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I would like to pass on 5 crucially important tips that could save you many dollars when considering buying a PEMF – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field – device.   I purchased the MRS 2000 and QRS Quantron Resonance System.

1. Find research that backs up the particular device you want to purchase.


There are many PEMF devices out there. Make sure the research they use backs up their own device. At the time when I purchased the MRS 2000 my research was based on PEMF therapy in general and not the MRS 2000 device. The MRS 2000 had no research to back up specifically how its device performed in research studies. I switched to the QRS Quantron Resonance System because they had over 20 years of research and 4 patents to back up their device.  Plus their technology was on the MIR space station. The QRS Quantron company put the time and money to prove that their device does what it says.

2. Return policy and warranty when purchasing a major investment as a PEMF device.


These devices are not cheap. You can pay from $2500 up to over $4000 for one. When I purchased the MRS 2000 it came with a “no return” policy and 3 year warranty.

When I purchased the QRS it came with a 6 month return, 2 year warranty and the option for an extended warranty.  Even though I knew I wouldn’t return the unit it’s really nice to know the company is extremely confident about their product enough to let you keep it for up 6 months to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the machine does what it claims to do.

3. What are the hidden costs in purchasing a PEMF device?


Purchasing these devices are not like going to the store and buying a stereo. Many “high-end home medical sales” companies model their business as “Multi Level Marketing” or MLM. Usually 50% of the price for the device is passed on as commission in an MLM company.

Mediconsult who distribute the MRS 2000+ are an MLM. They call it “Loyalty Marketing”. Most of the companies selling PEMF devices are MLM based.

QRS Quantron Resonance System is not a MLM company which is the reason the price of the unit is lower than competitors with a similar product – there are no “levels” of commissions.

4. Does the device you are considering have protection against “electronic smog”?


Electronic Smog has a profound effect on PEMF devices. Cell phone, wifi, television and other electrical frequencies shouldn’t mix with PEMF’s.

The MRS2000+ has no protection from “electronic smog”.

The QRS has a worldwide patent on the “electronic smog barrier” in combination with quantum therapy.  Patent no:  EP 0 621 795 B 1


5. Can the PEMF device be programmed to come on at night?

The sleep and wake up cycles are important and are usually the cycles we tend to forget. Most PEMF devices must be manually set up every time, and that includes the MRS 2000+.

The QRS can be programmed to come on twice throughout the night without sound or light to disturb your sleep rhythm. The QRS can be programmed to run for up to an hour for each session.  The MRS 2000 has both a noise and flashing lights, along with a 24 minute maximum session.

These 5 tips alone can save you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars when considering the purchase of your PEMF device. I wish I knew these tips before I got started because it would have saved me thousands.

I hope you have found these 5 crucially important tips helpful as you consider buying a PEMF device.

Michael Alpough