Feline Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) was defeated in a recent case study using pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. A small 9 volt battery powered machine was used to treat an 8 year old mostly Mackerel Tabby. Amazingly, the cat was treated while napping in the owners lap for 20-60 minutes 2 to 3 times a week. Importantly, special diet and herbal supplements recommended by the vet didn’t work because the cat didn’t like them. Does this sound familiar?

PEMF Miracle Witnessed by Vet

The greatest part of this “miracle cure” is that it was completely unnoticed by the cat except for improved health and lifespan. Simply, the cat improved cat kidney and bladderwhen it was being treated and got worse when treatments were reduced or eliminated. The cat was tested regularly by the vet for creatinine levels and other symptoms of CKD. Therefore, we can say the miracle has provenance in the measurements taken by the vet and the cat’s general well being.

Arguably, it is one cat. Also, the cat seemed to have lived generally not much longer than any other cat. However, an important part of any story about diseases is the quality of life. The cat was mostly unaffected by a disease that may affect 50% of all cats. Unfortunately, veterinary treatments for CKD rarely result in a reversal of the disease. Mostly, it is a bad way to go. In this case, the cat has lived a normal cat life unaware of the treatments and their positive result.

Case Studies Cite Improvements for Pets at Home and Kentucky Derby Winners

Cats aren’t the only animals that can benefit from PEMF. Older dogs typically experience joint pain which is mitigated by PEMF. Horses including Kentucky Derby winners have been using PEMF for recovery from training and injuries for more than a decade. Sadly, experiments have been performed in laboratories on many different species. Hopefully, the always positive results will drive PEMF usage forward so we can stop fooling around and accept PEMF as the amazing phenomenon that it is.

Really, the bottom line is cost: The cost of vet bills and sleepless nights worrying about our furry friends. The cost of misdirection we sometimes take in search of healing and comfort. The cost of the devices used for the cat case study is about the same as 2 – 4 vet visits. And the benefit is tenfold. PEMF works on just about anything and anyone…including our pets. There is no better way to treat animals who are sick or injured and no better way to keep them healthy.

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