Sedona compared to Bemer shows the great differences in PEMF devices available today. In a way they are totally the same. Conversely, their development and the way they are sold makes them totally different. You will find this very interesting because it could save you thousands of dollars.

We know PEMF is good for you. As Michael explains in the video, all of your health concerns will most likely be met by using either of these machines. As you will see, the difference will be in the unique way each of the machines supply PEMF and how much money is left in your pocket.

Sedona compared to Bemer: The bottom line first

Let’s cover the dollars first. At first glance the prices are roughly comparable. The Sedona Pro and Pro plus sell for $4900 and $5900, respectively. This is comparable to Bemer’s $5990 MSRP. The Sedona Pro + and the Bemer both have the ability to store and use custom treatment programs. The Sedona can store more programs but how many will you really need? The difference is the Sedona can run two applicators and the Bemer can only run one. This is important for professionals or families with more than one athlete or person with chronic conditions. It doubles the value of the Sedona compared to Bemer.

Marketing Costs

Another point is the considerable Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) organization behind the Bemer. Bemer is like many top value products where about half the price goes to marketing…maybe more. On the other hand, Sedona’s cost represents research and development and manufacturing. The units are shipped factory direct from Austria. The marketing is this little website and some YouTube videos. Yeah, not a big deal but we like to see the value go in the right place.


Features and options are important indicators of value. The Sedona wins here with it’s many waveform and intensity choices. The Sedona can operate in the four most popular wave-forms and intensities near zero to 100 times what the Bemer can do. The Bemer is somewhat limited by it’s development. It uses a special patented signal which corresponds to all of their testing and that discourages Bemer from creating a wider spectrum of treatments. Meanwhile, the Sedona has so many options that it is almost guaranteed to have a treatment parameter which matches a medical study for your chosen usage.

FDA Approval

You may have heard that Bemer’s are “FDA approved” but that is not the case. Bemer like some PEMF devices has a pre-market approval that allows them to sell the devices as electric muscle stimulators or other similar usage. Most importantly, PEMF is still largely misunderstood by the medical community and everyone else. Specifically, the lack of ways to define PEMF and make it fit neatly into the FDA keeps it from becoming “mainstream.” Furthermore, the enormous cost to create many targeted studies for a  multi-use machine such as the Sedona would make devices beyond the reach of the average consumer. For now we can be happy that these machines are only being defined and tested by doctors and technicians using academic resources. They are still affordable!

Service After Sale

Service throughout the device lifecycle should be a concern for anyone. These machines are extremely reliable after decades of development and operation. However, stuff happens. With Bemer you may contact your sales representative for further help. Electromeds will always extend a helping hand because we are driven to make PEMF a valuable resource for all humans and animals. With Sedona you may even chat with Franz, the founder and designer of the Sedona and other top selling PEMF devices.

That is pretty much all there is. Feel free to contact us for clarity or further analysis. With PEMF there is always something new!