About ElectroMeds

ElectroMeds is a group of professionals who truly enjoy bringing healing, good health and well-being to people all over the world. Our passion is to deliver real pain relief, because we know that PEMF does that better than anything else on earth. Our joy is knowing that every PEMF machine we sell WILL improve your life.

We are grateful when we hear testimonials about the great results people experience with our PEMF devices. Also, we love networking with other like-minded people who are actively on the path to health and wellness and not just “symptom control.” Most importantly, our goal is to expose the science which proves that PEMF will change the world of medicine forever. See our body of proof here. 

Our Products

Electromeds, has been shipping out the top energy medicine systems worldwide since 2008. Remarkably, a word-of-mouth introduction to PEMF led to advocacy and an all-in approach to promoting PEMF as the keystone to healing and self-transformation. Everyone has the right to good health and we do our best to provide options at all levels from casual usage to professional grade machines.

We have carefully selected the equipment we sell to meet the standard of “what would I recommend if I was buying for myself or my family?” Specifically, we promote machines for three standards:

Price and Value

Cost is always important. However, we look beyond the price tag to consider real value. How easy is it to use? How many features or treatment parameters does it have? Does this machine have qualities which no other machine delivers? Does it produce frequencies, intensity, wave-forms proven to promote healing or fight diseases? Will this save me in doctor or vet bills? You will notice that all of the machines we promote have all of these qualities.


All of the devices we promote and sell will be effective for some treatments. However, our featured machines Sedona Pro, MegaPulse or StemPulse and MultiPulse all have adaptations that make them timeless performers. The Sedona Pro has more treatment parameters and more power than a whole pile of other machines. The compact size of the StemPulse and unique cell stimulating treatment pattern of the MultiPulse have cornered the industry for mobility and usability. The MegaPulse’ amazing power drives Kentucky Derby winners and Olympic gold Medalists. All of these adaptations are unmatched by other machines.

Usage and Acceptance

Face it…if you tell people about PEMF, most won’t get it. It helps to know that a large group of Real Madrid and over 100 European soccer players use it. Or, doctors, chiropractors and hospital administrators are using the machine you own. We want you to be happy with your purchase. We know it will work for you based on 100’s of clinical and laboratory studies with positive results. Importantly, we are social animals and we need acceptance. You will be glad to know there are LOTS of people in the same place as you who are using PEMF and winning!

Our Mission

To heal the world with PEMF.

Our Motto

Devote yourself to loving others, Devote yourself to the community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning: Helping people heal.

All the best wishes from the Russ Guillemot and the ElectroMeds Team

Our Founder

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Russ Guillemot

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