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Note that below health testimonials are reflections of personal experiences and are not meant to imply that you will receive similar results. Statements in these testimonials do not constitute medical claims.

Osteoporosis and Polyarthritis
“Woman 71 years Osteoporosis. Severe pain in the entire spinal region. During 3 weeks she came to me once a day for QRS treatment. After 12 days she was free of symptoms. She used the QRS for further treatment at home, 3 times setting 4 per day and once per day setting 1. Her husband treated himself in the same way. He suffered from aching simultaneously (Polyarthritis). After 3 weeks she rang the surgery and told us about his experiences with the QRS. He was quite amazed that all his pains were gone. They both went to Paris and could walk around all day, which had previously been quite impossible.”

No Negative Side Effects
“I have been using Quantron Resonance System since June 1994 for all age groups and for a variety of different diagnoses. During this time I have been carefully observing for eventual side effects. No negative side effects have been observed. I have found a few cases where blockages have been dissolved. I have been able to control this by adjusting the level.
Great achievements and large improvements have been observed in the following cases:- Elderly people’s ability to move, recovery after trauma, healing of wounds, fractures, vegetative stigmata, metabolism (diabetes metabolism of fat), menopause problems, depression, sleep disturbances, migraine, fatigue, abnormal tiredness, better concentration, improved circulation, cerebral and peripheral, decreased hyperactivity in children, chronic pain in joints (wear and tear), backache, spinal column, osteoporosis, sciatica, rheumatic complaints, gout, chronic pain, vegetative systonia, tension of muscles, regeneration.The patients have assessed the treatment in a positive way. In my practice I have been able to reduce medication, in some cases remove it completely: – Antihyper and hypertonia, medication for osteoporosis, hypnotics, tranquillisers, anti-diabetic medication, vein therapy, anti-asthmatic, among other conditions.”

Medical Center
“I write to lend my strong support to the proposal that the QRS mat therapeutic device be eligible for Private Health Fund rebates. I have been using and recommending these units at an ever-increasing frequency for two years now and recently purchased some units for short-term rentals to patients. My overall impression has been that the QRS is an extremely valuable adjunctive therapy in a wide range of medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, acute to chronic pain conditions, psycho-behavioral conditions, sleep disorders and arthritic/rheumatological conditions. I have seen consistently strong positive response rates in both symptomatology and objective clinical parameters.”

Osteoporosis Coxartros
“A woman, 80 years old, had Osteoporosis Coxartros surgery. In spite of rehabilitation and intensive physiotherapy she could not climb stairs, but could walk with a stick. After 8 weeks with QRS she could walk without a stick and even climb stairs.”

“As an acupuncturist I see most of my clients primarily for pain of the knee and shoulder, 2 x a week for 3 to 4 weeks. With acupuncture I have gotten great results, but not like what I am getting with the QRS. When I have my patients take a 16-minute treatment with the QRS as an adjunct supporting my acupuncture work, I see quicker pain relief and secondary results in increased sleep quality. By the second week of treatment there are dramatic sleep improvements for every one of my clients! In Chinese Medicine, pulsed electromagnetic fields have been used for years. I am glad to finally see research starting in this field in the United States. I am glad to achieve these excellent results combining the QRS with the modalities I practice.”

“The patient has been a diabetic/ stroke/ amputee victim for 6 and a half years, scheduled for a second amputation to have his toes removed. Six months before the second amputation he suffered from pain, diarrhea, chronic urinary tract infections and the degradation of vital functions began to set in. He ended up with his second leg being amputated from the knee down, leaving him as a double amputee.
He began using the QRS with great dedication in a nursing home, 1 week after the second amputation. His overall health and immune system, as well as his diabetes, stabilized. Within a month he returned home pain free. He was able to be mobile with a wheelchair and walking stick, get off medication, and not be a burden at home. He remains pain and infection free with ongoing use of the QRS. His daughter says ‘it has enabled positive readjustment in our lives and we are grateful.’”

Brain Trauma
“Soul brain trauma, June 93. Was 8 months in coma. Since Oct 94 he has had shiatsu therapy twice a week. He still requires full time care. The right half of his body relatively mobile. Left side severely spastic. The tongue can only move to front teeth. QRS from July 25, 95. After four days a clear effect. He could stretch the tongue 4 cm out of his mouth and licks the top of a yogurt container. Left side of the body clearly more relaxed. He could tell using sign language that he wants Quantron device switched on.”

