S1: Let’s go back to the phones and say hello to Anne on the wild card line and is checking in from beautiful Oceanside, California. Anne, good morning.

S2: Good morning. I wanted to ask the doctor that if somebody’s living close to a micro– in fact, it’s a microwave tower right in the same building, would that cancel out the electromagnetic therapy if you’re trying to use that?

S3: Yeah, it is a great question. Honestly, I don’t have a good answer for it. I would say that generally speaking, it wouldn’t. There’s a possibility that very weak pulse magnetic fields if you have a system that’s actually very, very low intensity. There’s a possibility, depending on how close you are and whether there’s amplification in a building. So if you’re in a building with steel burners in it, then there may be amplification of the tower signal, which can then override a bigger system, but generally speaking, you’d have to have a very weak magnetic system. Some of the systems are in what we call the “[teeco?*] testing range”, the extremely tiny– a billionth of a tesla. If they get up to 100 microtesla – 100 microtesla is like close to one gauss. That means that at that level, there’s still a possibility for interference but it begins to get unlikely as you move farther and farther away from the tower. And I feel that within 100 feet of the tower, then clearly it’s going to interfere, but if you’re 1000 feet away, then probably not.

S1: Anne in Oceanside, thanks for the call. A lot of wild card callers tonight. Now we have Alexander in Cleveland. Welcome Alexander, good morning.

S4: Good morning. I just wanted to ask the doctor, I have this friend who– I have a sensitive skin and I asked her how she gets her skin so clear, and she said she spends a lot of time in the sun. But I didn’t want to put my whole body through that kind of radiation so I actually drilled a hole in my microwave, as weird as that sounds. Then I just put the afflicted area – like if I see a zit coming out and actually, I’ve tried it out with my athlete’s foot before and it actually cleared out some of the bacteria and fungi. I was wondering if there are any negative ramifications for that kind of use of it.

S3: Yeah, I suppose there is but it depends on how much—by the way, you’re very inventive and I certainly don’t recommend people put a hole in their microwave.

S1: I was going to say, where did you come up with the idea to drill a hole in your microwave for crying out loud?

S4: Well, you can’t open the microwave while it’s on, it’ll just shut off. I wanted to find a way just to get in there. When I hear radiation, like what the sun has and gamma rays and all that… I don’t know any other forms of household radiation, so that was the first thing that jumped to my mind

S3: The kinds of magnetic fields that I use in my practice can be healing to the problems that you’re treating with the microwave. I have to say that there are microwave therapies in medicine that are used regularly for prostate, for skin lesions and eyes, and obviously we use laser. Lasers are in fact another form of extremely high frequency radiation. So what happens is that you’re bombarding those tissues with microwaves and the microwaves are absorbed into the tissues and are basically helping to temporarily heal it. The challenge is when you’re exposing yourself on a regular basis, like daily or even more often to this kind of radiation, then you can potentially do harm. Infrequent exposure wouldn’t be so bad, or if you went to a specialist who is using an apparatus that is specifically designed for that purpose, then you know what you’re doing and you’re not going to do it everyday, and you’re not going to do it 2-3 times a week.

S1: Yeah, obviously we need to put out that message. Not a good idea to be drilling a hole in your microwave oven. Dr. Smith, I have this question or comment via email. Mick writes, “I am a wildlife rehabilitator. I’m familiar with this technology for some years. I primarily treat injured turtles, often with shell fractures after being hit by cars. There are veterinary research papers which document that PEMF can be used to accelerate shell healing. I’ve also used electrolysis from high-voltage low-current discharge to relieve two or three people of symptoms after brown recluse and black widow spider bites. In the widow bite case, the person was already developing stomach cramping but symptoms abated after the application of a mild electric shock.” Would you care to weigh in on that?

