Chiropractic offices may be the first place most people are introduced to Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. In an American Chiropractic magazine interview, Dr. Glen Bobker said “We usually apply the PEMF therapy prior to the chiropractic adjustment and have found most patients to be rewarded by the immediate gratification of improved symptoms and function. The positive therapeutic results achieved by this modality serve to diffuse any skepticism.”

Dr. Bobker has established two successful practices (New York and Florida) in his well respected 30 year career. A chance meeting when a local PEMF distributor became a patient opened his eyes to the remarkable effects of PEMF.

Dr. Bobker continues “[I have also] used low level laser (light energy) and ultrasound (vibration energy) to speed local injury healing. Despite its unique property of not being felt or seen I have found PEMF therapy… to be profoundly more effective and quicker at…injury recovery.”

For good reason, Dr. Bobker paints PEMF in glowing terms. Crucially, the technology adds value to his practice by “…generating patient referrals as well as additional income streams.” Always, running a business requires new ideas and innovative technologies to stay in the game. In this case, PEMF creates opportunities by improving the quality of treatment AND bringing new people to the office.

Exploring Business Growth Options

Specifically, Bobker and others are selling devices to their patients to further their care and treatments. This makes great sense for cases such as chronic diseases and sports injuries. Pointedly, reducing non-crucial office visits only engenders loyalty and advocacy. Certainly, the doctor-patient bond strengthens when self-care becomes part of the solution. After all, empowering patients to take care of themselves furthers the goals of health and good will.

Additionally, Bobker converted his office to payment-at-time of service. His office opted out of all HMO’s, PPO’s and Medicare because insurance rules made it impossible to stay in business. He pointed to the Affordable Care Act as an impediment and noted how more affordable modalities such as PEMF made it possible to change.

Importantly, these notions have been fairly tested. Bobker cited a crushing economy when this article was published in 2012. However, you can still find him in his Fort Lauderdale office treating people and promoting PEMF. Particularly, the hands-free nature of PEMF treatment blends well with social distancing and sanitizing guidelines in the time of COVID-19.

Obviously, PEMF can provide an increase in business for Chiropractors and other health-care professionals. Likewise, if you have visited or plan to visit your local chiropractor then you will likely be invited to use PEMF. If you are a Doctor, Nurse or other wellness provider then you are or will soon be using PEMF to augment treatments

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