Candida and Hepitits C
“We have used the QRS in our clinic for just over a year now and are very excited about the results. One client, with diabetes, has suffered over the years with candida and other fungal problems. This caused not only skin eruptions but also digestive problems. After just a few treatments, her digestive problems were so improved that she lost 7 pounds virtually overnight that was due to bloating and water retention. Another client suffering from Hepititis C has seen his viral load, monitored with regular bloodwork, go down markedly. Since he is also battling testicular cancer, this has played a significant role in his return to health. We are very grateful for this wonderful tool.”

“I have used the QRS in my acupuncture clinic now for almost 2 years. Because of the deep relaxation and shift in energy it produces, I use the QRS before my treatments. As a result, patients can receive deeper and quicker healing. Most noticeable, I can see the positive results in pain conditions. As far as I’m concerned, the QRS helps my energy immensely to work in my practice and my life in general.”         Back to top

Specific Health Conditions
Note that below health testimonials are reflections of personal experiences and are not meant to imply that you will receive similar results. Statements in these testimonials do not constitute medical claims.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
“A 45-year-old woman CIG was diagnosed in October 1997 with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the most common form of motor neuron disease, with an average life expectancy of 3 – 4 years. When I got to know her in January 1998, she suffered generalized muscle weakness and some wastage, poor muscle control and muscle pain. No proven treatment is available. This patient takes Vitamin E and a tablet for gout (Allopurinol). One month after twice daily use of the electromagnetic field therapy she reports: “It works wonders, no more muscle fasciculation, better muscle control and more strength and energy”. After three months: “I feel 100% better, I feel the muscle stimulation all over, I feel better on my feet, the aches in my wrists are gone”.

Shoulders and Neck Injury
“A 53-year-old man G.M. sustained work related injuries to both shoulders and neck in 1991 and 1993. His right shoulder was operated upon on four occasions and his left shoulder on one occasion. His condition deteriorated nevertheless. He left work in 1994 and became dependent on pain killers and nerve tablets to somewhat control the pain from the above injuries but also to control the ever increasing headaches and other wide spread arthritic pains (spine, hips, knees). After 6 weeks treatment with the QRS he reported: getting 3-4 hours more sleep a night, getting less common, less severe, and shorter lasting headaches, losing his limp that resulted from his hip and backache and having more energy through the day.”

Basal Cell Carcinoma
“Mrs L M came to this Clinic with stage four metastatic basal cell carcinoma, with widespread secondaries in her lungs. This lady is a marathon swimmer and has been swimming up to 3kms a day. Her physical endurance remains a mystery, and as she says ‘I have well past my used by date according to my Oncologist’. Beyond question the long-term use of QRS has improved her microcirculation, and is proving a sustaining benefit.”

Severe Chronic Lead Poisoning
“Has been a patient of Dr. Emmanuel Varapatis for a number of years. Has been using QRS for approx. 18 months, but noticed very quickly that his energy levels increased, and his pain had decreased dramatically. He had purchased QRS in ‘sheer desperation”, as the lead poisoning had become and “overwhelming problem to his body”. He was willing to try anything, and now feels quite strongly, that QRS is actually keeping him alive. During May 2000, he was diagnosed with a cyst, which had formed between C5 and C6 pressing on the spinal cord.Within 2 weeks, he was admitted to the Hospital for a rather serious operation. Professor Besser removed the ‘degenerative’ cyst, which he stated was very large and green in color.The operation took over 4 hours, and muscle and bone was severed in the process. He required 41 mgs of Morphine during the 1-½ hours of recovery period. Some 12 hours later he had 2 panedine forte tablets. Since then he has had no pain relief medication, as he was using QRS. Much interest ensued in this patient at the Hospital due to his extreme well-being after such a serious operation, and the fact that he required no pain relief (except in Intensive Care) Remarks from Drs and Nurses were also “that the rate of healing was excellent”. As a consequence, he was discharged from hospital in half the normal stay required. After 10 days, he visited his local Doctor who could not believe that he did not require pain relievers, and how well he had healed from such a serious operation. The doctor asked why and when he was told about Magnetic Therapy, he shook his head and said “all I can say is stay on it”. As a consequence, literature regarding QRS was distributed at the hospital and the doctors are now reading the information more seriously.”