S3: There are two aspects, and so the two questions are basically whether you can use magnetic therapy on animals— and the answer is definitively yes. In fact, most research that we have benefited from are magnetic field therapies that has been started on animals. So when someone actually buys a magnetic system, I tell them you don’t own the magnetic system that you bought, the household owns it, including the dog, the cat and the plants. Everybody benefits from it. All biology benefits from it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a horse or a turtle or a cat or a dog or a gerbil or any other critters like that. They all benefit from pulse magnetic field therapy – using the right therapy, using it in the right way. In the case of a fractured shell for a turtle, if it has the capacity to heal for itself and repair then the magnetic field will stimulate that repair process. There are a lot of PEMF devices for animals as well. There are websites that are specifically dedicated to that purpose and there’s a range of different devices that can be used in pets. If you happen to own a magnetic field system for yourself, you can use it in your animals. I have a Westy, a dog, and it has Lyme disease and she’s kind of gimpy. We have a magnetic system and when my wife is sitting on the couch, using the magnetic system herself, the dog gives her a stare. He’s like, “Get off, I want my magnet.” He loves it.

S1: I’m guessing that it’s obviously easier for veterinary doctors to get approval to use these devices on animals. If, for example, I’m living in Schenectady, New York, and I have sciatica – excuse the alliteration – am I going to have to go to the vet to get treatment?

S3: No, you can actually buy a system for yourself for home use.

S1: And what’s the price point for that? What would a device like that cost?

S3: Well there are some extremely heavy duty and expensive devices that are used in animals, and you don’t have to go to that extent. Those are about $20,000. Typically, you can buy pulse magnetic field devices for $500-$600.

S1: And where am I going to get those? Do they sell those everywhere—?

S3: If you do a search on PEMF in animals or PEMF in dogs or cats, you’ll find lots of websites.

S1: All right, let’s say hello to—

S3: Hold on, they had a question about electrical stimulation and spider bites. So electrical stimulation can work, because stimulation can stimulate healing. The reason why I don’t use a lot of electrical stimulation is because it’s very shallow in its effects. If you happen to have an electrical stimulation apparatus, including a TENS machine, you can actually put a TENS machine electrode across each side of a wound, and it would accelerate the healing of the wound. I agree with the person in the email that you can improve spider bites dramatically and drastically. I got bit once by a spider one time as well and had a big lesion on my leg, but I noticed I didn’t even feel the spider bite when I put a magnet – just a big, big fridge magnet – on the bite. I left it there for about 4-5 hours by taping it on, and literally later that day it was gone.

S1: What do you call that machine again? A TENS machine?

S3: TENS. T-E-N-S. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Those are only available from doctors. You have to get a prescription to get them. It’s an electrical stimulator.

S1: Ryan is in San Francisco on the wild card line. Good morning, Ryan.

S5: Good morning. I was wondering about that microwave and that fellow who called earlier saying that he drilled a hole in his microwave. Well, I was thinking about microwaves in terms of meditation and reaching a higher level of consciousness. I’ve actually cut out some wires and then took the door of my microwave. And it doesn’t really work – it doesn’t turn on anymore. [laughs]

S1: Ryan waited a long time on the line to work in that little routine and then said his microwave is dead. Ryan, thank you for that. Can we speak to Anthony in Fort Lauderdale? Anthony, are you there?

S6: Good morning. Dr. Smith, you mentioned magnets. When you do your therapy for your clients, do you use the magnets while they’re on the people, or do you– when you go to the therapist, do they put on the magnets for a while to allow the area to heal… does that help the body heal?

S3: I don’t use static magnets so much any more because they’re hard to put on the body and they’re also pretty shallow in the way they work in the body. I don’t know how deep the lesion is. If I’m treating the liver then I really need something that’s going to penetrate through the liver. I want to be sure this magnetic field is strong enough to go all the way through the body, so with static magnets – the one I used on my skin for the spider bites – I know it’s shallow and therefore it would work and you just simply tape it on. There are not that many doctors who actually have magnetic field therapy systems in their countries. It’s growing, but there aren’t that many. They would put the magnetic pad on your body and then treat you with it. Often for many people, because their problems are chronic, for example with cancer, arthritis, injuries, wounds, chronic skin problems etc. They need regular treatment on a daily basis or frequently in order to get the most benefits. That’s why we say you really have to end up owning your own system.

S6: One more thing I just want to comment on – I work in the elevator industry and communications as well. I’ve just experienced those electromagnetic fields by putting magnetic horns up. This company puts this big piece of equipment in that melts plastic, and every time that thing stamps out, it would actually pull the magnets on the horns so I had to relocate them because of the magnetic field the equipment was throwing out. You learn as you go that you’ll actually run into stuff as you do your experiments.

