PEMF In The Treatment of Cancer

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General effects of the PEMF, particularly in the treatment of cancer:

The activation of macrophages are a very important part for the immune system, enabling the removal of toxic products that destroy parts of the cells.

Activation of enzymes.
Improvement of perfusion and partial pressure of oxygen. The metabolism of cancer cells is anaerobic, so the oxygen can “break” the growth of tumor cells.
The improvement of the perfusion and partial pressure of oxygen is probably one of the most important factors for the diminishing side effects of chemotherapy.

Regeneration and restructuring of cells.
General activation and detoxification of the body’s metabolism will yield optimal physical and psychological results.

Classical treatment of cancer, and using the PEMF.
The cancer patient’s recuperation after surgery will be accelerated.
Side effects of radiation and chemotherapy will be less severe and will disappear earlier.

PEMF and biological treatment of cancer.
The most important destination of biological cancer therapy is reactivation of the immune system, detoxification, substitution (vitamins, minerals, trace elements), correcting energy balance, and regeneration of the cells. That’s where the PEMF can help support the process. For common biological treatment we use enzymes and vitamins as well as scavengers of free radicals, oxygen, and a mixture of cellular products (thymus, glands, spleen). For the integration of all products, the body needs the optimal function of the metabolism!!

There is a very interesting theory that explains the often surprising positive effects of the PEMF in the therapy of cancer.

A young and healthy cell has a transmembrane potential (TMP) 70m volts. A cancer cell has a considerably lower TMP – as low as 15m volts! According to Dr. S. Goyrgu: “a cancer cell is a cell with an electrical deficiency”! Cells with low TMP are in an inflammatory state and are sources of pain signals.

The TMP is the measure of the internal energy and quality function of the cell. With an abundance of internal energy, the growing tumor cell must divide itself or perish. But one of the last memories of a cancer cell at normal function is to “survive”, so the cancer cells divide themselves to preserve their energy. The cell must divide itself more and more. This could be the reason for invasive, quick, and atypical growth of cancer cells.

The PEMF can induce the missing ionic charge, thereby driving the cell into more energized states which will slow or even stop the growth!

PEMF seems to offer internal energy, lowering the general entropy of cancer cells. It acts as a stimulant and bioenergy to the natural functions of the body, including a boost to the immune system, creating order out of disorder, and helping disorders to be restored.

Unfortunately, I can’t send you a scientific study, but many cases seem to confirm this theory!

NOTE: This letter introduces a theory in which the PEMF can assist. ElectroMeds is not making any claim about the ability of the PEMF to heal or stop cancer.

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