MagnoPro is one of the more user-friendly pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) devices. Simple push-buttons and a timer indicator are really all that is needed to supply high-tech wellness. We recently tested a consignment unit and were very pleased at the ease of use and effective treatment.

Pain Eliminated

The easiest metric to produce for any PEMF machine is pain reduction and this MagnoPro did not disappoint. Getting older usually comes with various aches and pains resulting from work related injuries or those old school-yard hits. We targeted some nagging hip and knee injuries and used the mat for some general sessions. When it was time to clean and detail the unit for resale, the pain relief was evident. Our “patients” we’re begging for one more day with the MagnoPro.

Easy To Use

The MagnoPro is promoted as a clinical device that can be used in the home. The unit has a “clinical” look and feel to it. The controller face-plate describes functions graphically with icons that relate to conditions such as sleep or pain or sports recovery. Also, time period and intensity can be adjusted from the default settings. We just used full power and the max 30 minutes for all of our tests. Additionally, there is a dip switch on the back panel that adjusts the operation and warning beep. We covered the noisy controller with a pile of blankets until we found the switch to turn the beeper off. 

The only drawback we could find with this machine is the annoying beeper. The mat and pillow construction and the controller design are all top-notch. Packed and ready, the included carrying case is around 3 feet square by a foot deep. The bag is more useful for storage than actually walking somewhere with it. However, we are impressed with the package; everything included and no annoying re-marketing scheme to pile on accessories which should have been included in the first place. It is indeed a complete system.

Electromeds Best Buy

Using the machine was very simple: plug it in; turn it on and lie on it. The MagnoPro’s highest intensity is about 136 microtesla. This is about twice the intensity of Earth’s magnetic fields but 1000 to 10,000 times less than newer units such as the Sedona Pro or T-series. Overall the MagnoPro is great for home use or a home-based wellness business. The saw-tooth wave form and lower intensities worked well for us. It is not super-powerful like some machines but it was perfectly useful for our home tests. We would recommend this machine to anyone looking to buy a home wellness PEMF system.

We have used and traded all sorts of PEMF and other energy medicine machines for over 20 years. This is a short list of some of the models that have appeared here on our consignment page to find their new forever homes:

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The Sedona

Sedona PEMF System, Beige,ElectroMeds

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QRS Quantron

QRS-101 system

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PEMF 8000
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Output Up to 2 Tesla
(20k Gauss)

PEMF 8000 Desktop Tabletop ElectroMeds

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PEMF 8000
Mobile Model

Output Up to 2 Tesla
(20k Gauss)

PEMF 8000 Mobile

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