S3: All the time. I learn everyday. In fact, a good part of my learning actually comes from my patients or from people that use magnetic therapy when they tell me what it’s doing to them, and sometimes I’m just shocked and amazed at what it can do. I wouldn’t predict that it would have a benefit and bingo, they have a big benefit.

S1: Can you give us an example of that? Where a patient came to you and said, “Hey, it did this for me”, and you had absolutely no idea that it could do that?

S3: I had a lady recently who was using a magnetic field system for shoulder problems, and she decided to put the magnets on her ears because she was losing hearing in one ear. And bingo, she had a 40% recovery in her hearing.

S1: My word, that’s remarkable.

S3: I wouldn’t necessarily expect that to have a benefit, because if you don’t treat the underlying cause or the underlying problem, then obviously the problem will continue even with magnetic therapy, if you hear the point I’m trying to make. I don’t know what’s going on in the body. I can’t see the body well enough to see what’s functioning and going on there. We can do MRIs or we could do CT scans and say the anatomy looks like this or it looks normal but that doesn’t meant that there isn’t a problem. In her case, it probably would have shown that there was some swelling in the inner ear and the magnetic field was strong enough and can penetrate deep enough into the body to reduce the swelling and recover her hearing.

S1: We have about a minute before the break. Do you see any light at the end of the tunnel, for example with the FDA or the AMA, where they’re ready to finally embrace this pulsed electromagnetic field therapy?

S3: No, I don’t. Any device manufacturer has to take their devices to the FDA and get approval for ticagrelor indication. I’ll discuss the costs of that process. It’s prohibitive for most companies. Most of the companies that make magnetic field systems are relatively small companies. They’re definitely not Fortune 100s or Fortune 500s or Fortune 1000s, so that’s going to be a huge limitation of being able to more massively market this thing. The consumer has to make a decision that the devices are available. They’re going to make the decisions on how they’re going to be able to access it and use it. I think that’s the way it’s going to happen. The way we need to approach this is that we need to be able to tell the government, “We’re intelligent. You don’t have to guide us all the time. You don’t have to protect us all the time. We need health freedom. We need to be able to make our own choices.” If we can do that and get away from all this stuff where they’re trying to control us totally, that’s the only way that’s going to fundamentally change everything. Then you and I – not just as professionals, but also as individuals – can guide our own destiny. We can choose the treatment that we want to choose. We tried to do this in the state of Maryland for health freedom, and the politics was extraordinary. The obstructions of being able to make massive law changes – probably in Canada as well as in the US – is massive. They don’t want to give people freedom.

S1: In your perfect world, Dr. Smith, everyone will be sitting at home with their own PEMF device. Basically, there’d be no more need to go to the drugs store or to check in the emergency clinic for things like flus, various viruses, cuts and sores. We’ll be able to heal ourselves.

S3: That’s the vision that I have. I believe that every home should have electromagnetic therapy. There’s just no doubt about it. There are so many things you could do. You’ve heard already from some of the people in the calls today who are treating skin lesions – albeit not necessarily in a safe way – or using magnets or electrical stimulations to treat spider bites. The range of possibilities is amazing. But here’s the problem—

S1: Just hold on. We’ll pick up on that when we come back. We’ve also got a full queue of lines with people anxious to talk to Dr. William Smith and Tesla’s healing technologies.


S1: Have you personally been under any pressure from orthodox medical establishments through the work that you do?

S3: No, thank goodness. My philosophy and approach are really not of an iconic class. What I am is a forward banker and I recognize a technology and understand the technology and—but even though my peers are not using it, I’m not going to ask their permission. I would just go ahead and do it. This is true in medicine in general. Anytime a new medication comes out or a new drug comes out, the doctors are going to have to test it for his or her own use first to really know what it’s doing and what the problems are with it. I do this myself in the same way. I basically say, “I’m going to do magnetic therapy,” since I have a medical license, thank goodness. I have certain things I can do and obviously have to evaluate risks and benefits. Of course, the most important thing is that you don’t make outrageous claims. A lot of what I do – particularly on drSmith.com – is mostly evidence-based. I want to be able to support what I do with evidence. Can you do it off-label? Can you use it for other things beyond what the evidence seems to indicate? A good specialist or a good expert in anything will often do things with that knowledge that other people who aren’t experts can’t. If you’re respectful to the community in general, to the general will of the public and to institutions, then I don’t see a reason for there to be a problem.

