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Dr. Oz said that PEMF is the future of health care.

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Electromeds is an independent distributor for the best Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Devices on the worldwide market. Additionally, we provide unbiased access to clinical research so you can make the best decision about your own health.

We offer these units because they meet our requirements for quality and functionality at an affordable price…


MultiPulse, PEMF, ElectroMeds

Pocket Sized - Unique and Highly Advanced Features

Sedona Pro and Pro +

Sedona PEMF System Beige ElectroMeds

State of the art design, usability and professional performance


MegaPulse2 Tesla Desktop/Tabletop, PEMF, ElectroMeds

Unmatched Performance for Athletes and Race Horses

PEMF machines produce energy fields known to enhance recovery from injuries and wounds and repair cellular processes that promote healing. They promote better range of motion during recovery and make analgesics more effective. Additionally, PEMF simulates the piezoelectric effect of exercise on bones and has been used by US doctors on hard to heal fractures for 30 years!

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The FDA has approved PEMF devices for treating these conditions:

Many PEMF devices have been approved by the FDA. Importantly, the FDA approves devices according to specific claims made by a manufacturer and proven in testing. Surprisingly, marketers and manufacturers have gone through Pre-Market Approval (PMA) or 501(k) submissions to market their PEMF products and have been caught making false claims! Our goal is to expose the functionality of PEMF devices as they relate to specific maladies or uses. By doing this, we extend your knowledge so you can make the best decision about your patient’s or your own health.

Specifically, we will not make recommendations for treating an injury or disease. That is the job for your doctor or other qualified medical professional. We are constrained by law and the consequences (as seen above) can be harsh. However, we can show you clinical studies about your specific problem and provide machines that can do the job. Furthermore, we encourage you to consult with your doctor about PEMF. We are happy to help you in any way we can.

MOST IMPORTANT: There are 100’s of journal and peer-reviewed articles supporting the fact that PEMF provides positive results with no harmful side effects. Please visit our references page or contact us with your requirements and we will find medical studies that match your needs and usage.

Who Uses PEMF?

Use Cases and Testimonials

Sports Medicine

AZ Diamonbacks and Coyotes Team Doctor Alan Palmer: PEMF can enhance recovery…speed healing from the body to respond to other treatments…there’s no doubt about it!

Pain Clinics

Pain Clinic ElectroMeds PEMF
Administer effective pain relief treatments to emergency patients in record time. Also, use it to supplement treatment for patients in physical therapy and rehabilitation. PEMF accelerates healing of open wounds and reduces scarring; relaxes excess muscle tension; aids in union and recovery of broken bones and more.

 Animal Athletes and Pets

Animals Equine PEMF Pets and Racehorses
Race horses are commonly treated with PEMF because it has scientifically proven healing properties and it is no more invasive than a warm blanket.

 Age Management Centers

Age Management Centers PEMF ElectroMeds

Injured cartilage, bone strength, joint mobility and skin quality can be restored with regular treatment. Importantly, PEMF energizes the cells and empowers your body to heal itself. Likewise, don’t leave your quality of life to chance when you can age gracefully with PEMF!

Personal Home Use

Personal Home Use PEMF ElectroMeds
This is the pain management tool you’ve been looking for in your home, office or gym. PEMF relieves pain quickly; keeps it gone for days and does it without any health damaging side effects.

Chiropractic and Physical Therapists

Chiropractic PEMF ElectroMeds

Proven to improve range of motion and reduce inflammation, PEMF is the modality of choice for chronic pain, tense muscles and injured joints.  It is ideal for regular weekly or bi-weekly treatments. Your patients and your hands, wrists and arms will thank you.

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