Our Founder – Russ Guillemot

Russ Guillemot

Russ Guillemot is the Founder of Electromeds. It is not the first business he founded but it may be the last. Electromeds’ star products, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) devices have been gaining in usage and popularity but it has taken a very long time. It is only through believers like Russ that PEMF is not a complete secret for the general public. Strangely, discussing a machine backed by sound science which has some miraculous stories can get you a “tin-foil hat” look from anyone listening.

A rebel with a cause…

Russ has always questioned the status quo. For a social-rebel from the show-me state of Missouri, it is easy to understand that running your own business is the way to go. Moving to California after being a USAF and FAA air traffic controller reinforced his decision and methods: supporting a family while remaining un-tethered from the daily rat race we all find ourselves running at one time or another.

In the mid-nineties Russ found the perfect business: supporting e-commerce marketers and entrepreneurs with lead lists. Email marketing was the currency that drove the dot-com bubble before it was quashed by privacy laws and replaced with today’s social media frenzy. Blissfully, Russ rode that wave while his family enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi and palm filtered sunlight.

Then, the bubble popped! Interestingly, it didn’t pop all at once. Anyone in real estate (which got the blame) or Internet marketing saw it coming for years. Diligently, Russ spent this time searching and researching what would be his next move. He cites a book “Paramagnetism” with spawning his early interest in PEMF. Informally written, the book covers a few groundbreaking yet almost forgotten pioneers in electro-magnetism.

Electro-magnetism is a field that hides between other more prominent technologies such as medicine or electronics or radio. Crucially, it is sometimes difficult to understand and hard to measure. For any entrepreneur, that spells O-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y! If you can define and quantify a rare thing then you can certainly bring it to market. Russ was beginning to see some breathing room…

An epiphany!

The A-Ha! Moment came during a get together with old friends. Russ’ old pals Mike and Tom had dropped by to enjoy some quality time by the pool. They were there to offer encouragement and perhaps a toast to the good old days. In 2007, his large house would become a small apartment if things did not turn around soon. While Tom was complaining about his sore shoulder, Mike pulled out his newly purchased PEMF device and offered Tom a session on his device.

A few days later Russ gets a message from Mike: “You won’t believe this but Tom just sent me 40 bucks for fixing his shoulder!” Russ was floored. Tom, a notorious penny-pincher sent his friend a good amount of money…for holding an applicator against his arm for a few minutes. But the RESULTS SAID IT ALL.  Tom felt much better in 20 minutes, using this device. 

In that moment, Russ realized that he had found his next adventure. The best part is that he wouldn’t just be selling hope anymore. This was the real deal. He was selling SOLUTIONS. REAL HEALING!!!!

A phenomenon becomes a business

With some research, Russ found that PEMF had been around for decades. FDA approval for only a few procedures but over 1000 clinical and laboratory studies indicated a sure winner. Then began the work of putting together a company; establishing relations with suppliers; finding consumers to try a new product.

Since 2008, Electromeds has helped 100’s, or is it thousands now, of people find solutions for a wide variety of health issues. Everything from halting chronic pain or healing grievous injuries to just staying mentally sharp and healthy can be done with PEMF. That is what keeps Russ and his team going. There really are no bad days in business when you know you are helping people heal themselves and others.

A spoonful of sugar and a moment of your time…

Importantly, PEMF is still a hard pill to swallow…especially for those that prefer to sell you pills. It will likely take more hard work to get PEMF approval from all the players but it is really only a matter of time. However, working for a company that delivers a truly useful product carries an element of pride for anyone. Also, owning that company gives you a chance to share your successes with others. For Russ, the challenge is certainly worth it because all he needs is a few minutes of your time and the PEMF machines will do the rest.

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