S1: Let’s say good morning to Joseline in Wisconsin. Good morning, Joseline.

S7: Good morning. I’m a senior citizen and I have diabetes as well as spinal stenosis, and I’m going to have to go through angioplasty in my leg because of poor blood flow. I’m just wondering if this electromagnetic therapy could work on that. It already infected my foot so I really have no choice, and I’m also very afraid of infections because it’s so prevalent. In fact, 57 hospitals in this state have been listed as not having a very good record of preventing infections. I’m pretty scared in every way, so I’m just wondering. If you can’t really get the therapy then—I think it’s because they can’t make a lot of money off it, and that’s one of the reasons why we don’t have it.

S3: If you have diabetes… I just did a review of magnetic fields on diabetes. I’ve personally had a number of patients who’ve had dramatic responses with diabetic [going green?*] and diabetic circulation problems, as well as diabetic wounds with pulsed magnetic field therapy. The problem, which I mentioned earlier, is that it’s hard to find doctors that do this and even if they did, it’s not necessarily a good idea to go to the doctor because you have to be going for months, probably. As long as you’re still diabetic, you’re probably going to need help at some level with energy tools like PEMF at home on a daily basis. Every home should have one. If there’s a group of people who really need pulsed electromagnetic field therapy on a daily basis, it’s diabetics because of all of the problems that they have. Peripheral arterial disease like you’re describing for yourself where you need a stent in your leg – that’s clearly one of the consequences of diabetes. It could be from other things, too, but diabetes can certainly cause that. You can potentially be helped significantly with PEMF. I’ve had two patients now that I’ve treated for horrific diabetic wounds that were basically headed for amputation of their feet. They started using electromagnetic field therapy and got discharged from wound care very quickly.

S1: Remarkable. Joseline, good luck and thank you for calling. Good morning, Grace.

[Note from transcriber: Speaker 8 was very difficult to understand because she keeps cutting off mid-sentence, so there are a few unsure words/phrases here that I’ve marked in red]

S8: Good morning and thank you so much for taking my call, Dick and Dr. Smith. There are a few things that I’m dealing with right now. First off, I’m almost 75 and I was very close friends with Heather and Alma Neville who were very close friends with Tesla. In fact, they were both authors and he had given her some handwritten notes. I don’t know what happened but both of them passed on about twenty years ago.

Anyway, what I’m dealing with right now is– they put a metal splint in my chest and I broke one bone in my leg and my doctor re-broke four of the breaks with his [tungsten steel?* 26:38] and put a bunch of metal in my leg. I’m kind of protecting myself with aluminum foil [and some sort of meter?] outside my bedroom but the electric comes through and now I’m being hit with shortwave radio. It actually burns holes right through the aluminum foil.

S1: Is that possible, Dr. Smith? Shortwave radio?

S3: I don’t know. I’ve never heard of that.

S8: Yeah, so I’m wondering if that’s what it is. There’s a resonance of shortwave radio– so apparently they buy them from the outlet stores. They’re suppose to have a license. There’s suppose to be a limit on how high they can crank them up, but nobody seems to do anything about it. When they crank it up at night it goes – on weekends – from Friday night all the way to Monday afternoon. And when electromagnetic meets metal… a microwave.

S3: Most of the time, the PEMF that I use are extremely low frequency and extremely low intensity, so they would hit the metal and essentially bounce off. They would bend around it. However, if you have an extremely powerful beam of some kind that’s very concentrated, there’s a potential that you can burn metal just like you could use lasers to melt iron. I could certainly see the possibilities that if they were high enough intensity, they would begin to warm up the metal and eventually burn a hole through it.

S1: If you have a pacemaker, Dr. Smith, is it dangerous to use one of these PEMF devices or should you best stay away?

