Using PEMF for horses is nothing new. High output machines such as our MegaPulse have been used on Kentucky Derby winners. Obviously, this makes great press and PEMF sellers like to share it. Conversely, the pets people love and care for are a much bigger story. Obviously, this includes animal athletes. People love their sporting animals and want to give them the very best care.

Fortunately, PEMF makes animal care easy. All animals large and small seem to appreciate the soothing electro-magnetic waves even more than people do. Perhaps, it is because animals remain closer to the earth than people. Figuratively, our animal friends have confirmed that PEMF works. In this case they don’t need to speak. Simply, they show their approval by calmly accepting treatments.

Typically, many PEMF machines emit the same frequencies as Earth’s natural electromagnetic field. However, in many cases the frequency doesn’t matter and the results remain the same: the animal’s comfort is increased during and after treatments.

Not surprisingly, PEMF works well for ALL animals. Sometimes the improvements are slight and sometimes they are great. Sadly, laboratory animals have seen a lot of experimentation. However, at Electromeds we are convinced there is no further need for it. Arguably, it is estimated there are over 3 million individual treatments on mammals with no side effects That should be enough to convince everyone. In other words, the risk is so low that experimenting only produces good results.

The Cost Savings of PEMF

PEMF is also a cost effective solution to many animal problems. Our office cat has seen this first hand. Her miraculous transformation using a low priced PEMF device beats the cost of just one visit to the vet.

Currently, there are a growing number of professionals using PEMF for horses. We think it is great when people can make a living in animal care. Likewise, this indicates there is money to be saved for multi-horse owners. Importantly, pro trainers and vets provide services that are absolutely needed. The average pet owner can not do what the pros can. Conversely, many horse owners and others have all the skills needed to take care of their animals and PEMF just makes it easier and more effective.

Importantly, there is much evidence that proves PEMF is effective for injuries, sports recovery and daily maintenance or palliative care. Also, PEMF as an adjunct or stand alone treatment is increasing worldwide. Furthermore, the cost savings by using PEMF for general wellness and recovery may exceed the price of a new machine.


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Unmatched Performance for Athletes and Race Horses

When we talk about racing, people are not just using PEMF for horses. Likewise, if an animal can run then somewhere there is a race to enter. Racing animals include: Racing camels, Sled dogs, Wiener dogs, Jack Russells, cows and buffaloes. Even pigs race.

PEMF for working animals

Animal athletes do other things besides racing. For horses, there is dressage and show jumping, hunters and polo ponies. Rodeo tasks horses and riders to extreme versions of their daily workload. There are dog agility courses and sheep herding competitions and horses and oxen pull logs. Literally, every task a working animal may be put through can become a competition.

The anti-inflammatory properties and increased blood flow of PEMF is proven in many laboratory and clinical studies. Additionally, these behaviors combine to enhance recovery from stress and injury. Furthermore, they empower training and calm the body as reported by many trainers and professional athletes.

Another great reason to use PEMF on your animals is mental stress. Arguably, show animals have an easy ride. They are taken care of like royalty. However, being packed in with a bunch of unknowns can get on their nerves. While PEMF hasn’t been tested for depression and anxiety on animals, it is one of the uses approved by the FDA for humans. Simply, it is another reason to use the remarkable powers of PEMF.

We can only conclude that PEMF will affect animals in the same way as humans. We can find no reason not to do it and there are so many success stories from race winners to recovering from impossible to heal injuries. Looking forward, we can only see the brightest of futures for those that employ PEMF in the animal kingdom.

Please view our peer-reviewed studies or call us directly to find out more.