Casey, my female cat, was born in my closet in 2003 (she is 17).  She chooses to be an indoor cat.  Despite the fact that she eats a good quality kibble, she had gotten to the point where she would throw up the food pretty much every day.

I started reading the grim findings an internet search pulled up.

Chronic Small Intestinal Disease in Cats

The most common cause of vomiting in older cats (cats 11 years old and up) is chronic small intestinal disease. This disease is due to two primary causes:

  1. Chronic inflammation, most often due to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  2. Cancer, most often due to lymphoma

Hyperthyroidism and Kidney Failure rounded out the blast of reality that I received.

A few weeks ago, while doing further research on the PEMF devices that I sell, I found a recent scientific paper that proved that a man was able to normalize the kidney function of an elderly cat, using only PEMF.

I finally rubbed the 2 of the one dozen remaining brain cells I have, and realized that I could and should start using my PEMF device on her.

Immediately after receiving the first treatments the vomiting slowed.  In the next 2 weeks she vomited only two times, so we went from once per day to once per week, in only 2 weeks of treatments.  The following 2 weeks she has thrown up exactly zero times.  She appears to be cured.

It dawned on me, that exactly as I talk to people every day about the benefits of PEMF for home bound, mostly indoors people who are chronically cut off from the natural electromagnatism outdoors, so was my cat an “indoor cutoff”.

Many of you have heard me talk about how our bodies run on electricity, but what we have not been told is where do we get it, since we don’t plug ourselves in at night like a cell phone. Where does our electricity come from to run our body?

It comes from two places: 1. It rains down out of the sky, call the Shumann waves or frequencies. 2. It bubbles up out of the dirt and the ground.  People (and cats I now realize) who are indoors all the time, are always cut off from their source of electromagnatism, which every living being requires.

Being cut off, or restricted from the earths electromagnetic field is the beginning of disease.  Without the electromagnatism to charge the battery in the cells, the cell stops going through its sodium-potassium pump function (eat, drink, relieve waste) and instead it begins to simply stew in its own juices (or go to sleep).  When a group of cells “go to sleep” like this, it is what we call a diseased organ.

Of course, if you take this diseased organ to a doctor, they only have three options: cut, burn or poison.  When all the organ really needed was a good jolt of delicious, life giving electromagnatism.

I finally realized that poor Casey was suffering from the exact condition that I talk to people about all day long, every day.

I feel like the painter whose own house is in desperate need, and the cobbler whose kids are barefoot.

I would feel horrible if it had been too late for Casey, but fortunately, with PEMF, it is never too late to improve the quality of your life, and the lives of those around you, as long as you are still alive.

According to the Journal of Science and Medicine, renal failure is a leading cause of suffering and death in domestic cats, with approximately 1 in 3 cats affected.

This is the article that launched my newfound household happiness:

Reversal of Renal Insufficiency in an Aging Cat: A 5-year Multi-Crossover Case Study

This report chronicles the return to normal and then reversion to renal insufficiency in a single cat, when  PEMF was applied, then withheld, then applied again, over three cycles of application and non-application, over a 5-year period.

See the devices used in the study click here

Dog study and others here

Some Casey pictures over the last couple of weeks, showing the progression from me having to place the coil on or near her, to her seeking out the coil and lying directly on it at all times.

by Russ Guillemot, along with Casey the cat

This article originally published October 19, 2020.  Updated November 3rd – exactly one month after the first StemPulse PEMF treatment.