S3: For most people most of the time, I would recommend caution. What I’ve often done is I’ve had people take their pulse magnetic field devices to the cardiologists to turn it on and have a test right there to make sure that you don’t have a faulty pacemaker. In general, having pacemakers or implanted electronic equipment is probably not a good idea. With that said, there are extremely low-frequency low-intensity pulse magnetic fields that are probably safe, that are even less intense than the screening systems in airports. The pacemakers today are pretty well-shielded, so if you have a pacemaker and you’re using magnetic field therapy already, you’re probably okay. But again, caution is important because you don’t know how old it is, whether it’s maybe broken or malfunctioning partly, and you also have to know the intensity of the electromagnetic field you’re using. There are magnetic fields that I use that are high-frequency and I definitely tell patients to stay away from them.

S1: All right, Robert is in Idaho. Good morning, Robert.

S9: Good morning, gentlemen. [inaudible]

S1: Robert, you’re really cutting out on us. Are you on a handset?

S9: Yes.

S1: If you could speak directly into the mouthpiece, that would be great. There we are.

S9: Yeah, I would like to make contact with Dr. Smith. I have four patents. I’ve done some experiments in magnetics for years. One of the patents is a power generator that’s not susceptible to electromagnetic pulses – I just got that December last year. Let me just jump to the bag real quick – to the resonant frequency switch I work on very extensively. This theory I have written out is written to destroy cancer cells. When I read about how University of California, Davis, discovered how they could attach a ferrous material to a cancer cell. Once they did that, that’s it. All you have to do then is tune the resonant frequency and the ferrous material will heat up and kill the cancer cells. I have a way to test out where it is and exactly identify where these spots are by using resonant frequencies. I was hoping in really making contact with Dr. Smith if I could. I have a website. One of my first inventions worldwide right now is called a Mag-Probe. You can find it on the Internet on my website. It’s so interesting because I invented this power generator and I applied for the patent. After I did that, I picked up a book—I’m one of these guys who wake up at night and writes all kinds of notes anyway. I picked up a book about Tesla. On page 84, he talked about swinging a child in a swing and if you keep pushing at the right moment, you can keep the swing going with 1 lb pushing and push a 200 lb person. After I applied the patent and I read that, I was really shocked because Tesla said himself that cannot fail, and I already designed a system for a power generator to do that. I have to say that this is really interesting to me because my wife had a crack in the elbow twenty-five years ago and this magnetic theory was experimental. I had to pay $5000 to get this device and a friend of mine was an orthopedic surgeon– her elbow wasn’t healing and was cracking, and we started using it and within three weeks, her cracks were completely healed.

S1: Let’s say hello to Josie in Richmond, Virginia. Good morning, Josie.

S10: Hi. Dr. Smith, do you know Dr. B by any chance?

S3: Yes, he’s actually a good friend of mine.

S10: I was talking with his wife and I just received a material that she sent me about the magnetic pads and I’m wondering do they heal things? I have a skin cancer on my leg with basal cells, and I didn’t want to have anything that would make the cells more. I’d rather have them make the cells go down and gotten rid off. I’ve had an awfully hard time getting this wound to heal up. The doctor cut it up but it’s been several months I’ve had this going on. About the magnetic pads, do you think because– Mrs. B was telling me that the magnetic field on the earth has gone down so far, and that all of us really need something to bring us back up again. Yes, they did experiments in this in Antarctica and found out that it has a very low magnetic field compared with what they used to have. I wondered if sleeping on magnetic mattress pads that’s placed underneath your own mattress would help us in many different ways for many different situations – medical, rest and all of that – including basal cells.

S3: That’s a good question and that particular magnetic pad system is quite extensive. It essentially produces a magnetic cocoon around you, but I don’t think it produces a sufficient intensity to do the job of healing a lot of things. Sleeping on a magnetic system like that could potentially help to prevent problems that are developing in the body that you aren’t even aware of yet. But for therapy purposes, it’s not really as effective as the pulsed electromagnetic fields, which is one of the reasons I don’t do the mattress pads anymore. I used to recommend them frequently. People had problems with them and people also had benefits from them, so the responses are variable. If you have one, you use it and you’re getting benefits, then who can argue?