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The story of StemPulse and MultiPulse is the story of David and Goliath. Dr. Bob Dennis, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, invented the ICES technology that powers StemPulse and MultiPulse. He was just an engineer; working for NASA, MIT and the University of N. Carolina when he was introduced to PEMF. Dennis built PEMF machines to experiment with stem cells by using multiple frequency patterns to excite cells and make them stronger.

Dr. Dennis really didn’t understand the widespread use of PEMF…

…until he used it on himself!

The result was a transformation.

Suddenly, he wanted to make PEMF machines that anyone could afford. Perhaps, Dennis’ friends told him “This is a big industry with lots of established brands. You can’t beat them!” Yet, Dennis’ went forward just like David at the Valley of Elah. Arguably, going from engineer to product developer and manufacturer isn’t the same as slaying giants. However, Dr. Dennis has used small size and sharp tactics to take on bigger and way more expensive machines. Furthermore, he has become very successful and continues to develop highly advanced PEMF devices such as MultiPulse.

Watch the video to hear the story in his own words:

Bob Dennis PhD talks about why he developed miniature PEMF

View the MultiPulse in the video here

StemPulse was the first device designed as the miniature giant slayer. Conversely, it delivers a strong and reliable magnetic signal at up to 20,000 microtesla (uT). Importantly this is done using the 2 coil system to amplify the healing power of PEMF . Simply, the StemPulse uses efficiency to create the same treatment conditions that larger and much more expensive machines offer.

stempulse multipulse ices stacked coils

20,000 microtesla (200 Gauss) using this array

StemPulse delivers at 1/50th the size and 1/10th the cost!

Many scientific PEMF claims are based on one study on a few patients. On the other hand, Dr. Dennis has proven many times over that his machines invigorate cell activity that promotes healing. StemPulse and MultiPulse are backed by repeatable scientific experiments. Additionally, independent scientists found increased stem cell growth and double the production of extracellular matrix (ECM); the connective structure between cells.

Most importantly, this stimulation would allow rapid ‘self repair’ throughout your whole body. In other words, using it on your knee or hip, positively affects other areas of your body. With this in mind, you can see that it is much like when David took on Goliath. A very small action may cause a very large result.

Compare StemPulse and MultiPulse

The two devices are similar in many ways. Both are quite small and reasonably priced. Additionally, they both use the same applicators. Conversely, there are distinct differences.

Basically, MultiPulse can deliver almost every treatment protocol that Dr. Dennis has considered. Brain waves, Schumann resonance, simple pulses and custom frequencies developed for experimentation. All of these have been tested in the lab or clinically and many are the same as offered by larger, more expensive machines. Also, MultiPulse has special protocols available only on these machines. These are effects which address the 3-dimensional nature of cells.

The StemPulse only has only one protocol, optimized for severe chronic pain and orthopedic injury. However, it has also been tested successfully on traumatic brain injury and renal insufficiency in cats. Importantly, this indicates the variable signal produced is effective beyond the expectations of it’s users. Likewise, we continue to see these effects in all PEMF use cases;i.e., performance better than expected.

StemPulse has other advantages such as an easy to find power source (9v battery) and it can run two applicators at a time. Otherwise, you may opt for the MultiPulse’s many specialized applications such as sleep or recovery. Also, the MultiPulse is the smallest with the longest battery life. This makes it great for work or travel. Either way, you will find a variety of uses and excellent performance from both devices.

