Pre-owned PEMF Machines and Energy Medicine Equipment For Sale

Pre-owned PEMF machines at Electromeds usually come as a trade-in on a newer or better device. For example, the Sedona model we offer is a much improved device with better features. It is easier to use than many of the most popular PEMF devices available. Likewise, there will always be a few devices available for sale on this page from trade-ins.

We also support direct sales between PEMF users on this page. Our website receives thousands of visitors each month and this page is a popular stop. We can see why since the models available here may be priced $1000 to $6000 less than a new PEMF machine. If you have a PEMF device that you want to sell please use our contact button to make arrangements. We love PEMF and we use other energy medicine devices. We can help you move those too!

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BEMER PEMF 3000 Classic

This BEMER Classic PEMF machine is the real deal! found in a closet just gathering dust, this unit is in great shape and works perfectly. It is easy to understand because the Bemer controller is simple and reliable. Add “barely used” and you have the perfect recipe for a top level product at an affordable price.

BEMER is most famous for their work with circulation and blood flow. However, numerous PEMF studies link PEMF with many other uses in treatment of sickness and sports recovery. As the new Bemer Pro lists at 6000, this unit offers Bemer science for half the price

PEMF 4000

In stock and ready to deliver

The PEMF 4000 is similar to our MegaPulse mobile unit. It has very high output and a rugged case designed for many years of hard use. Equally, it will work well in a home setting and be much more effective than most PEMF devices. Importantly, this machine was bought new and also sent to the Tesla Wellcare facility for the spark chamber upgrade. The upgrade makes this pre-owned PEMF 4000 completely reliable and capable as a professional device. This is a great deal for a home or small practice at half the price of new.


Digital technology makes the iMRS systems a snap to use. Anyone can use it without any technical skills or special training. All you have to do is attach a few things to the control unit… as easy as plugging in headphones, setting the time, and pressing the start button.

We always have an iMRS for sale. High quality, Swiss made, these machines are like finely crafted furniture with healing power. The iMRS sticks closely to Schumann frequencies and Earth intensity (70 uT or less). A sawtooth wave on the mat and square wave on pad or probe provides industry standard treatment parameters. Importantly, this creates an effective field within WHO guidelines for safe electromagnetic fields (EMF). Additionally, the Full Body Mat is big enough for anyone (67x23x1.5 inches) and has a customized coil array. Specifically, the mat is 3 times stronger at the feet. Most PEMF mats are set up like this but the iMRS tries to emulate walking on the earth a little more closely. Nothing wrong with that!

This package has everything that came with the unit including the full mat, the pillow and the probe. In addition, a carrying case for the unit, along with a microphone stand (which was used to hold the probe in place) so that you can use it on your own back or shoulder. Also, a PEMF Manual from Energy Dynamics Wellness to go along with the unit.

QRS PureWave

The QRS PureWave System is a gold medal winning PEMF device with three international patents. The QRS Home System includes: Full length body mat, Pillow pad, Control unit, Applicator Pen, Power adapter, Instruction manual and Information packet. This product is used by Professional Athletes and trainers, Doctors, Chiropractors and other Healthcare pros. Additionally, a majority of QRS owners are home users.

Specifically, this QRS PureWave System is unused. It is a trade-in on a MegaPulse. The customer decided they needed more power immediately after buying this unit. However, this medium to low intensity PEMF is perfect for office or home use such as in your work chair or recovery lounge. Also, QRS has many different settings from sleep to injury repair. This makes it great for all-around use or experimentation

New PEMF Devices – in stock or shipped factory direct

We offer these units because they meet our requirements for quality and functionality at an affordable price…


MultiPulse, PEMF, ElectroMeds

Pocket Sized - Unique and Highly Advanced Features

Sedona Pro and Pro +

Sedona PEMF System Beige ElectroMeds

State of the art design, usability and professional performance


MegaPulse2 Tesla Desktop/Tabletop, PEMF, ElectroMeds

Unmatched Performance for Athletes and Race Horses

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We have used and traded PEMF and other energy medicine machines for over 20 years. This is a list of the models that have appeared here on our consignment page:

Medithera, BEMER 3000, MRS 2000, iMRS, QRS Quantron, MAS Multi+, SomaPulse, PMT-120, PEMF-1000, MagnaWave PEMF, LifeStream Generator, Curatron, EQUINE Pulsed Energy Technologies PER 2000, Rife Machine. Doug Coil. Royal Raymond Rife, The Erchonia PL5 Laser and more

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