PEMF Testimony Lilliane Corrall Shoulder Pain Relieved

Hi my name is Lillian Corral and I’ve been a patient of dr. Jamora for over years I am a dental assistant I’ve been working for years plus started developing this pain in my shoulder for I guess this was ten years ago I had a tear in my shoulder and had surgery and so that was done but just last year it started with the other side of the shoulder same kind of pain same symptoms so since I’ve been coming with dr. Jamora she introduced me to this view PEMF machine the coils are it’s very easy treatment we started the treatment on my right side shoulder and I had about three weeks of ongoing therapy and after my first initial set of what was about minutes to an hour I went home and I was so hungry I just felt you know wow this is totally different so I came back again like I said four three three weeks to a month and now I was kind of had the range of motion for about this much and anything more I was like painful and after the treatment you know it was like oh there’s no more pain you oh wow this is great yeah so and it’s been you know over three months that I have not had to come for treatment because of that so like I said it’s it’s very easy the sensation feels kind of nothing warm and thing weird or anything but I do have a lot of energy after each treatment so that was a plus so I would highly recommend this treatment and like I said I’ve been a patient for for over thirteen years my kids come here my husband comes here I’ve just been satisfied with this new technology and that’s about it