My Medical Evaluation At Age 50My medical evaluation at age 50 was a sobering experience, especially when I wondered what the next 50 years had in store for me and my body. When I turned 20 the thought of being age 50 seemed like a remote galaxy far, far away. I suddenly turned 50 and realized I have been on this planet for quite some time. I soon was looking at my body as a “vehicle”. I thought: “how many years do I have left with my body”?

And then it hit me:

  1. I realized I had taken my health for granted.
  2. I had no idea what was going on inside my body.
  3. I was afraid to know the truth.

Then I looked at my body:

  1. I weighed 100 pounds more then I did in high school.
  2. I smoked cigarettes for 20 years.(quit at 48)
  3. Did my share of recreational indulgences.
  4. No consistent exercise program.
  5. No idea how to change it.

I come from a large family, lots of cousins, uncles, aunts and I found out:

  • 1. Diabetes runs rampant in my family.
  • 2.  As does prostate cancer .
  • 3. Stroke was the main cause of death for most family members.
  • 4. Obesity runs in about half the family.
  • 5. Heart attacks and open heart surgery were not uncommon.

The cost of being sick is so tremendously expensive. I had already been to enough funerals of my relatives to know the odds of this happening to me were pretty good. I really had no idea how to change my body because everything I tried never worked for very long.

I ended up at the Living Temple bookstore in Huntington Beach where I met Ian who told me about Pulse Electro Magnetic Field therapy.

He shared with me that the body is made up of over 80 trillion cells. Each cell has its own function and each cell requires energy to maintain its ability to keep our body going. The energy has to come from more then water and food.

The Earth gives off a resonance that allows us to live on this planet and without it we would not live very long. The first cosmonaut in space discovered this after only being in earth’s orbit for less then 2 hours. Scientists came to the conclusion that being in space away from the earth’s energy causes the body to deteriorate at a rapid rate and that space travel would be impossible because of our need for uninterrupted connection to the earth.

Most of us don’t walk on the earth. We live above it in cement, high rise buildings.  We walk on artificial shoes and our carpets are made of man-made fibers.  Modern man has also become “disconnected” from the earth, and it often shows in our lack of health.

Stress in the body goes to the cellular level. In other words when we get stressed, this in effect causes the cells to wear down and lose their ability to fully function. Over time this causes the body to wear down faster. Now you top this off with “electronic and a chemical smog environment, poor eating habits and a water system often poisoned by fluoride,  the odds of your body breaking down due to these stresses increase, especially after age 50 goes up dramatically.

Science discovered how to artificially produce the Earth’s resonance in outer space.  Scientists also discovered it could help man and woman on Earth. And so came PEMF devices like the QRS Quantron Resonance System , the MRS2000 and others.

These devices send out a healing frequency wave that energizes the 80 trillion cells in our body reducing the stress level of the body and pushing the immune system to its maximum level. When our cells are stressed they tend to stack like coins. Our cells are better when they separate from each other, operating on there own ability to create an energy supply (ATP).

This supply of energy comes from the Earth and because we don’t get enough combined with the other elements our body deteriorates at a more rapid rate then it should. By laying on a PEMF mat 8 minutes twice daily the cell energy is restored and now the cells go from “flat stacked raisins to plumped up grapes”.

The body begins a new process that is extremely beneficial:

1. The entire cell metabolism is stimulated.
2. Blood cells are regenerated and the blood supply moves more freely with more oxygen.
3. The immune system is strengthened.
4. Vitamins and minerals are better absorbed.
5. The respiratory system becomes more efficient.
6. The nervous system is relaxed.
7. Bone structure becomes denser.
8. Organs such as liver, kidneys and spleen are able to rid themselves of impurities.

After purchasing the MRS2000+, and then upgrading to the QRS Quantron Resonance System, I knew that I had found a system that would put my body in a place to succeed.  I made a long term investment in my health at the cellular level, after all isn’t that where it all begins?

My medical evaluation at age 50 was a sobering experience, especially when I wondered what the next 50 years had in store for me and my body.  I now face the future bravely with my QRS Quantron.

Michael Alpough