife had identified the resident frequency of just about every known disease and passages(26:40) known to man and was able to essentially shatter those disease cells. What do you make of those claims?

Doctor: Well to go back to residence a lot of what he was doing was essentially using frequency to treat various conditions and he just discovered this using his microscope that he could kill organisms by blasting them with relatively high energy frequency and then each organism like viruses or parasites or bacterial fungi would have a resident pattern that would kill it and then he was treating people with say the Rife machine and getting results with people as well but it was very hard to prove in a person that when you are giving them a frequency that what you are actually curing is what you did in a pee tree dish so this is part of the problem is what we see with Rife but I think the fundamental concept or idea there is frequency are important.

The challenge is finding the right device or the right system that is able to or the right frequency for that matter to be able to do the job. So we need to develop better, there is a library of frequencies of things that people have found over time to work with specific condition but unfortunately a lot of it has not been subjected to rigorous systematic research to be sure it dies just that.

However I deal with conditions all the time like Lime diseases or viruses like herpes viruses which could potentially be affected by different frequency but that research have not been done, it has not been funded.

RS: Alex did you have a supplementary?

Alex: No that was pretty much it, it seems to me that Dr Rife frequency generator actually did or heed him in his experimentation did pick up the frequency for dozens of diseases and ailments and by hitting the person with that frequency basically those cells would blow up in some.

Doctor: They don’t always need to blow up now if you want to kill a virus I guess you will have to blow it up or if you want to kill a parasite you may want to blow it up but if you try to treat and he also thought that cancer was a virus that was cause by a virus now at the time he was quite ridicule for this but now we know that there are many cancers that are in fact are virally induced. There are viruses that are part of the problem but I don’t think all cancers are, so that’s where we get into some problems because I don’t know how much he studied different kinds of cancers and back then we did not have the ability to differentiate cancers as well as we do today.

I still think you can take a cancer cell subject it to a resident frequency and help the body to kill the cancer