Pain relief without side effects…

There is nothing since Hippocrates was practicing that can make this claim. Yet, here we are…and it is not an easy claim to make. We have read every medical study we can find about PEMF usage. Perhaps, our list of abstracts and full texts is not complete. However, none of the studies on our PEMF Education page mention any harmful side effects.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy provides a risk-free method for pre-treatment and ongoing treatments

 Anyone familiar with PEMF knows: It produces energy fields known to enhance recovery from injuries and wounds and repairs cellular processes that promote healing. PEMF promotes better range of motion during recovery and makes analgesics more effective. Additionally, PEMF simulates the piezoelectric effect of exercise on bones and has been used by US doctors on hard to heal fractures for 30 years!

 Chronic Pain and Palliative Care 

PEMF provides an excellent alternative in palliative care or chronic conditions. The risks in lack of motion and increasing use of analgesics are well known. Medical professionals and professors agree that PEMF mitigates the risks by increasing blood circulation and reducing or eliminating the need for analgesics.

The Beneficial Side Effects of PEMF

Yep..we lied! PEMF has side effects because of the way it works. Your patient’s entire body gets treated when lying on a PEMF mat. ALL 37 trillion cells are awakened and invigorated by the pulsed magnetic field. Their sprained ankle will get better and their paper cut will heal faster while being treated for sciatica or a sore back. Most importantly, in 100’s of medical studies we have never found a case of negative side effects from PEMF. That’s all good, right?

So..if you find a case where PEMF had some negative side effects then please let us know and we will thoroughly investigate just like we always do. In the meantime, we will continue to shout from the rooftops…PEMF is ALL GOOD!

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The Sedona

Sedona PEMF System, Beige,ElectroMeds

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Sedona PEMF System, Dark Grey, control.panel, ElectroMeds

QRS Quantron

QRS-101 system

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QRS Quantron #1 Authorized Dealer PEMF ElectroMeds

Tesla Series PEMF
Clinical Grade
Desktop Model

Output Up to 2 Tesla
(20k Gauss)

Tesla Series T2 Desktop/Tabletop, PEMF, ElectroMeds


Learn-More PEMF ElectroMeds PEMF 8000

Tesla Series PEMF
Mobile Model

Output Up to 2 Tesla
(20k Gauss)

Tesla Series T3 PEMF Equine Clinical ElectroMeds


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