No side effects…

Now, that’s something you will never hear at your local pharmacy. Most likely, everything in the store has some type of negative side effect..even the toys! Have you ever stepped on a LEGO?

Really, everything in the store: Cosmetics can cause a rash or allergic reaction. The knee brace can restrict circulation. Liquor, cigarettes, even the food products can cause problems if not used carefully. It just gets worse if you get behind the pharmacists window!

Is there anything out there that really works with no side effects?

As a matter of fact, there is! At Electromeds we have been aware of, and shouting this for over a decade…and nothing’s changed. PEMF is the only thing we can think of that doesn’t have harmful side effects.

In comparison, everything else out there can hasten your demise. Some things such as prescription drugs will eventually kill you even when used properly. A recent study at Johns Hopkins Medical School found over 100,000 deaths/year from non-error, adverse effects of medications. This means properly prescribed, FDA approved medications kill a football stadium full of people every year!

Quality of Life and Life Expectancy…are they really two different things?

The truth is that doctors are very aware of this and prescribe treatments accordingly. For example: If a person is 50 with a given background and life expectancy of 80 years then the doctor will prescribe something that won’t kill the person for 30 years…or so. What happens if that person suddenly picks up the game of tennis and lives to be a healthy 90? It’s all good except for that nagging ulcer from 30 years of prescribed medications.

Doctors and nurses will look at you like you have two purple heads if you ask “Isn’t there a better way?” At Electromeds, this drives us stark raving bonkers! We KNOW there is a better way…and it is WAY better when we consider that PEMF really does have side effects…

The Beneficial Side Effects of PEMF

Yep..we lied! PEMF has side effects because of the way it works. Your whole body gets treated when lying on a PEMF mat. ALL of your cells are awakened and invigorated by the pulsed magnetic field. Your sprained ankle will get better and your paper cut will heal faster while you are treating your sciatica or sore back. All 37 trillion cells in your body will benefit from PEMF. Most importantly, in 100’s of medical studies we have never found a case of negative side effects from PEMF. That’s all good, right?

So..if you find a case where PEMF had some bad side effects then please let us know and we will thoroughly investigate just like we always do. In the meantime we will continue to shout from the rooftops…PEMF is ALL GOOD!



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Leading Edge PEMF Technology

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The Sedona

Sedona PEMF System, Beige,ElectroMeds

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Sedona PEMF System, Dark Grey, control.panel, ElectroMeds

QRS Quantron

QRS-101 system

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QRS Quantron #1 Authorized Dealer PEMF ElectroMeds

Tesla Series PEMF
Clinical Grade
Desktop Model

Output Up to 2 Tesla
(20k Gauss)

Tesla Series T2 Desktop/Tabletop, PEMF, ElectroMeds


Learn-More PEMF ElectroMeds PEMF 8000

Tesla Series PEMF
Mobile Model

Output Up to 2 Tesla
(20k Gauss)

Tesla Series T3 PEMF Equine Clinical ElectroMeds

Tesla Series T3 PEMF Equine Clinical ElectroMeds


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