Technical Information

StemPulse MultiPulse
Pulse Generator StemPulse Pulse Generator MultiPulse
One pair of Short Coils 12” One pair of Short Coils 12”
One Pair of Standard Coils 20″ One pair of Standard Coils 20″
One 9V battery (not rechargeable) One Coil Life Test Chip
One Coil Life Test Chip Two DLI88 compatible camcorder batteries (gift) not included for international orders due to FAA regulations
12 months manufacturer warranty for Pulse Generator (Warranty doesn’t cover coils, water damage or physical damage) One DLI88 battery charger with car adapter (gift) not included for international orders due to FAA regulations
30-day return period ($100 restocking fee) 12 months manufacturer warranty for Pulse Generator (Warranty doesn’t cover coils, water damage or physical damage)
  30-day return period ($200 restocking fee)
StemPulse MultiPulse
The StemPulse only has only one protocol, the “Omni 8”, which is a sequence of pulses of defined shape with pulse frequencies each applied for several minutes in the following order 5 pulses per second (pps), followed by 100 (pps), 3.9 (pps), 7.1 (pps), 10.4 (pps), 13.7 (pps), and 16.9 (pps). When complete, this cycle of pulses repeats continuously. Standard and Legacy ICES Protocols
— B5 – C5, — A9, — P2 (SomaPulse, AllevaWave, …),– Omni 8
Schumann resonances and harmonics (pulses per second)
— Schumann 1 –(7.83 pps), — Schumann 2 –(7.83, 14.3 pps),– Schumann 3 –(7.83, 14.3, 20.8 pps), — Schumann 4 –(7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 pps), — Schumann 5 –(7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, 33.8 pps)
Fixed (constant) pulse rate protocols
— 1 pps –continuous, — 2 pps –continuous, — 3 pps –continuous, — 4 pps –continuous, — 5 pps –continuous, — 10 pps –continuous
TMS protocols (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)
— scTMS 10pps 30 minutes, — scTMS 10pps 60 minutes
Brainwave Entrainment Protocols
–alpha wave, –beta1 wave –(low range), –beta2 wave (mid range), –beta3 wave (high range), –delta wave, –theta wave, –mu wave, –SMA wave, –gamma wave
Standard Protocols with 5 minute rest between cycles:
— B5 –C5 –REST 5, — A9 –REST 5, — P2 –REST 5,
— Omni 8 –REST 5
Coil Placement
StemPulse PEMF coil placement ElectroMeds StemPulse PEMF coil placement people ElectroMeds
Using the MultiPulse (Video)
Prices and Packages
StemPulse MultiPulse
StemPulse with all standard features 429.00 MultiPulse with Standard Features 629.00
StemPulse with all standard features and 9V Adapter 464.00 MultiPulse with Standard Features and 120AC Adapter 647.00
StemPulse with all standard features and Box Coil Array 499.00 MultiPulse with Standard Features and Box Coils 699.00
StemPulse Complete Set with Adapter and Box coils 534.00 MultiPulse System Complete Set with adapter and box coils 717.00

StemPulse and MultiPulse Accessories

Life Saving Power for Pets

PEMF manufacturers guard against attacks by the FDA and others by not mentioning anecdotal data. Strictly, people just using PEMF and seeing great results is not enough to prove the efficacy of medical devices. However, our StemPulse makers don’t mind including animals in their story. Fortunately, we found a study on feline kidney disease and used it successfully on the office cat.

From Russ Guillemot (the boss):

Casey 10 22

“Casey, was born in my closet in 2003 (she’s 18). She is an indoor, upstairs cat. She was sick every day; making a mess of the carpet and barely eating.

Sadly, according to the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, renal failure is a leading cause of suffering and death in domestic cats, with approximately 1 in 3 cats affected. I was really worried.

Great news came from an internet search. Surprisingly, the StemPulse was used successfully to treat a cat with the same symptoms. The same machine I use almost every day! The report chronicles the return to normal and then reversion to renal insufficiency in a single cat, when PEMF was applied or withheld. This happened over three cycles of application and non-application over a 5-year period. 

Oct 3, 2020 I put a PEMF coil on Casey and under her bed 24/7. In the next 30 days she was sick only 3 times. 3 months later she has no symptoms as if she is completely cured.

Happy cat! Happy owner!!”  Read the full story, videos and more pictures of Casey here.

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