The rich and famous want to share how they fight the current Coronavirus scare.  Cristina Cuomo, wife of the CNN News anchor Chris Cuomo used PEMF among a host of other treatments to combat her COVID-19 diagnosis (as reported in Rolling Stone) At Electromeds we are always excited to hear about people’s usage of ANY alternative health care. Ms. Cuomo throws a wealth of treatments at the nasty virus and really…who can blame her?

We all want to stick around and see where this will end up…right?

The article brushes off PEMF with a 9 year old survey piece to reinforce their lack of interest. Conversely, we think people will soon be begging for things like PEMF once the scary side effects for all the drug remedies hit the news.

So…this is just a note to remind everyone: don’t be afraid to tell your friends or your doctor about PEMF. There are countless studies, irrefutable in the knowledge that PEMF works!

Stay safe, stay healthy…and keep it up!

Best regards from Electromeds