Full Knee Replacement Surgery
“Thank you for the opportunity to use the Quantron Resonance System (QRS) in my postoperative recovery from full knee replacement surgery. Using the QRS has speeded up the healing process so rapidly that now, 2 weeks and 4 days after this total knee replacement, I am able to walk freely and with no pain for the first time in at least 4 years. I was told I would be on crutches for at least 5-6 weeks, however, I have not used the crutches for over a week now. I am still using a support trolley, but only because I think I’d get in trouble if Dr C knew I was not following my rehabilitation instructions. The 32 staple wound is now completely healed over and Dr C’s aftercare nurse said she has never seen anything like it – such rapid healing not seen in all her years working for Dr. C. I was in the hospital for 6 days and then returned home. I commenced using the mat (QRS) twice daily for 8 minutes on the morning. By Sunday, just four days after beginning with using the mat, the wound was completely healed over – once again. I repeat the after care nurse was simply astounded. This speedy and pain free recovery is a great relief to me, and I have now taken no painkillers since leaving hospital. I am 68 years of age, was very apprehensive about this operation, its after effects, and had expected quite a long and painful recovery period. You can imagine my absolute delight at the way I feel and can move about so freely without pain. I have in the past been a very keen Lawn Bowler and I also belonged to a walking club, Prime Movers Keep Fit and enjoyed Boot Scooting. In the last few years I have had to cease all these activities due to pain and was becoming very depressed and concerned about the quality of life in front of me – but no more, I have my life back and look forward to soon be out in the world again!!!”

Pain Relief
“In 1995 at age 39 I woke with a burning upper right arm and an incessant headache that pushed my eyes open from its intensity. After consulting a neurologist, rheumatologist, chiropractor, osteopaths, physiotherapist, masseur and taking handfuls of pain relievers and all supplements suggested by therapists I was free of the constant headache but not much else. In fact, I has horrified at how my arms and hands were mere painful appendages. It got to the state in Feb. 2000 that I did not have the strength to squeeze a clothes peg. All the doctors and specialists could not explain my symptoms, let alone any remedy or even cause.Prior to this breakdown I was a strong healthy person with a huge amount of stamina. As I kept searching for a solution, I found a reference to QRS. I found a naturopath who had it and went to see her the next day. After a session on QRS I slept for the first time in 5 years. Needless to say I purchased a QRS. The status after 3 months is that my right shoulder still gets a kind of nerve pain from the cold or a day of typing. However it is becoming more localized. I firmly believe that the QRS has helped release whatever toxins were blocking the natural nutrients to my muscles/tendons and this is all my body needs to regain its optimum health. I take no more tablets/supplements but do drink more water and treat myself to two treatments a day on QRS. I am forever in your debt for saving my sanity and giving me a painless future.”

Pain, bone density, sleep
“Since using the QRS mat I am in a lot less pain. My bone density has improved after using the mat for three months plus being on HRT. It is great to have a good nights sleep. I no longer need to take anti-inflammatory medication.

Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm
“After an abdominal aorta aneurysm operation in 1997, I could not walk more than 300 meters due to a kink in the artery to my right leg. After 10 days using the QRS mat I could walk again. Now I exercise 1½ hours a day in the gym and swim ½ hour. I feel on top of the world. Every house should have a QRS mat.”

Scar Tissue
“I suffered from Duodenal Ulcers, which were cured with antibiotics, but was left with scar tissue. The scar tissue became very painful. It was in the duodenum and colon, which caused vomiting from time to time. After having an examination, the surgeon suggested a stomach bypass. The following day the QRS arrived and within three days I was free from pain. I have had the mat for 1 year and have had no more pain. My appetite has improved and I feel 10 years younger.”

Crushed Spinal Disc
“I am 72 years of age. I have a very bad lower back, a crushed disc between L4 and L5. One specialist gave me 2 lots of injections, another specialist gave me electric shocks on the spine. I had ten treatments from an acupuncturist all to no avail. I looked forward to a life of pain.However, after five months on the QRS I am now back on the tennis court with very little pain.”

Chronic Fatigue
“Since beginning QRS I have had immediate and sustained increase in energy. I now have 2-3 more hours per day of functional energy. I take fewer supplements and can exercise for 45 minutes without exhaustion on my treadmill, where 20 minutes used to result in fatigue. I have fewer occasions when I feel “wiped” and using setting 1 will settle headaches and/or toxic reactions. I have lost 10 kg in weight that climbed during my illness and my metabolism appears to be more normal. I have tested normal in blood iron tests, which have not been normal for 10 years in spite of iron injections, B12 injections and supplements.”

Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons
“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Body Fields USA and Dr. Pawluk for making the QRS available. My partner has Diabetes, Alzheimer affect, Parkinsons and Hypertension. I took the information on the QRS to our physician to peruse before I ordered it. Since we were doing everything medically possible he said he saw no reason not to purchase it. I am proud to report that after 28 days on the QRS John’s blood sugar levels had dropped drastically and we are taking ½ the Lente insulin he was previously taking and has only taken coverage 5 doses during that time. Before the QRS we had been covering him with regular insulin 2-3 times a day! His blood pressure also dropped to a normal range and are consistent. We are cutting one of the blood pressure medicines to daily instead of twice daily. Our doctor was amazed at the results and will continue to adjust insulin and medicines as needed. Thank you QRS!”

Dog Attack
“My daughter, who was attacked by a dog 9 weeks ago, has used the QRS aggressively. Her doctor says that she is healing at a rate that may make her ready for final plastic surgery in six months after the injury instead of one year. I am very grateful to have had the QRS here for her to use.”

“I received the QRS about 5 days after I was diagnosed as having the shingles. I had pain that was rather intense and was unable to get a good night’s rest. I received relief within 2 days after using the QRS pad and pillow as prescribed by the protocol. With counsel by Dr. Pawluk, I raised the settings and used the pillow over the infected area with increased settings up to 10 for 16 to 24 minutes whenever I felt discomfort. The periods of relief grew longer with usage. Within several weeks almost all discomfort was gone. I continue to use the pad daily in the morning and evening and sometimes the pillow in the afternoon. My energy level is higher also.”

Chronic Fatigue
“Twenty years of Chronic Fatigue caused me to have no life, no animation, no sleep, and limited amounts of energy, which left me to raise my daughter while lying on a couch. After owning the QRS for 3 months, my energy and stamina had increased with noticeable improvements of my immune system. With continued daily use of the QRS, my health gradually improved, and after 7 months I am now able to work full time and travel like a normal person. Most important, I am feeling healthier and look younger too!”

“I am an option trader at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and use the QRS on a daily basis to reduce my stress and improve my energy. Already after 2-3 months I feel more ready to go in the morning and less burned out at the end of the week. My friends even tell me I look better.”

Rheumatoid Arthritis
“I received my QRS in April and started on setting 3 and increased the setting by one each week. The swelling in my hands has gone down by half. Swelling in my feet must have gone down because they feel quite a bit better. When walking I am able to stretch out and walk faster and better. I am feeling more energetic and not so stressed.”

“I would like to thank you for treatment on the QRS Mattress. Since using it I have felt so much better. My upper back which had four fractures caused by osteo, is very much relieved, and just last weekend I could hardly walk with the pain in my hip, but after treatment I walked back home with no pain whatsoever. My general well-being has really improved. I feel like a new brighter person which helps me care for my husband in a more relaxed manner and also I am sleeping better. My liver problem seems very much better also.”

“After using the mat for about seven days my insomnia disappeared, as did my constant feeling of fatigue. I continued to use the mat and the problem of pain in my leg and right hip disappeared after four weeks. The QRS also accelerated the healing of my wound after a gynecological operation. Nowadays my varicose veins have become less obvious.”

“I tried out the QRS for a week mainly to recharge energy level. Used the QRS 2 x a day after a long day at work. I found it very effective, especially it made me want to go to sleep. Almost couldn’t get up from the mattress because it was too peaceful. It gave me a lot of energy for the next workday.”

Medical Disclaimer:

QRS products have not been evaluated by the FDA. The QRS is intended for the beneficial effects as set forth in the directions and instruction literature, but the QRS is not sold as a cure for any disease. The QRS is not a medical device and cannot be relied on to supply medical benefits and is not a substitute for proper medical care. You are advised to consult with your physician and health provider before utilizing the QRS if you have any concerns about the QRS affecting your health. You as the purchaser understand that you are assuming full responsibility for the safe and proper use of these devices and you will only use the QRS in accordance with the instructions set forth in the directions which accompany the QRS and appear in the informational instruction brochure and web page.

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