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The best home based business is with

.Heal People, Relieve Pain – Make Money With ElectroMeds and PEMF

The best home based business is with ElectroMeds.comSales Person – sell PEMF Systems – no purchase necessary

Dealer – buy a PEMF unit for “show and tell” to introduce others to its benefits

Distributor – buy multiple PEMF System’s for resale

Professional Sports Team Sponsor – buy a PEMF System and place it with the team of your choice – first come first served.  Reserve your favorite team or teams right now!

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When You Start This Home-Based Business

The best home based business is with QRS Quantron and ElectroMeds.comThis home-based business is a natural result of owning the most popular and the most powerful home healing machine on the earth.  If you will tell your neighbors what you have, and offer them a chance to try it out, you will be amazed at how popular the unit is – it draws people all by itself.

I started out by walking through my neighborhood with a flier that described my PEMF machine, with it’s many health benefits, and my offer for them to try it out.

I blanketed the area with that flier, because I wanted everyone in the neighborhood to know what was available to them, especially the folks with physical challenges.

Now this may sound weird, but I can’t tell you how much fun I have going out walking through my neighborhood, passing out my flier while meeting and talking to some really great people (that I would miss out on if I stayed at home).

To extend my reach beyond the immediate local area, I hire local kids to pass out the fliers – a few bucks gets a lot of coverage…

My flier describes the PEMF System and what it can do for our body.  It also invites them to a free session on the mat, so they can try it out.  If they have further interest, here are several options that are available:

The best home based business is with QRS Quantron and ElectroMeds.com1. Rent PEMF Sessions In MY Home – I have different plans where people come to my house for sessions. You can set it up so their sessions are daily, every other day, once per week…  You can customize for each person according to their needs and budget.

You can have them pay for individual sessions or sell them a block of time or by the week or month.  The charges go up to $100 per session, or charge a flat monthly fee for a certain number of sessions.  This is cash in your pocket.

I have had a number of local monthly renters – people who came to my house daily or several times per week – who wound up purchasing a unit from me.

2. Rent PEMF Systems in THEIR Home – ElectroMeds PEMF Systems rent vary,  depending on which machine and how long the term.  There are two ways you, a PEMF Dealer can rent out a System:

A. You buy an extra machine to rent out in your neighbors homes.

B. Call in the order to us, we ship the rental from our inventory.  You receive no commission for the rental, but you still receive a commission if they purchase a unit.

The best home based business is with QRS Quantron and ElectroMeds.com3. They Buy A PEMF System – We ship the unit from our offices, then we help support your customer.  You get a nice, fat commission check and a happy neighbor.

Talk about nice, easy cash flow!!  If you offer “house calls”, you can raise your rates another notch.  It is not hard to imagine earning a full-time income from just hustling in the neighborhood with one Medithera System machine.

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Buy your PEMF System and put it on a credit card.  Now make your credit card payment with the revenue you earn from renting out your PEMF System to your neighbors.  We can supply you with a custom flier with your name and details so you just copy it and pass it out, inviting them to a free session.  You will have your PEMF System completely paid for in just a few months.

Call now to discuss how we can prosper together while we heal the world and relieve pain all over the world.

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